How Technology change the world For Good.

The world is ever-changing daily. Whether or not it’s tiny changes or unbelievable leaps done by an oversize group or only one person, technology has not just allowed for the advancement, however, a court-side view to all or any the joy right at your fingertips. We have no idea How technology changes the world for good.How Technology change the world

Big or small, Advance Technology has impacted o

ur lives and helped us change the world.

Remember the company Kodak? In 1998, about 1, 70,000 employees worked in the Kodak company. And about 85% of the photos were taken to the Kodak film and camera in the world. In the last few years, due to the increase in mobile cameras, it was such that the company of Kodak cameras was up.

Even Kodak becomes completely bankrupt and all its employees were compulsorily suspended. At the same time, many more famous companies were forced to stop.

For example:

HMT (clock)

BAJAJ (scooter)


MURPHY (radio)

NOKIA (Mobile)

RAJDOOT (bike)


None of these top companies were bad in quality.

Yet why these companies got up? Because they could not change themselves over time. Standing at the present time, you might not even wonder how much the world can change in the next 10 years! And today 70% -90% of jobs are going to be totally extinct in the next 10 years.

 We have gradually entered the era of the “Fourth Industrial Revolution”.

How Technology change the world For Good.

How Technology change the world?

 Look at today’s famous companies- 

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 Only one software named Uber. No, they have no own car. But today, the world’s largest taxi-rental company is Uber. 

 The online shopping business of Amazon started in a garage in 1994. Today’s owner Jeff Bezos is the no one rich man in the world. 

 Airbnb is today the world’s largest hotel company, But interestingly, they do not own a hotel in the world. 

Many examples of companies like:


Ola Cab,

Oyo rooms etc. can be given.

There is no work for new lawyers in America today because a legal software called IBM Watson can do much better than any new lawyer. Thus, in the next ten years, almost 90% of Americans will have no jobs. The remaining 10% will survive. This 10% will be a particular specialist.

New doctors are also going to work. Watson’s name software can also diagnose cancer and other diseases by 4x better than humans. By 2030, the intelligence of the computer would be able to overtake people’s intelligence.

Driving cars are going down the road by 2019. By 2020, this discovery could change the whole world. As a result, in the next ten years, 90% of the cars will not be seen today. Survival cars will run either electrically or hybrid vehicles. The roads will continue to be empty. Petrol consumption will be reduced, and the petrol-producing Arab countries will gradually become bankrupt.

 If you have a car, you should ask for a vehicle near software like Uber. And in the meantime, a car without a driver will stand in front of your door. If you share with many people in the same vehicle, you will be less than the per-capita bike. Due to non-drivers, 99% of accidents will be reduced. And that’s why car insurance will stop and companies and insurance companies will all up. Driving cars and living in the world will not survive. When 90% of the cars disappear from the road, there will be no need for traffic police and parking staff.

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Advance Banking system:

Mobile Technology changes the world Payment System. Consider, 5-10 years ago, there were STD booths on the street bends. After the mobile revolution came into the country, all these STD booths were forced to roll back the stairs. Those who have survived, they have become a mobile recharge shop. Then the mobile recharge is an online revolution. People started to recharge mobile phones online. These recharge shops have to be replaced again. They have now become the only mobile phone to buy and sell shops. But it will also change soon. Amazon, Flipkart is selling cell phones directly from the market. How Technology change the world.

 Where is the type of Writer Machine today?

 Learn the typing and shorthand, where are those training centers today? The definition of money is also changing. Once upon a time, cash has become “plastic money” in today’s era. The credit card, the debit card era was a long time ago. Now it’s going to change, the age of the mobile wallets is going to change. Paytm’s Ramarama Bazar, one of the money in the mobile market. Those who can not change themselves with the ages, They erase the ages of the world. 

 So keep continually changing with the era ever since the time of Kodak film herself. But, Do not tie-up. With the Technology of innovation, But, Keep yourself running all the time. Keep up with success, stay with the time. How Technology change the world.

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