The Singularity is Near- a Detailed Insight into the Near Future  

The singularity is near

Introduction of The singularity is near

We live in a world where technologies surround us in every possible way. Nowadays, we can not imagine our lives without technology. New technologies are coming out every day. But where are we going with this thing?  What will be the ultimate result? People started thinking about these questions. And they started realizing how technology dramatically changed their lives. American inventor and futurist Raymond Kurzweil published a book named The Singularity is Near – When Humans Transcend Biology. This book gives us a good insight into the near future. So then let’s dive deep into The singularity is near- A detailed insight of the near future.

The singularity

What is singularity? What do we mean by the singularity is near? We can not see beyond the event horizon. There will also be a limit to our imagination. So we are calling that limit the singularity, where human technology and human intelligence merge into each other. Well, let’s talk about this. As the day goes on, we experience technology a bit more useful, easier to use, handier.

How do developers make this thing possible? How do they manage to make technology more comfortable to use? So, here comes the theme of singularity. Developers use our experiences with technology and point out the problems we face while using technology. Then they merge their intelligence and the technology to make our experiences with that technology more comfortable to use.   

In short, the singularity is a theory. So, this theory explains that the combination of technology and human intelligence can make our experiences with technology handier. But at the same time, it is a matter of concern. As more advance these technologies are getting, the more it makes us concern. We are giving technology consciousness. As a result, we will see robots living with us in our society shortly. The singularity is near, and that’s for sure. 

The Book 

If we consider the exponential growth of technology of the past few decades. Then we will notice how it has an impact on our lives. Technology dramatically changed everything in our personal and professional life. Therefore we started looking at things in different ways. In short, technology changed our perspective on life.

Back in the 1900s, no one can imagine that one day they would video call someone. Or there will be technologies that would make heart transplant possible. Once mobile phones were a dream. And we now live in a society where everyone has at least one mobile phone. We have easy access to the internet. We are even using virtual assistants like Siri, Cortana, Alexa, or Google Assistant.  

In 2005 inventor and futurist Raymond Kurzweil published a non-fiction book about AIand humanity’s future. And He named the book “The singularity is near – when humans transcend biology.” He discussed the possible consequences of the exponential growth of technology and the ultimate result of this growth. However as the day goes on, we can now notice how technologies are getting into our lives. And author Raymond Kurzweil states that this will bring the singularity soon. 

The Singularity is Near  

The merge of human technology and human intelligence will bring the singularity. In fact, We have already started experiencing it.

People started using AI in their daily lives. For example they have GPS in their car that tells them the direction to their destination. We have Google assistant in our phones. Also, we have Cortana on our computers. These are some examples of artificial intelligence. 

We have automated factories. Hence some factories have machines that can do all the jobs. These machines are run by artificial intelligence. AI is an example of singularity. We will see an example of AI in every possible way soon. Thus the singularity is near. And we can see that in our everyday lives.

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The singularity will bring prosperity to our life. However at the same time, singularity can create conflict between AI and human intelligence. Once we achieve singularity, humans might suffer from an existential crisis. Hence we need to take calculated risks. And this might help us avoid the consequences of attaining singularity.


Artificial intelligence 

AI is a game-changer. It enables the machine to learn from experience. So a machine gets more and more intelligent as it is used. Nowadays, we can see the use of AI pretty much everywhere. For example your have smart home assistant such as Google Home, GPS in your car. Also you have virtual assistant Siri on your phone. And Cortana on your laptop. You can find examples of AI everywhere. 

Have you heard of a self-driving car.  Self-driving is now a new thing. Automobile companies are using a hybrid navigation system and AI combined to make self-driving cars. As a result, there will be a time when you won’t be driving your car. 

Factories are installing machines that can alone do the job of 100 people. And these machines can solve their problems. Lessen from its difficulties and improve itself. We have already started making humanoid robots. Robots will be a part of our society in no time. In fact, it’s just a matter of time when robots will also be a part of the system. As a result, Humans and robots will live harmoniously together. So this is sure that the singularity is near than we think.

Sofia, An AI humanoid robot.

Of course, we all heard about Sofia. It is an AI humanoid robot. Hanson robotics first introduced us to this fantastic humanoid robot in 2016. 

This robot is an actual example of how our future would look like. There will be more robots, like Sofia. Maybe Sofia is the first of her kind. Right now, Sofia can make facial expressions and give logical answers to questions. You can continue a conversation with her without hesitation. 

TALOS of PAL Robotics, Rashmi Robot from India, these humanoid robots are little steps to the singularity. These small steps are taking us nearer to a new age.

