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TOP 10 free apps to communicate with loved ones:

A whole generation – to which I belong – keeps a nostalgic memory of the early years when we were discussing hours with our friends on MSN Messenger the evening after class. Just the notification would bring out a lot of more or less confusing memories, and I’m sure you already hear it. Today the Smartphone has taken over from the computer, and instant messaging applications have multiplied, the ways to communicate too. Here is a list of 10 best communication apps for iPhone that allow you to communicate differently with your loved ones and your office colleagues. They will prove particularly interesting when traveling because easy to use and free of charge when you have a Wi-Fi connection.

Communication apps for iPhone for free around the world:

1. WhatsApp


WhatsApp is the most common communication apps for iPhone or Android phones. The application reaches new level since its purchase by Facebook (for 19 billion Euros anyway), already has more than 450 million users. At the moment we can send messages, audio, and video files, for free and worldwide – voice calls and video calls available as Mark Zuckerberg promised. WhatsApp remains the essential application for communicating abroad. Download

2. Viber

Viber takes some of the features of WhatsApp: you can send text messages and various files, always for free and worldwide. But the application has a weight advantage: it takes into account the calls, and they are not very expensive if you call landlines, and free if you call another Viber user! Still practical for everyone who is separated by a border. Download

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3. Facebook Messenger

So, You all know the social network and its messaging application. A must-have, Facebook has become so important that it’s hard to ignore its messaging service, which is unquestionably the leader. Download

Communicate in the video:

4. Skype

communication apps for iphone
communication apps for iphone

Skype is the most useful video chatting application On the above 10 best communication apps for iPhoneAnd precisely, the flaws of Facebook are the happiness of Skype, the application known worldwide allows to communicate free of charge to the world by video conference (said like that, you will recognize that it is still extremely impressive). Very useful, the application also allows the sending of text messages and to leave a video message if the interlocutor is not there. Since Microsoft bought the application, she developed another technology and ever closer to the third law of Clarke ( “Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic”): the instant translation! Download

5. Line

good alternative to Skype, which has the same features of the giant Microsoft, but in a much less austere interface: available emoticons are much more fun than elsewhere, and brighten your conversations with your friends. In short, a good application for chatting and calling videoconferencing, who knows not to take himself too seriously? Download

6. Tango

Another application that imitates the principle of Skype, but that brings some nuances that could seduce the youngest: in addition to chatting or calling video, Tango can share with your friend’s videos but also listening music free as well as games to challenge your friends directly. Download

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Communicate safely:

7. Telegram Messenger

So, This is a communication application born from the statements of Edward Snowden: for those who want a little privacy on the internet, Telegram will encrypt for you all messages that you send through the application. But, the recipient of the message can read it; you can even program the messages to be destroyed automatically (Mission Impossible, elegant!). Obviously, the application allows sharing files and videos and allows you to gather 200 people in the same chat. Download

8. Signal Messenger

Another great app for cautious users who want to keep a free space on the web. The signal is an all-in-one application that provides text messages, file transfers, and calls, using a military encryption technique. Very easy to use and reliable, it is also open source, so you will have regular updates. Favorite application of the “cautious of the web”, Snowden himself praises his merits!

 Download ↓ 

And to communicate differently last two:

9. HeyTell

An application I liked for its original concept of communication: it is a voicemail application (and yes, ironically, the logo is not very speaking …). No need for an account, simply that the caller also has the app, and you can exchange. It’s a bit like a walkie-talkie in the end. The attractive concept, allowing you to chat without being interrupted, and listen more carefully to your interlocutor – you can also buy funny voices to make your friends or confidants laugh. Download ↓ 

10. Couple

The last one application of the 10 best communication apps for iPhone is a couple.Well named since it is addressed first to couples, it is a messaging application that has incorporated additional features: a button “thinking of you” for example, the ability to draw freehand, and obviously the possibility to switch to FaceTime for Video calls. I especially liked the “Thumb Kissing” feature: you see a thumbprint on your other half, and the phone vibrates if you touch your screen in the same place. Quite adorable, useless to singles, but indispensable to lovers too far from each other. The application is, in any case, original and meets a real need. Download


  1. When you use any of these apps, do phone charges apply? Will be traveling thru the Caribbean and want to use something that won’t cost me an arm and a leg. Thanks for your information!

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