best operating system for gaming pc or laptop? Which One

operating system for gaming

Today the modern age is getting new heights where we discover so many inventions. One of these inventions that made our lives, simple, smart, faster, precise and more entertaining is the computers. Computers are a life-changing invention for us that have changed our human civilization. After getting introduced to use, computers are evolving from bulky desktops to portable and convenient laptops. Best operating system Even the computer processors are used in smartphones too.

However, the thing which many hardly talk about is what makes computers so efficient, so they work smartly. Of course, it is an operating system, without an operating system, we cannot merely function with machines as we do.

The debate for years has been continued that which the Best operating system for gaming. In this article, we will try to find out the answer to this question.

Well, without any further delay we will conclude that it is windows, more specifically for gaming purposes. There is no doubt about it.

However, there are some other operating systems too, which do well work for gaming. They may not be suitable as windows, but for special needs, there is some potential to use a different OS.

Best operating system?

First, we have to know what an operating system is. The most general definition is it is the software that allows communication between users and computer hardware. Thus users can run essential applications on their computers. Even it helps to manage computer hardware resources, like using critical functions controlling peripherals, and scheduling tasks. When it comes to personal or home use, Windows and Mac is, no doubt a great option. For personal use, you don’t need a powerful operating system, especially for simple tasks like writing or browsing the web. For gaming, the Windows operating system is well optimized than that of other operating systems.

While discussing the lightest and fastest operating system, there is no argument Linux based operating systems are the best. These operating systems don’t need powerful processors like windows for operations. For business enterprises purposes, Fedora is a great option and other Linux operating systems like centos servers and Ubuntu server.

Why window 10 is the best operating system for gaming?

Well, there are a lot of things that make Windows 10 currently the best operating system for gaming. However, one of the biggest reasons why window-based operating systems are the best choice amongst gamers is support. Windows 10 supports more games than any other operating system. Even no other operating system is close to it. Not only a large number of games that support windows in comparison to other operating systems, but the numbers of popular titles that are available on windows are not available on any other operating system that gives a massive advantage of using windows.

Moreover, the games that are available on Windows 10 and other OS, those games typically run better and efficiently on windows. Although the games that run on different operating systems and support window operating systems, those games will run more efficiently on the window operating system.

Besides, thinks like graphic card drivers, DirectX 12 is supported on the Windows platform. Even with the increasing potential for the cross-platform with VR options and Xbox, PCs are modified using windows operating systems.

Is Linux OS a viable option for gaming?

Well, the answer to the above question is yes. For the pro gamer and Linux fan, there is specific Distro that can be the doable option for gaming. But it is best for the right gamer. If you love to enjoy games like PUBG, Overwatch, Fortnite, then you cannot play them on Linus OS. The same is for most popular AAA titles.


However, it is not all about Linux gaming. It has support for some popular titles. Are you a fan of CS Go? Do you mainly play Minecraft or like to play Dota 2 and Fortress 2, and then Linux is going to be the best operating system for gaming. So if you are gamers who have one specific list of games that runs on Linux or you mainly some selected games, then Linux could be a viable option for you.

But you need to know those games may be as well optimized as they run on windows. Sadly, it is a sad thing for Linux diehard fans. But if you are putting window OS for this reason, then it is wonderful. Of you are a novice to Linux, and you are thinking to switch a free operating system for gaming, just know that there are many things you have to cross to install the game and get games up and running.

Best Linux Distro for gaming-

Besides Linux Distro that makes sense for gamers possibly none have more potential than SteamOS. The SteamOS still work efficiently for certain games and people again using it. However, it doesn’t appear near windows.

Apart from the facts, while it was designed to be a natural alternative as compare to Linux gaming Distro, the truth is that it was still some sort of problem that can frustrate any users. Those factors are lack of popular title support, poor console controller support, not compatible with hardware, etc.a

Is the Mac operating system is significant for gamers?

Sorry to say, there is only one entertainment-related market that apple support and it is away from high-end desktop gaming. Besides, the Mac operating system can run Steam and does have support for the small collection of games, including some popular ones like CS Go, Minecraft, Rocket League, etc.

