Apple Music For Free

Downloading Music From Apple Music For Free

Apple Music is considered a baby when it comes to music streaming. It was only in 2015 when the app was developed for Apple devices like Mac, iPhones, iPods, and iPads. This was in response…

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best gaming phone

Best Gaming Phones for 2019

Technology is advancing rapidly, especially in the mobile industry, which is one of the most important areas of technology. Just think, people would not be able to communicate and connect to others around the world…

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delete apple id

Delete Apple ID: Step by Step Guide [ Updated 2019 ]

A new Data and Privacy website have been launched by Apple, which is there to let the consumers request a copy of the entire data related with whatever Apple ID accounts they use and which the company…

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iphone microphone not working

iPhone Microphone Not Working: How to Fix iPhone Microphone

“I was waiting for a call from my boss. Finally, when she called, I couldn’t communicate with her as my iPhone’s microphone isn’t working. What should I do? Help me out with some DIYs.” Are…

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iphone is disabled connect to itunes

iPhone is Disabled Connect to iTunes – [Solved: 2019]

Have you ever been in a situation, when you want to use your phone, but it shows “iPhone is disabled connect to iTunes” error message? Well, you may not have any idea what’s going on?…

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How to Backup iPhone to Computer

How to Backup iPhone to Computer or Laptop [Update – 2019]

Want to save a copy of your iPhone’s stored data for future use? Well, it’s the basic requirement for all of us. We never prefer losing our valuable data in case of an emergency like…

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Free Movie Apps for iPhone

12 Free Movie Apps for iPhone and iPad [Updated 2019]

Everyone loves to watch movies and tv shows for free and Apple has a number of exciting apps for them. It has free movie apps for iPhones and iPad. There are a few of the…

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