how to turn off Google Assistant

To start, we need to enlighten the fellas who have no idea what is Google Assistant. Google Assistant refers to an artificial intelligence virtual assistant like Amazon Alexa, which Google developed. The virtual assistant is available on mobile devices that use the Android operating system and other Google Home smart devices. The Google Assistant is now an application that you can download and use anywhere, even on phones with iOS. The primary use of this app is to allow smooth two-way conversations among the user and the app. The two-way communication helps in creating an excellent experience across all the devices. There are lots of things that Google Assistant can allow you to perform and they include; searching the internet, setting the alarm and events and many more. 


If you happen to have had enough of the above issues concerning Google Assistant and you want to turn it off. To turn off the Google Assistant, it’s so simple firstly you will need to navigate to Google as that is where Google Assistant functions are. Once on Google, some options display on the lower bottom of the Google page and there tap on More. There can be other devices that can be listed there if they are signed in to your Google account. From there, you can then tap off on Google Assistant, and that will deactivate Google Assistant from your device. You can follow this same procedure if you want to turn back on Google Assistant sometime later. Simple as that this is the procedure of how to turn off Google Assistant on your device.    


Before asking how to turn off Google Assistant on your device, it’s essential also to consider some of the excellent features of Google Assistant. Since the reveal of these features and app, there are so many features that make it so outstanding. We will discuss some of the excellent features available in Google Assistant.


One key feature that makes Google Assistant stand out is that it has multiple languages that you can choose from for easier interaction. The reason why many people search for how to turn off Google Assistant for some is that communication is often in a language they are not conversant. The availability of different languages is crucial since you, as the user will now have the option of deciding if your native language is the best suite or any language that you prefer.

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Some of you may be wondering even how this is possible with your device, and the truth of the matter is it’s possible. There are lots of instances where advertising companies keep calling your phone often, and if you hate receiving these calls, then you can use the feature that answers specific calls. The feature is fantastic as it can let you spend some time focusing on essential issues. One good thing about this feature also is that you have the ability to easily review the calls later and even get a transcript of what the conversation was about. This is a nice feature for most people who are trying to focus on things intensely and don’t want disturbance. With this impressive feature, I don’t know why people keep on asking how to turn off .


The other feature about the stands out is the voice servant at your disposal. With these features, there are countless things that you can do by just giving out a voice command. For example, if you want to know what the meaning of a word is in a different language, you can ask the will find out for you. Not only asking for the meaning of terms, but there are also so many other things that you can do even asking measurements and so on. Whatever on the internet that you can think of doing is now easy with just a voice command, and it’s done. This voice servant is mind-blowing, and it can get a lot done without you having to hassle so much.


So, instead of asking the question of how to turn off  you need to find some of its advantages. Knowing the benefits of an application or a feature on your phone allows you to take full control of the device. You have the ability to do a lot with the device compared to someone who doesn’t have an idea of how the feature works. Therefore, I will list some of the advantages of having the Google Assistant on your device.


One advantage of having to use the Google Assistant is that you have the ability to get any information quickly. If you want to find any info online, all you need to do is use the voice command and request the information you want, and you will have it. The information can span from just the meaning of a word or any measurement. With this feature at your fingertips, you can get a lot done easily, and it’s transforming how we access information

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Let’s say you want to translate Chinese to English; you can do it seamlessly without much difficulty, which is so exciting. Real time translation is something fundamental to many people and so many communities which enable more interactions among people.


With you also have the advantage of using your device to control all other smart home devices. For example, if you have smart bulbs, you can command the to turn them on and off instantly. There is so much you can do with this feature is you can easily control music at you home and so much more with the function. Setting up the efficiently work with your smart devices is so simple and does not require much effort.



One of the significant drawbacks that leads to so many people questioning how to turn off Google Assistant. For example, if you want to send a message, the Google Assistant will wish to you to permit it to access your messages. Allowing this feature to access lots of our data can be a problem as you will not want someone reading. REQUIRES INTERNET TO WORK

The other thing that is a problem when it comes to dealing with the Google Assistant. 


The Google Assistant has its bad flaws as it can occasionally pop up on your phone and even hang. Most times the feature tends to pop up which is so irritating. Your phone can also start heating so many times when using this feature which is a disadvantage. When you phone heats up, it means you are using more battery; thus, your battery will drain up easily. These and many other reasons are why most people question on how to turn off Google Assistant.


To conclude, this article did discuss on how to turn off Mobile assistant and other many subtopics. 


What is it?

It allows you to engage in a two-way conversation.

What features make Stand out?

There are several features, but the major one is that it incorporates text-based interactions and many languages. Also, it allows other parties to input their voice commands.

What does an Assistant do?

There are a lot of things, but there are some main ones. For example, the voice assistant searches the internet sets alarms and events and also adjusts hardware setting on your phone.   

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