Best Torrent Site:10 Sites You Need to Know

Best torrent site

With the increased access to the internet nowadays, we have seen an increase in the number of Best torrent site growing. Torrenting refers to the sharing of files among users of a particular website. The files can be software movies, music, or any kind of data that you share on a network. This kind of sharing of torrent files is the peer to peer file sharing technology. Peer to peer network refers to a bunch of computers connected to a network without the need for a central server.


All the people that use the torrents to download the files are called the peers. Some of the peers are involved in sharing the files while others download the files. While all are peers, some are called seeders. Seeders refer to peers that download a torrent file at the same time uploading so that others can use them.


In torrenting, some sites offer you the ability to search some files through a search engine. Once you can search the torrent file you want to download, you can then download them through these sites. These kinds of sites are called indexers. Some of the most common indexes include;

Extratorrent, Piratebay, and many more.   


So, why do people use torrent? The most common and foremost reason why people are using best torrent site is that most of the files are available for free. You will only be required to have UTorrent and the internet, and now you can download anything. Unlike other sites that hold the original files, it’s easy for the sites to go down compared to torrent sites. The reason why it’s hard for the torrent sites to go down is the fact that the sites don’t have a single sever.

Several servers will always be there to support the download process, even if one site goes down.


One of the other benefits of using torrent sites is the fact that you can easily pause and resume a download. This is an advantage because, with standard or regular internet downloads, a link can quickly expire, and the download will not continue regularly as it will corrupt.


Also, I bet no one loves the hassle of searching files from one site to another throughout the internet. This hassle-free of finding all the files in one common place is among the reason people loves torrent sites. 


In this article, we are going to find out the top 10 best torrent sites that are working perfectly well. Also, we will discuss the advantages of each site. The ranking of the list will be in order from top to bottom. So, let’s begin.




Piratebay is arguably one of the best peers to peer networks that are available right now. It’s an indexer website that means it has a search engine, and you can download the files from there. 

The site, founded in the year 2003, offers users the ability to search download and add torrents and even magnet links. Pirate Bay is also one of the many sites that have sparked lots of controversies, and its founders even sentenced to one year in prison. There are some countries that you cannot be able to access Pirate Bay as their ISPs are blocked there.


There are so many things that make this website one of the best torrent sites. The main reason being Pirate Bay is one of the torrent sites that have evaded multiple shutdowns and blocks. The blocks and closures are from governments and even private firms; however, this has not seen the fall of the website. Many users are increasing each day, and the magnet links are also rapidly growing with the increment of the number of users.

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What makes a good user experience for a website is its simple interface. Pirate Bay has a straightforward interface that you will not have single trouble if it’s your first time using it. You can easily navigate through the website by the search engine, get a magnet link of the torrent file, and then download. This process is so simple, which makes Pirate Bay as the best torrent site in the list.  


  1. RARBG.


RARBG is among the top 10 best torrent website, and it makes it to our number two pick. The site was founded in the year 2008 to provide torrent files and magnetic links for peer to peer sharing. The good thing about this torrent website is that it offers a variety of torrent ranging from old ones to new ones. The torrent files are usually of high quality, which has made the website one of the best torrent sites. Just like Pirate Bay, RARBG also has a straightforward user interface that lets you quickly get whatever torrent file you are looking for. There is a lot of community that is so active, which means that there is a lot of seeding that is available.


RARBG is no similar to Pirate Bay or any torrent site as it also has been on some ups and down with legal issues. The site is not accessible from some countries like Portugal, the United Kingdom, or even Denmark. However, that does not mean if you are in that country, you won’t be able to access RARBG. 


You can use a Virtual Private Network, VPN to hide your location, and you can access this site and download your torrent.


  1. 1337X.


1337x is a torrent site that will always remain among the top three best torrent sites of all time. 

