The singularity is near

The Singularity is Near- a Detailed Insight into the Near Future  

Introduction of The singularity is near We live in a world where technologies surround us in every possible way. Nowadays, we can not imagine our lives without technology. New technologies are coming out every day….

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most expensive graphics card

Most expensive graphics card

Intro Sometimes, the most powerful graphics cards are the most expensive ones. Graphics cards enhance your computing experience and give you a smoother outcome. If you have the most expensive graphics card installed in your…

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google play waiting for download

How to Fix Google Play Waiting for Download Error

By this time, you all are quite familiar with Google Play Store as you all download different google play waiting for download from this place. It’s the only to-go place for mainly the android phone…

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how to open applock

How to open applock

AppLock is one of the best applications that allows you to lock your Android apps, which is fantastic. There are so many reasons why you should use AppLock on your phone because of privacy issues….

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one ui home

one ui home- Best Samsung one UI features

Samsung Expertise has ever been among the better skins round, supplying a variety of useful skills. However, Samsung one UI home, has surfaced because of the old skin’s substitution, commencing on new phones (for example,…

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Start an App: The Only Guide

How to Start an App: The Only Guide You Need

With all the technology that we have today you might be asking yourself, should you make an app? There are quite a few steps that you will need to take when creating an app for…

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