However, the same problem that outbreaks Linux as a gaming OS is the same occurs in Mac as a gaming OS. There is not enough support from game creators that work on Mac operating systems. Today the games are specially optimized for Windows; eventually, if the games do find their way over Mac and Linux operating system, there is the surety that they will continue support and updated regularly. But again for the gamers who play games that support Mac OS, Apple operating system can work for gaming.

Leaving the rest, there is good news for apple fanbois! Even though the problem at the outbreak Mac operating system as a gaming platform is the same, which is the reason why iOS is the better gaming OS in Apple devices. Just as PC games are mostly developed for Windows, mobile game developers mainly focus on developing games for the ios. So while Mac OS will never compete with Windows in terms of high-end gaming, the rapid growth of mobile gamine looks to be another arena for iOS.

Below the list of best-operating systems will help you to make decisions quickly, hence you don’t need to waste time on debating over what is the best.


Ubuntu is a Linux based operating system packed with everything that you look in an OS. It is specially made for organizations and personal uses. You can download it for free and use and share. It is worth even playing nominal games on PC.

Ubuntu is an open-source OS that you can download and use for free, as it used and shared by the majority of users. It has an onboard firewall and Anti-virus software, putting it on the safest and secure OS list. Most importantly, you will get five-years of security patches and updates. Additionally, it supports more than 50 languages. Ubuntu is highly compatible with any type of laptop hardware, desktops, and even mobile phones too. Overall it is the best OS available for free. Because it is open-source, it is attracting many users — also, its robust interface and security feature making the ultimate choice for gaming.

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It is another Linux based operating system that comes with the same features as Ubuntu. However, it requires money to buy. Fedora is trustworthy and has a user-friendly interface making it a robust OS for any laptop and desktop. It is the OS that is very simple to use for users and caters to the requirements of students, professionals, and employees working in corporate environments.

The upgraded user interface allows developers to work on codes on the included Gnome 3 environment. Fedora comes with a completely open-source tool kit with different tools, utilities, and different languages. With fedora OS you can dig into powerful gaming virtualization tools to get games up and running efficiently. Although it is a perfect OS for personal uses, work best for developers, it has all tools that must be required in an OS, but still, it is not ideal for high-end gaming.


Solaris is the UNIX based operating system made and launched by Sun Microsystems. In the mid-90s, it comes to use.  ZFS. Solaris packed with most advanced security features in the world like process and user rights management.

It allows users to secure mission-critical data. Solaris provides indubitable performance benefits for web, java-based and database services, even for gaming. You will get high-end performance without any modification. The unrestrained ability for helping in managing file systems and databases makes it worth to use. Thus, you will need uninterrupted inter-operability for solving hundreds of hardware and software problems. It is considered as one of the best free, open-source operating systems. Besides interoperability, scalability, data management and security for businesses, it is a high-end operating system for gaming too.


FreeBSD is a free UNIX based open-source software. It supports plenty of platforms and mainly focuses on features such as speed and constancy. The most enthralling part of this OS is its development. A  large community develops the FreeBSD at the University of California.

It has the most advanced networking, security features, and compatibility, which are still missing in many operating systems. It is a sizeable feature-packed OS catering to higher-end computer hardware. Its compatibility makes it worth it for internet services; even it can hold large loads at a time and manage memory more efficiently to maintain good responses for users.

Moreover, it is effortless to install and use, so you can easily play lightweight games on it. You can directly connect to the network using FTP and NPS or use CD ROM or DVD to install OS. The most significant dominance of FreeBSD is its ability to provide robust OS to users. It is best for networking and compatible with multiple devices.


It is the last OS on our list but not the least. CentOS is another community-driven open-source OS available for free. It gives users robust platform management. This OS is perfect for the developers who are looking for an OS for their coding task. Most importantly, it gives great convenience to gamers to play their games efficiently. The extensive resources for coding are available, which est for one looking to build, test and release their codes.  It is compatible with most of the Intel-based hardware.

Among above mentioned operating systems, there is a choice? Windows is hands-down is the best operating system for gaming in Pc or laptop.

At last, while Mac and Linux OS can work for gaming, the fact is windows are the real OS choice for high-end gaming experience for the pro gamers, and the future is vast.

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