Application Software Examples to Explain Why You Need Them

application software examples

Before starting with the application software examples, let us know about the need for software in the system. This software is design in such a way that it helps in enabling the user to perform all the things in a particular way. Apart from that, they, too, assist in operating computer devices.

You must know that whatever you all are working in any system is due to the software. Without it, no hardware can operate as you want, nor can you do any task like you all use to do.

When you are going for the software, then you can see that it is of two types. They are

  1. System software
  2. Application software

What is system software?

If you take a look at the system software, then you can see that it provides you a platform so that you all can run computer hardware and other application as well. Apart from that, you can go to utilize the system as well as it helps in resources along with other computation problem.

Not only that, it is written in low-level language as well so that it can interact with the hardware in an easy way. Moreover, they, too, act as the scheduler when any execution of the process arrange comes as per priority and other I/O devices.

What is application software?

When you are going for the application software, then you all must know that it acts as the end-user programs or even term as productivity programs. These are like the software, which all helps you as the user, and it helps in completing the tasks. The tasks which they help are like online research or setting the alarm or designing graphics, logs in an account, calculations, and even to play the games as well.

Application software is above the system software and is specific in its functionality. To make you understand in a better way, take a look at this example.

Application Software Example

When you are going to use the browser, you can see that the design of the specific task. If you take the other things like MS PowerPoint, then the design is such that the software can help you in making the presentation.

All the application software examples states of being very much useful and all the apps can refer to as the non-essential software, which states as the requirement in a very high subjective way. The absence of the things is the state of being not at all affect the functions of the system.

This software is not meant for the devices as they are readily available for mobile phones as well. Apart from that all, the software gets divides into two further things. Here are the details about the classification for you all.

Classification of Software

The software is the state of being further divided into many types. This software is classified as availability and sharability.


You can see that this freeware software is readily available to all users. The best part of this software is that it is available at free of cost. It means that any kind of user can go and download the software from the internet.

But with that, freeware to provide you without any liberty for modifying the things in the software. The next thing that you all can have from here is the charging of the fee, and all these things are here.

To make it more comfortable to understand it for you all, take a look at the following examples.

  1. Adobe reader
  2. ImgBurn
  3. Recuva
  4. Skype
  5. Team Viewer
  6. Yahoo Messenger
  7. Audacity
  8. shareware

The next kind of software that you all can go for is shareware. These kinds of software mean that it can be freely available to all users but in a distributed manner. But the software is used by the users for some days only as they run on a trial basis.

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You can see that they all come with a time limit as well as when the time gets over, the software stops working for the user. To make it work again, the user needs to pay an amount for activating the software.

There are various kinds of software that you all need to pay to use. Some of the types of shareware are Donationware, Adware, Freemium, Demoware, and Nagware.

Moreover, then all these things, the examples of this kind of software are here.

  1. Getright
  2. Adobe Acrobat
  3. Winzip
  4. PHP Debugger


The software that you all can go for is the open-source one. These kinds of software are readily available to all users, and they come with the source code. It means that these users can go for free distribution, and it helps in modifying the software.

As usual, it comes with the additional features to the software, and it can come with a free or even chargeable. Some of the examples of the open-source software for you all are here.

  1. GNU Compiler collection
  2. Mozilla Firefox
  3. Thunderbird
  4. Moodle
  5. Apache Web Server

Closed source software

These kinds of software state to need money, and they all have intellectual property, and it has got rights or even the patents, which is like the source code. The use of these things is stated to be restricted and the source code as well.

The use of the restricted as well as usual thing is in a preserved way and as well as a secret one. For all these things, you all can see that this software is not used by users as they are not comes with many benefits like the other three comes for the users.

So, these are the four kinds of application software examples that you all can go with if you are going for the application software. But to make it more comfortable to understand and to specify them in a better way, here is the list of various types of application software examples. This software is mention here with the list of examples as well.

Types of Application software

Here is the list of the top application software that you all can follow.

