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How To Add Highlights On Instagram FT


In this blog, we shall be addressing the concept of Instagram highlights and how to add Highlights on Instagram.

To give an insight into Instagram highlights, it is an overview of what your page or brand is all about. It could be segmented into several subsections that work in the back of the forefront of your brand or company. Nevertheless, the main objective of a highlight is to showcase what your profile will be about and give a gist about you or your company or services in a nutshell.

Highlights, by essence, showcase your products, services, and brand with a few hard-produced images and videos that will be stored in your profile for future viewers to peruse and get a good idea of who or what you and your brand are all about.



You can add a custom image clipart or icon that will represent the content of the story highlights.


You can name or rename your highlights to organize them or label them according to the content posted.

Why Instagram Highlights?

Why Highlight

Instagram Stories are a primary feature on Instagram that focuses on digital marketing, allowing users to interact with brands and vice versa and obtain desirable outcomes from their digital marketing endeavors.

One may have the upper hand when they understand the major impact this would have on their business, given they have a clear picture of Instagram stories.

Overall, one’s marketing efforts can bore fruit through Instagram stories.

Highlights play a pivotal role in showcasing services and business highlights (hence the name “highlights”) and give future viewers a good idea of your brand or company through highlights. It is very helpful for community managers as well as digital marketers.

The following are the primary justifications for using Instagram Highlights:

  • An ongoing story can be told in a new and useful format
  • the stories become more accessible and readable for viewers.
  • It is useful as an educative portfolio for viewers
  • Organize and label your past activities nicely
  • Highlights of past activities, content, and endeavors are viewed in a handy folder format.
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Highlights are largely gaining popularity among the masses specifically due to their ability to showcase your whole profile and life, basically, in a nutshell, and in a much-structured manner that gives a view and overall idea of what your page or brand is about. 

When a viewer lands on your profile, the highlights will be the first thing someone sees. Highlights speak on your behalf. They inform the viewer about you and your brand and services. 

Their other feature or attribute that makes them popular is their customizable icons, names, and covers. The helpful icons can sum up the content within a specific highlight to inform the viewer of what they’d be coming across in the story highlight.

There are a few layers to adding an Instagram highlight, and here’s where you’ll find all the answers to your questions about how to add highlights on Instagram.

How To Add Highlights On Instagram  

  • On your profile page, tap on the plus sign right below the bio text. It will take you to another page where all your past stories are stored.
  • Tap on any image or video you’d like to highlight. Tap on Next in the upper right corner.
  • Add a cover (you can custom design your cover on Canva and add that as your highlight cover).
  • Name your highlight using up to 10 characters. (Tip: Avoid any spaces) then tap on the next
  • And your highlight has been added.

How To Add Highlights Covers?

Highlight Covers

  • On your profile, hold on to the highlight you want to edit.
  • Select “Edit Highlight”
  • Select “Edit Cover”
  • Choose the photo from your camera roll or gallery.
  • Select Done

And there you have it. Your very own highlight cover on your Instagram Highlight.

How To Design Your Covers For Insta Highlights?

As mentioned before, you can custom design your very own icons and images for your Instagram Highlights. 

The best thing about adding Insta highlight covers is that they can be completely customizable, and everyone can make them fit their purpose as a part of an extension of their brand. Instagram Highlight covers can be anything from a simple image from your camera to a specifically designed icon that informs viewers of the content within a highlight.

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Designing an icon for Instagram highlights is not rocket science; anyone can do it as long as they have Canva and a basic idea of what the content in the stories is going to be about.

Simply follow the steps below to achieve your desired and preferred Highlight covers.

  • Go on Canva and click on “Create a Design.”

How To Add Highlights On Instagram Create Design

  • Choose a format called “Instagram Story.”

How To Add Highlights On Instagram Layout format

  • Select a template, any template, delete the contents, and add a background.
  • In the sidebar on the left, select “Elements” and type “Icons” in the search bar.
  • Select the icon that caters to the story, set it in the background, and change the color to suit the color scheme of your Instagram Story.

How To Add Highlights On Instagram Icon and Color Change

  • Download it, email it to yourself, or send it yourself via WhatsApp “text to self “or on Telegram, where you can find a similar feature to text yourself. Then save it to your camera roll.
  • Repeat the process of adding a cover to your highlight cover, and voila! 

You now have yourself a dedicated highlight icon that you’ve designed to fit your Instagram story highlights.

Tip: grab some inspiration from other Instagram profiles of well-known brands and how they’ve added and organized their story highlights.

With all that settled, you should be good to go.


Just remember to be as creative as you’d like when creating highlights, as they will be representing you as a person and as a brand. This can open a line of opportunities if done the right way. Keep inspirations in handy and keep a close eye on their activity so you know what to do next. 

Happy Highlighting!

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