How To Turn Off Ps4 Controller On Pc

How To Turn Off Ps4 Controller On Pc feature


Many people who are familiar with the gaming world and its community are eager to have PCs or consoles of their own to play games on, which is indeed great. With vigor and excitement, they get themselves a PS4 that comes with a controller, play their favorite games, and want to take a break or call it a day. Sadly, these people are unaware of how to turn off ps4 controller on PC.

These days, everyone has a gaming obsession of one kind or the other. Many gamers are gradually emerging in the gaming community, becoming more famed and loved by the masses who are either gamers themselves or love to watch others play games.

Well, there’s no need to look further because here’s all you need to know about that!

A Little About The PS4

How To Turn Off Ps4 Controller On PC about ps4

Right after the PlayStation 3’s unimpressive performance, Sony was committed to straightening out its flaws and output a gaming system with the widespread popularity of the PlayStation 2 which continues to be the best-selling console of all time.

Sony prioritized control modifications, social elements that allow gamers to stream and share gameplay, and functionality that allows people to play games remotely. 

As with every new system, the PS4 improved its processing and visual capacity, but it also added a slew of new features.

PS4 Features and Specifications


The PlayStation was at first limited to only streaming gaming but now has expanded its horizons to share screenshots while streaming a game with a given share button.

Controller Tweakings

With a few tweaks in its development, the dual shock four controller sticks are now more user-friendly and precise on the triggers.

The device controllers are battery-operated, which makes them rechargeable.

The tracking of the Wii has inspired the controller with an extra touch of a provided light bar on the top whose colors are responsive to the type of gameplay.

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The Share button doubles as a touchpad, which can be handy in various games.

Going Wireless

Gone are the days of sitting in front of the TV with plug-in controllers and ending up with an aching back. 

The new and improved PlayStation 4 can now be controlled by various devices, including smartphones, tabs, and wireless consoles; it also supports Remote Play, which enables console processing from anywhere in a room.

How To Turn Off PS4 Controller On PC

Though gaming is a cool activity of the new era, thanks to major advancements, gaming is not only limited to TV. It’s now expandable to PCs as well.

Many players choose to switch off their PS4 controllers through their computers. This method is only applicable when the controlling apparatus is linked to a computer.

The process is simple, consisting of just three easy steps: 

Step #1: 

To begin with the process, one must first download and install the PS4 Controller for PC and then launch the application.

Step #2: 

Go to the quick menu on the application after launching it, and then select sound/devices.

Step #3: 

In that menu, go to the option called “Turn Off Device,” then select your device. In this case, select DualShock 4 or “turn off device”.

How To Turn Off Ps4 Controller On Pc steps image

However, apart from this, there’s another way to turn off PS4 controller on PC for those who look forward to timing themselves on their gaming times. 

Let’s say one’s on a break and wishes to set a timer for their controller to turn off. Here’s something for them.

You can set a timer to run from your PC in the same way that you can from your PS4 console. If you have linked the controller to your PC, this method is extremely useful. When you set the timer to run, the controller will automatically turn off.

Following the subsequent steps, one can set a timer on the controller via the PC for times when the controller turns off.

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Set Timer On Your PC For PS4 Controller To Turn Off 

How To Turn Off Ps4 Controller On Pc timer image

Step #1: 

Press and hold the PS4 button to open the “Quick Menu,” which will appear on your PC monitor.

Step #2: 

From there, go to the “Sound/Devices” option.

Step #3: 

There, you’ll see an option to select that says “set timer until controllers turn off.”

Step #4: 

After selecting that, you can set an amount of time after which you want the controller to turn off automatically. 

This can allow you to have full control over your gaming hours and promote discipline to great measures for growing kids and teens.

The reason why it is important to turn off controllers not only lies in setting basic disciplinary measures but also in any device that uses a battery as its source of power. In terms of the PS4 controller, the battery lasts 8 hours under normal conditions. Keeping it left on will result in its powers being used up unnecessarily, which leads to using up precious electricity to recharge it afterward.


To summarize, you should turn off the PS4 controller when not in use to extend battery life.

When not in use, make it a routine to switch off the controller. However, it would be best if you began switching off the controller as opposed to leaving it idle, particularly when the battery’s life is running low. The more time the PS4 controller is switched off, the longer the battery life.

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