Presentation software

The very first kind of application software is presentation software. It is considered as useful software for you all. With the help of the presentation software, you all can see that the program can help you in showing the information to you.

All these things are state of being in the form of many things. These things are state of being adding the texts, images to slides, and adding graphic videos as well. When you all do these things, it helps you in making the presentation more informative and attractive as well.

These kinds of software have three components. They are.

  1. A text editor which helps in editing, inserting and formatting the text there.
  2. A graphics insert function which helps in inserting the graphics: video, text, and other video files in it.
  3. You can go for the slide representation as it allows you to slide the information in a better way.

So, for all these, it helps you in presenting the ideas with all ease and all visual information as well. Examples of the software are MS PowerPoint and Apple’s Keynote.

Database Software

When you all are going for the collection of the data, and they are related to any applications. This software is the state of being like the environment application, and it has some good database. Apart from that, it is the place where the data about users get a store.

For all these purposes, they all use the software in the right way. Not only that, they all operate the application data and is access the database, and when it is manipulating it, all data get into the database for storage.

So, to use the database software in the right way, you all can go for the Database management System or DBMS tool. The tools usually present for storing things in modifying the extraction and other information within the database.

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Examples for the database software are MS Access, MS SQL Server. Oracle and MYSQL.

Spreadsheet software

The next kind of software that you all can go for is the spreadsheet software.

These kinds of software state to be beneficial for all users. It is because they all perform the manipulation work as well as other calculations.

In this software, all the data get stored in the rows and columns. The intersection of the row and column is known as the cell. All these cells are named A1, A2, and so on.

So, when you all enter the data here, you all can see that these data values can be define as the time, number, and text. Not only that, it too provides you with charts, graphics, and many more things.

Examples of the spreadsheet software are MS Excel, Number for Mac OS, and Lotus 1-2-3 for Windows.

Multimedia software

In this software, you can see that all the combinations of the text, audio, graphics, and other things are present here. With the help of the software, you all can get a wide range of things like editing the video, text, and audio as well.

Not only that, the entertainment software too readily available for mobile users. It is the essential software as it helps in dealing with the media, public, and other telecommunication things as well.

Examples for the same software here are in the news, social networking application, weather application, and navigation app as well.

Simulation software

The next kind of thing that you all can go for is the simulation of the imitation of the real world. There are various things that are going on in the outside world, and to understand these things, you can go for the simulation software.

It is the advanced technology that can use anywhere, which includes testing, engineering, education, video games, and training of things as well.

Moreover, the simulation of the things which are used in here is like the real system which can’t get accessible or even dangerous as well. With the help of the simulation software, you all can see that these things are state to be very much helpful to know the results in the right way.

If you are going for the simulation software, then you all must be getting a good result at the end in a safe manner. The examples for it are economics, automobiles, robotics, flight: space shuttle navigation, weather, and digital lifecycle.

Word processing software 

The next best kind of software that many users want to use here is the word processing software. All this kind of software states to help you in going for the manipulation, format the text, letters, faxes, and documents as well.

When you all are going for the processing software, then you all can see that they all use a particular format and beautification of things excellently.

The word software provides users with many features as well.

Some of the top features that many users use in it are antonyms, thesaurus, synonyms, and other words or phrases. Apart from that, there are other features as well, which are like the scan and replace the words in the document.

The next thing that you all can get from the software is the font style. There are various font styles that you can use while writing your document. Not only that, you can change the size, colors, and other things in it as well.

These are some of the features of the word processing software, and there are other features as well in it.

Examples for the word processing software are MS Word, Lotus Word Pro, Corel WordPerfect, and Word Pad.

So, these are the top six application software examples that you all can use in here. Not only that there are many other things as well and you all can have a good one here.

If you get any kind of doubts or want to know some types and other software details, then you all can go through the above article. Here all the things state in a best and detail manner so that you all can understand it in a comfortable and useful way.

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