How to Freeze Multiple Rows in Excel: [ Tutorial 2019 ]

How to Freeze Multiple Rows in Excel

Excel sheets have made things way easier for people from all over the world. You can perform complicated calculations, keep a record of lengthy records, etc. Excel sheets have a slew of features, and many of you may not even know about all of them. For example, many people do not know how to freeze multiple rows in Excel. Now you may wonder how freezing rows can be somebody’s voluntary choice? Well, freezing rows or columns in Excel can help you maintain the records with ease. It will help you navigate through the sheet 10X easier.

Say your boss has asked you to compare multiple accounting details in an Excel sheet. Now you have put the different details in different rows. Therefore, your task would be to compare the multiple rows to come up with the outcome. Wouldn’t it be difficult if you had to compare the rows when you are working with massive loads of data? You may not want to scroll all the way down every time you have to compare data. That is when the role of freezing the rows comes into play.

Freeze Row
Freeze Row

When you freeze a specific section of rows in the Excel sheet, you lock that area. No matter which way you scroll, that part of the sheet will remain immobile. Sounds useful? Okay then, let’s begin with the process of freezing multiple rows in Excel sheet.

How To Freeze Multiple Rows In Excel Sheets?

The following steps are pretty straightforward, even if you are not a tech-savvy person. Use the freeze panes command right, and all the steps will fall into place smoothly. Freezing the rows is just a matter of a few clicks. The options may differ on the basis of the number of rows you require to freeze.

  • Open your Excel sheet.
  • Click on the option ‘view.
  • Then choose the option ‘Freeze panes
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Freeze Multiple Rows In Excel
Freeze Multiple Rows In Excel
  • Now you need to choose the required row you want to freeze. Say you chose ‘Freeze top row.

Thus, now the first row your Excel sheet is immobile. Scroll the page down, and that part of the sheet will remain visible. Do you see a grey line at the border of your first row? That indicates that you have successfully fulfilled the command. Now let’s see how to freeze multiple rows in Excel as well as there is an option to protect cells in Excel too.

  1. You need to select the row right below the last row of the section you want to freeze in the sheet.
  2. Click on the View tab.
  3. Choose freeze panes.
  4. Bring the cursor back to the page and drag through the cells you want to freeze along the row.

That’s it. See if the row has a grey border around it or you can simply navigate through the page. Keep these following points in mind before you work on the Freeze panes command.

Things to Remember:

You can freeze only the rows or columns located at the top of the spreadsheet. You can neither lock the rows located in the middle or at the bottom of the sheet. So be careful.

The rows that you want to freeze must be visible when you are hitting the option ‘Freeze panes.’ If the rows are out of view at the time of freezing, they will remain hidden after freezing.

That brings us to another problem usually faced the Excel sheet users- freeze panes disappear in Excel. Many people are unable to work in Excel because the frozen panes seem to disappear in the middle of their work. Don’t worry; here is a complete guide on how to resolve the disappearance of the frozen panes. Follow the steps to take care of the problem with the utmost precision.

What To Do When Freeze Panes Disappear In Excel? ( Solved )

It is more frightening than annoying when the panes disappear right after you freeze them. The panes are supposed to remain persistent. That is what they have been frozen for, right? The thing is that it can be a mere technical glitch or some software issue. Try to implement the following steps to make the panes in your Excel sheet persistent. Let’s begin.

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1. Have you shared the workbook with someone else?

At times, you may require to share the workbook with someone else. Say your partner updated the latest version of the Excel sheet and you haven’t. In that case, every time you freeze certain panes, you may find them disappear after a while. Thus, it is advisable to use only the latest version of the Excel sheet. This will help you work on the platform without any hassle or glitch.

2. Did you check the Macro?

You need to keep a regular check to determine if your workbook has a Macro. Every time you open the sheet, Macro also runs automatically thereby, removing the panes. You can also try looking for the option ‘freeze panes’ in the Macros to curb the problem. It is also suggested that you must close the extra Windows first. This will prevent you from losing your Window settings. You may also want to maximize the original Window if you tend to work in a split-screen.

3. Which format did you save your Excel file in?

Many of you do not know the right format to save your Excel files. One mistake and your panes may disappear exactly when you need them to stay in place. The problem arises when you end up saving the file in a non-Excel format such as HTML or CSV. Other formats generally do not hold any specific settings. It is better if you save the file in XLSM or XLS format to keep your panes from disappearing. See if this tip works for you.

4. How many Windows is your workbook used on?

The panes may also disappear if you are working on the Excel sheet on different Windows. Say you are using the same Excel sheet in 5 different Windows. One of the Windows is not using panes and you have closed the Window due to some reason. In such cases, the settings of the last closed Window affects all the other Windows. This is why your Excel sheets panes disappear.

Hopefully, now you can freeze the multiple rows in your Excel sheet and can also resolve when the panes disappear. Help is always out there on the Internet. Your entire Excel sheet can get ruined if you go wrong anywhere in any of the steps.

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