GoGoPDF: Converting PowerPoint

GoGoPDF: Converting PowerPoint and Excel to PDF

Whether you are a scholar or a white-collar, it does not matter; you can still find this article useful as it covers one of the most used file formats, Excel, PowerPoint, and GoGoPDF.  Of course,…

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High Refresh Rate Monitor

High Refresh Rate Monitor: Types and Specifications

Computers are designed to reduce the workload on humans. They have been serving its purpose from the time of its inception. The evolution of desktops with the help of technological advancements has reached new highs…

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10 key experience

10 key experience: What are the requirements?

On the keyboard, you may see the number pad section on the right side. Why does this section lie separately, although you will see the number on the team’s top? Well, that separate number pad…

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what is the latest android version

What is The Latest Android Version of 2020?

Intro of the latest Android version Software improvements take too long to reach Android users, the core software developed by Google, which powers most smartphones worldwide. The latest Android version, named Oreo, released in August,…

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best RAM for Gaming

Why need the best RAM for Gaming?

Firstly, RAM is the physical memory where your computer stores shifting contents and data. Not the mention, the RAM is an activistic contestant when you load any game or apps. Furthermore, when you choose to…

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edge router works

How Does Edge Router Works and Why Should You Choose It?

Many times we feel the need to connect internet networks with external ones but how should we do that? The answer is by using an Edge router works as a specialized device at the network…

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software development lifecycle models

Software Development Lifecycle Models for Beginners

Designing software is not an easy process. It requires a lot of planning and technical knowledge. How do software developers design new software? The answer is the software development lifecycle. This is a basic structure…

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orby tv review

Orby tv review

Entertainment is what, for which we work and earn. But we cannot spend all the money on entertainment. Subscribing to your favorite TV is cool. But it is super cool if the charges are low….

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disadvantages of technology

What are the Disadvantages of Technology You Should Care About

In recent decades, technology has transformed to a level unimagined earlier, and digitization is the new face of our generation. Digital technology has brought a revolution in almost every aspect of society. From shopping, office…

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Monte Carlo Simulation

Monte Carlo Simulation: It’s Uses in Our Daily Lives

Technology has been evolving for years now and we are at a stage where you can find a solution to almost every problem with the help of technology. But, what about the times when not…

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Which Social Media Monitoring Tools Are Helping Online Marketers

Ways Through Which Social Media Monitoring Tools Are Helping Online Marketers

Social media has become the go-to place for people who want to find or share information. With billions of people active on social websites everyday, you can be sure that there is a lot of…

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Staffing Software Solutions

Benefits of Using Staffing Software Solutions

Staffing software allows businesses to focus on what matters the most – their ideas.  Taking care of manual data entry, posting job listings and scouting for potential recruits are things that take time. By taking…

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The Rise of Virtual Learning in Times of Uncertainty

The Rise of Virtual Learning in Times of Uncertainty

Virtual learning is a broad concept and it involves more than just online learning. Virtual learning involves the use of computers or the internet both inside and outside learning institutions. This practice mostly takes place…

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Logless VPN

The ins and outs of a Logless VPN

Being online these days is more essential than ever before, people work from home, companies run their businesses over the Internet, and we can shop till we drop without ever having to leave the house….

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Face camera video

Top 10 Tips for Making a Quality Face Camera Video

Did you know that a lot of companies are asking their employees to work from home? You may have started to use your webcam a lot more. Are you wondering how to create a decent…

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