samsung pay vs google pay

Samsung pay vs. Google pay

Ow, nearly everything is joined to matters, and an own mobile is simplified to deal with the requirements. With means,…

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how to block emails on gmail

How to block emails on gmail

Email is an amazing asset in the advanced world. It cannot be used exclusively for skilled communication, but it can…

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how to turn off Google Assistant


  INTRODUCTION To start, we need to enlighten the fellas who have no idea what is Google Assistant. Google Assistant…

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bypass google Phone Verific

How to bypass google Phone Verification of the Samsung or Android phone.

Let’s say that you just lost your Mobile phone & another person found it. Normally, this person won’t be able to use This phone if you…

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Google map tips and tricks

Top 21 Google Maps Tips and Tricks

In various purposes, we use Google map including measure distance to getting direction. We use frequently this handy app, it has…

photo editing apps for iPhone

Top 10 photo editing apps for iPhone

Many of us have a hobby of photography. We always keep mobile with us and mostly hold our special and…


Top 3 alternative social Networking websites -Google, Facebook, Youtube !!

We all know the Silicon Valley of the United States. Although Silicon Valley was not known before 1995 all tech…

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list of best companies to work for

22 top organization list of best companies to work for.

Glassdoor – A website who reviews many companies, they have made a list of best companies to work for where…

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google user

Every Google user should know 10 useful URL

If you are Computer or Smartphone user then you must use the Internet. You are using the Internet but not…

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