Openshot video editor download- A Friendly and OpenSource video editing software

openshot video editor download

Introduction of openshot video editor download

Video editing has become a widespread purpose in our daily life. In this dimension of the world, Almost every person who uses the internet or works for any organization has to edit many types of videos in their day to day life. So to say editing software is a must need for almost everyone. People who love to capture the world in their essence of eyes in their professional life has to use a good video editing software which is flexible and easy to use. Here comes the name of openshot video editing software. It is a free open source video editing software that is available for FreeBSD, Linux, Haiku, macOS, and Windows. Many people don’t know the procedure about how to download this software. This article is mainly about openshot video editor download.

The necessity of Video Editing

People make short films, movies, trailers, or show their talents and passions by singing songs or dancing. So to show thy talent to the whole world video is a prevalent source. They capture these things by phone or camera by shooting them. But no video is perfect. Every video has its flaws, such as Ungraded colour, Music distortion, unnecessary clips, etc. much more. These things have to be solved somehow. Not only these little things but if someone wants to add clips into videos or add music and some mixes or trim and slice videos, you must have to use video editing software. Also, if you’re going to animate your transitions or add 2D/3D effects, you must have to use editing software. But doing these things manually is so hard as it seems. So you need a helping hand from someone. Here comes the need for video editing software.

Video Editing Software

Openshot is open for all kinds of uses which a user needs. Openshot is excellent for editing all types of videos in a concise time. It will meet up with all your expectations for editing your videos and give a visual representation of your thinking.

Video editing without any software is almost impossible. Moreover, the First video editing software was invented in 1961, and the name was AMPEX. Throughout the time of civilizations, people developed many many video editing software for various purposes and uses. Not to be also mentioned for multiple platforms. But very few editing software can cross platforms like Openshot.

So if you want to visualize your dreams through capturing it is highly recommended to use openshot video editor. Later I will talk about the features and many more about this open-source software. So Hold your patience to the part where I will speak about Openshot video editor download.


Openshot Video editor

What is Openshot video editor?

Openshot video editor is an open-source video editing program, which supports cross-platform for almost all available platforms. Hence it is award-winning software that can create fascinating videos, films, and animations. It is effortless to use, user-friendly interface and a highly configurable editor. You can edit any kind of video through this software. The fantastic thing about this software is that it’s free and contains many great features. You are a Youtuber you need this, and You are a Streamer, You need this, You are a video editor, you need this. Most of the video editing software requires a subscription and a considerable amount of money. But who are not that able to pay cash for software needs this. 

Why Openshot video editor? 

What if I say that you got one of the most powerful video editors in your hands at free of cost! You will get shocked right? Yes, it’s true. You got it on your hands. It is openshot video editor. Which will provide you a thousand features and possibilities in video editing. That is why you need to know about openshot video editor download.

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Features of Openshot video editor

Openshot video editor opens up thousands of features and possibilities in your two hands. This shocking feature of this program is what makes it unique. Before we know about openshot video editor download, let’s learn about its all unique features.

  • It supports cross-platform features across Linux, macOS, and Windows.
  • Supports almost all the Unique audio and video also many picture formats according to FFmpeg.
  • It supports keyframe animation, which is curve-based and also very powerful.
  • You can use it easily with Dragging and Dropping support (Desktop Integration)
  • You can add unlimited layers and tracks!
  • Clip scaling, snapping, trimming, rotation, and the cut was never so easy with its help.
  • You can edit video and work with its transition and get a real-time preview.
  • You can do image and video composition, Edit image overlays, and add watermarks very easily.
  • Adding titles, subtitles and banner are very much comfortable with the use of openshot video editor.
  • Downloading openshot video editor will get you access to almost thousands of title templates!
  • If you like to work with images, This software will give you 2D animation feature in image sequencing.