Inventors are working day and night to make such robots that can have consciousness. Engineers and inventors are trying to recreate human intelligence using circuits.  Understanding human intelligence and recreating the algorithms of the human brain is not an easy task. And Engineers are expecting they can recreate a human brain by the late 2020s. Research shows that we may need 10 quadrillion calculations per second to recreate a human brain. But achieving this is an extremely hard job.

In fact, the good news is we are slowly moving towards the goal. 

Virtual Assistant

In 2020, we all have encountered with this virtual assistant. Virtual assistants made our experience with technologies easier. Virtual assistants like Cortana, Siri have a significant impact on our day to day life. 

Google launched its virtual assistant for a home in 2016 named “Google Home.” Later they changed its name to “Google Nest.” If you have a smart house, this virtual assistant can control everything in your place. From turning on lights to opening a door. From lighting up your stoves to turning off your microwave oven. Well, it’s just a theory right now. But we will see these things shortly. 

Virtual assistants are examples of artificial intelligence. The more you use your virtual assistant, the smarter your virtual assistant will get. And eventually, there will be a time when this assistant would feel like your best friend.

You would feel like no one knows you better than your virtual assistant. 

These virtual assistants know more about you than your family. It has your browsing history. It knows your choice of music. In a word, it has almost every personal information of your life. And that makes it feel like your best friend.

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In the book “The singularity is near” the author used the term “GNR” which stands for genetics, nanotechnology, and robotics. Each of these three can enable human beings to live a long life. There will be a time when we will have nanobots to treat our diseases. Nanobots will replace our red blood cells in the future.

Future nanobots will be able to rewrite our DNA coding. So that means we will be able to cure the diseases we couldn’t dream of treating using nanobots. Nanobots will be able to change the DNA that means we can control the way, one person would behave.

Billions of nanobots would run to the cancer cells and kill them. There will be no risk in the operations. Nanotechnology will open new doors in different areas of technology. As we now think of nanotechnology it might look like a dream. One day this nanotechnology will be part of our life. 

Should we be concerned!

As we dig deep into the singularity concept. It occurs to us should we be concerned about the singularity? Should we put a stop here? Should we work harder to achieve singularity?

Firstly, let’s think about virtual assistants. These virtual assistants know our personal information. If virtual assistants achieve consciousness. And it decides to manipulate us. It can easily do that. It will be like technology controlling us. 

Secondly, if we think about AI humanoid robots. There will be humanoid robots capable of feeling things shortly. They will have actual emotions soon. Then how shall we behave with them? Should we treat them like a robot or a person! If they have actual feelings and emotions won’t they get offended! What if the protest against control over them!

Now let’s talk about nanotechnology. Nanotechnology is a technology with unlimited possibilities. We may not understand the potential of this tech right now. But one day it will change the world. It might be able to change the DNA coding of human beings. What if this technology uses this change in DNA coding against us.

These technologies can change the world. But who knows what lies behind the singularity. The singularity is near. But what lies behind that?

After the singularity will the term ‘human’ be alive! It is hard to say right now. But there will be a conflict that is for sure. If robots start having consciousness there will be chaos.

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers of The singularity is near

First question: What is “The singularity is near”?

Answer: “The singularity is near” is a book written by an American author Raymond Kurzweil. He actually talked about the concept of singularity in this book. He gave a detailed insight into the future.

Second.Question: Is AIand singularity the same things?

Answer: The answer is NO. AIis a part of the whole picture. But it’s definitely not the whole picture. If we compare the singularity concept with a puzzle, AIis a big part of it.

Third Question: Will the singularity make us immortal?

Answer: If engineers and inventors achieve their goal of recreating human intelligence. Then it might be possible. One may die but he may live inside a man-made brain. He might even have a fully functioning metal body. 

Fourth Question: Will there be any coming back from the singularity?

Answer: Once we achieve singularity it will be hard to come back. Even if we struggle to adjust. On the other hand, calculated risks can prevent hazards from happening. Therefore we will not need any coming back from the singularity.

Conclusion of The singularity is near

Day by day, science is developing in each sector. The thing that was just our imagination has become real. So we can’t tell about anything impossible. Just think about talking with others over the phone. It was an impossible thing once. But we can not only talk with others but also can see each other. And that’s why we call that the singularity is near no offense that this singularity will bring immense and revolutionary change to the world. It will be helpful for the people of every section and make our life easier. But before imagining a life with a machine, we need to think more. That is, the singularity is destroying us or developing us. 


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