Creating Your Brand Guidelines

Top Tips in Creating Your Brand Guidelines

Do you know the secret to effective brand imagery? Would you like to know how successful brands ensure brand retention and loyalty? Do you know what role brand guidelines play in growing your brand and…

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Microsoft Windows 10 Power Toys

Microsoft Windows 10 Power Toys: All You Need to Know

The Microsoft Windows 10 Power Toys are a set of freeware system utilities. These are designed to provide excellent performance to the Windows Operating System. These freeware system utilities can be downloaded from internet sources…

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waze vs google maps

Waze Vs Google Maps: Who Ranks First in 2020?

Intro of Waze vs google maps You needed maps when you went somewhere you never went before. But, nowadays, who uses the manual diagrams? We are in the era of digital devices. We have smartphones…

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Types of artificial intelligence

Types of Artificial Intelligence- A New era of Technology and Robotics

Introduction Artificial Intelligence is a human-made technology that gives Intelligence to devices and other gadgets. These gadgets make human life a lot much easier and helpful. Nowadays, machines or tools are too handy and capable of doing…

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what is the latest android version

What is The Latest Android Version of 2020?

Intro of the latest Android version Software improvements take too long to reach Android users, the core software developed by Google, which powers most smartphones worldwide. The latest Android version, named Oreo, released in August,…

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Best Selfie Camera App

Best Selfie Camera App : 5 Best Selfie Camera Apps & A Vivid Comparison

Introduction Photographs are the ideal way to keep our memories with us. We all have smartphones, computers, webcams, and many more modern devices in this new age. Nowadays, a new type of pf photograph has…

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Data Security and its importance

What is the Importance of Data Security?

The term data security and its importance infers to a set of measures, which are in put in place to safeguard data (both private and business) against unauthorized access. Data security also covers data loss…

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A Stalemate for Epic and Google

A Stalemate for Epic and Google

Some of the biggest news in tech recently has come around the legal dispute taking place between games developer Epic Games, and the tech giants of Google and Apple. The conflict started a number of…

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how to host on twitch

How to Host on Twitch: a complete guideline

Introduction of how to host on twitch If you have a basic idea of game streaming, you probably heard how to host on twitch. Twitch is a platform where you can live stream games, videos…

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Best tablets for the money

Best Tablets For The Money – A Descriptive Comparison Among Tablets of Different Sizes

Introduction of Best tablets for the money We use many modern devices such as computers, smartphones, laptops, notebook, tablets, and many more in this contemporary era. We started with computers, but gradually we wanted lighter…

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Ibuprofen a blood thinner

Ibuprofen a Blood Thinner: Things You Should Know Before Use

If you have a heart or blood vessel disease or have low blood flow to your brain, then your doctor will recommend taking a blood thinner. Moreover, an abnormal heart rhythm like atrial fibrillation, heart…

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VLC download for Mac

VLC Download for Mac- get a perfect video player on your iMac

Introduction    This is the year 2020. And standing in the year 2020, we see the world differently. Back in the 20th century, people rarely captured pictures. Because back then, cameras were not this much available….

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how to get blood out of clothes

How to Get Blood Out of Clothes

Introduction of how to get blood out of clothes Some stains on clothes can wash away easily. But some sticky spots do not remove easily, such as bloodstains. It is not possible to get blood…

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Krill oil vs fish oil

Krill Oil vs Fish Oil – The Best Comparison Between Your Two Most Favourite Oils

Introduction Nowadays, people are more conscious about their health. In this new world of technology and medication, people are much dependent on supplements now. Doctors also prescribe them many kinds of supplements to fight with…

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