Extra Features

  • 3D animation based titles are so much new thing in video editing. It also costs a lot of money on other software. But in openshot you will get the feature of 3D titles and even add many effects on it. And it’s free of costs!
  • This software is SVG Friendly so you can create your vector titles and include them in your videos.
  • Almost all films and short films need credits. If you want to give your video a Movie vibe, you have to add scrolling motion picture credits at the end of your video. Doing this with openshot video editor is so easy and so handy. 
  • Very few software gives you the support of advance timeline editing. Only paid software gives you that. But as an open-source and free software openshot opens up a whole new timeline. In this advanced timeline editing feature, you can trim, snip, drag and drop, scroll, pan, zoom, and snap.
  • Every frame is essential in video sequencing. So frame accuracy is a must-have feature, which lets you step through each frame video
  • Changing speed, Time control, and fast forward, slow backwards is also an important feature.
  • Mixing audio and editing them 
  • It has a tremendous handy setting for managing brightness, hue, saturation, greyscale, and chromakey (Greenscreen, Bluescreen)
  • Overall openshot is an all in one package for Video editing


System Requirement


There is one last thing you need to know before we go to the section where I talk about openshot video editor download.


  • 64-Bit Operating System ( macOS, Linux, Windows)
  • Multicore Processor which supports 64-bit
  • 4GB of RAM (8GB Recommended)
  • 500~MB HDD Space required for installation.
  • Optional- SSD increases the speed of editing hugely. Disk Caching needed an additional 10GB HDD space


Openshot video editor download


Openshot video editor download is so much easier. But on different platforms, it has different ways of installing.




First, we need to go to the website which contains openshot video editor download file. The website link is order to start the process of openshot video editor download we need to click on the download 

Here we will see a page where it asks about which platform you want to use. Here I will talk about windows. To download the Windows .exe file of the openshot video editor you have to click on the windows icon. Then on your browser or download manager will pop up with a window about download confirmation. If you start downloading the openshot video editor download will start without any delay.

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macOS and Linux


The process of openshot video editor download is all the same as before but a little change comes at this moment. The difference is if you want to install it on your macOS and Linux platform you have to click those individual icons to download the openshot video editor at the download page.


Installing Openshot video editor


The installation process for this software is quite a bit easy. The process is the same for all the platforms.

  • Once you have downloaded the .exe file (other formats for other platforms), you have to execute the file. 
  • After executing, a new window will popup.
  • In this window, click on the button “Next.”
  • After this, they will tell you about the license agreement. Click on “I agree” and press “Next.”
  • In these windows, they will let you select the installation directory. Select the folder or drive where you want to install it.
  • After then click on “Next.”
  • Your installation process will start instantly.


Professional Sector of Video Editing

Suppose you have an opportunity to take video editing/film making as a professional career. You may need a professional video editing software which unlocks all the things you need.


So to say, if you want to earn money through editing, you may need this software always. This handy software will meet up all your needs. And an extraordinary thing about this software is that it doesn’t need any unique course or tutorial. It’s so user friendly that you can do anything without learning anything. All the other software requires a unique approach or training, which costs money. But the open shot video editor does not need any kind of special requirement. Just basic English and BOOM! You can be a professional video editor.


Frequently Asked Questions(F.A.Q.) And Answers

First Question: Does Openshot video editor available for android? 

Answer: No, it is a professional level editing program. It doesn’t have integrations with android based devices. You have to use the mentioned platforms to use this device. 


Second Question: Do I need a high configuration PC for this software? 

Answer: No, You don’t need a very high configuration PC to use this. Its system requirement is mentioned above. But to get top-notch performance from this software, it is recommended that you should use a good or decent configuration PC.


Third Question: Can I donate to the developers? 

Answer: Since it’s an open-source program, It’s free for everyone. But the developers have worked so hard to make it a perfect plan. So if you want to contribute to them, there is an option to donate on their website. The link is You can donate them through Paypal or Bitcoin.


Fourth Question: Is this application trustworthy and free of viruses?

Answer: Yes, this software is trustworthy and free of any kind of malware and viruses. As a result, You can download and install it without any sort of hesitation. If you want to be sure again, just scan the file with good antivirus software. 

To assure you can check the forum of Openshot video editor. You can see that thousands of people clarified the open shot as trusted software. In my personal opinion, I found this software very handy and trustworthy!



To conclude, I can say that it is a thing which we can use for regular use or commercial and professional use. So Openshot is a great thing to build a professional video or film. To get the best result from this software, you can watch up many tutorials listed on youtube and google. They will help you to become the most renowned and talented maker. So to say, If you are a Youtuber or a streamer or a content creator or anything related to the video, you need this software installed to be on your computer. Openshot is an open-source, free, stable, and user-friendly software. So if you want to make fair use of your talent in filmmaking, just download and install it, as I mentioned. 


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