how much storage do I need on my laptop

How Much Storage Do I Need On My Laptop -Full Explanation

Would you buy a laptop for regular use? And you don’t know how much savings you need on your laptop? Then you came just in time. This article will be a complete guide to all…

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How To Build a Gaming Laptop

How to Build a Gaming Laptop in 2021 Easily (Complete Guide)

Gaming indeed a nice item that helps to pass a leisure time when it in laptop, hopefully, the fun level uplift significantly. That comes true due to some blissful features of a laptop, like portability,…

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allocate more ram

How To Allocate More Ram To a Games On Steam Computer

Most computer users believe that more RAM has a significant impact on getting better and smooth gaming sessions. But, the problem is most of us can’t manage enough money to buy more RAM for our…

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Windows update stuck

windows update stuck -How to fix

You might not care a lot about Windows update, but they are essential to keep your system protected from nasty bugs, viruses and allow the operating system to function update stuck However, these updates are…

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operating system for gaming

best operating system for gaming pc or laptop? Which One

Today the modern age is getting new heights where we discover so many inventions. One of these inventions that made our lives, simple, smart, faster, precise and more entertaining is the computers. Computers are a…

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Linux vs Windows


Linux vs Windows is an old age battle of the operating system. This debate has forever caused flame wars and disagreements among many tech fanatics on internet forums and blogs on which is the best…

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How to Activate Windows 10 – Microsoft Support

If you are upgrading your computer windows then you should have a look at windows 10 which made its debut in the year two thousand fifteen. You should activate Windows 10 on your computer since…

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Microsoft Compatibility Telemetry

Microsoft Compatibility Telemetry: High CPU Usage Error [Fixed]

Is the CompatTelRunner.exe draining your system resources too much? Does your computer become extremely slow on boot? Check our expert’s guidance on Microsoft Compatibility Telemetry high CPU usage and fix the issue. Many Windows 7…

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How to Freeze Multiple Rows in Excel

How to Freeze Multiple Rows in Excel: [ Tutorial 2019 ]

Excel sheets have made things way easier for people from all over the world. You can perform complicated calculations, keep a record of lengthy records, etc. Excel sheets have a slew of features, and many…

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0x80073712 Windows Error

0x80073712 Windows Error Fix [Solved] – Updated 2019

Most likely, Windows 10 has been painstakingly fixed and cleaned, but some of its features leave a great deal to be wanted: for example, Windows Update is as yet powerless and inclined to error. Windows…

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Windows Stop Error 0x800705b4

Windows Stop Error 0x800705b4 [Solved]

The 0x800705b4 error while you install Windows Update on your Windows 10 system is common. A lot of users from around the world have reported this issue. Windows Update is a service from Microsoft for…

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Windows 0x80070490 Error

Windows 0x80070490 Error: Step by Step Guide [Solved]

The error code 0x80070490 is encountered when the file or process is corrupted. This is a status code indicating the corruption of files in the Component-Based Servicing (CBS) or in the System Component Store. These…

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0x80070057 Error in Windows Update – Step by Step [Solved]

The 0x80070057 error is getting common nowadays. A lot of Windows users are reporting that they are encountering this error. If you are looking to fix this error too, then we have got some methods…

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