This torrent site has its loyal peers explicitly that keeping seeding the indexer every day with fresh content so you won’t miss a thing. Most of the material ranges from music, movies, TV show, and even games. The interface is excellent, which ensures better tracking of the torrent files. The torrent trackers of 1337x are one of the best in the world right now, and even Google tries to hide it from search results. The good thing about this site is it recently underwent a massive rework eliminating security issues. 




After the closure of the original Torrentz website, a new one Torrentz2, was formed. Torrentz was an indexer for Bit Torrent, and it based in Finland. The site established in the year 2003, and by the year 2012, it was the second most famous torrent website in the world.

This site can combine results from a dozen search engines to ensure that you get the best results. Also, the site has a significant number of active users on the site who provide there are more torrents to download.   


There has been a change in how the magnetic link works in this site, but you will not have a hard time to figure out. The reason for the difference in the magnet link is a result of marinating a low profile, and the site does not have many torrents. This site is ideal for the audio file as it offers an extensive range of music.


  1. YTS.


If you love movies, then YTS is here, and it did make it to top 5 on our top 10 picks for the best torrent site. This torrent site has grown in popularity over the years because of the large number of movies it distributes. The videos that they offer in this site are of HD quality, yet they are in small size, which is a significant advantage to any peer. The site provides a perfect way of browsing through the content to get the right torrent to download. What made the torrent site to stand out is that it was bandwidth-friendly. The original YTS torrent site closed down, but many sites are using the YTS name and still generating so much traffic.

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  1. NYAA.SI.


NYAA torrent is one of the biggest anime-dedicated torrent sites out there. If you are a big anime fan, then this site is probably the one that you should visit straight away. It focuses mainly on Asian media, and it has been climbing in position over the years. The site started back in the year 2005 and has seen tough times also with the legal issues but has remained open. The site has a simple layout that you won’t have much trouble figuring out, and the number of seeding keeps increasing each day. All the excellent anime content and other features that you get are what make the site among the ten best torrent sites.




At this point in the least, you should have probably tried out a couple of torrent sites and picked one you like. However, there are times you will need a backup torrent site that you will be using if you find your favorite torrent site down. Limetorrents should be the best pick for an alternative torrent site. The site has an elegant and user friendly interface that will ensure you get around quickly. Also, most of the torrents tend to come from bigger and better trackers. The only downside of this site is that there is no seeding, which is a big issue. Though older torrents can be issues so much, just having it as a backup plan is what makes it top our list of best torrent sites.




The other site on our top ten best torrent site is TorrentDownloads. This is a popular website as it mostly keeps things tidy. In this site, you can bet to find even the oldest software or apps that you even rarely use.  


  1. ZOOQLE.


Zooqle torrent site is one of the new sites in the torrent world, and it offers several torrents that are impressive. The site has a friendly and robust interface that is easy to navigate; however, there are still improvements to be made. The good thing about the newcomer site is it’s well-balanced in entertainment and software. The website made it to our list for the best torrent site because it has so much potential in growth.




Tamil Rockers is a torrent site that started in the year 2011 and grown through the years. It began in India by providing links to printed copies of Indian films. The site has a search engine to help you quickly navigate to the torrent that you want to download.



Who adds content to the torrent sites?


In torrent sites, it’s all about sharing. Anyone who has material can just add it to the torrent site, and anyone can download it. Seeding is adding a link or channel to download while leaching is using that channel. 


Is torrenting illegal?


Torrenting itself is not considered an illegal activity, but the issue comes to the material you need. If you happen to download copyrighted material from torrent sites, then it’s deemed to be illegal.


How do I download content from torrent sites?


To download anything from a torrent site, you will first need to have UTorrent installed in your device. If you already have it, you will then search the torrent you want, and get the magnetic link. Once all this, it will prompt you to open UTorrent, and the download will start.


Do you need a VPN to torrent?


This is where now you question comes. You will need a VPN to protect your activity from your internet service provider. Some countries restrict access to some of the torrent sites. Therefore, you will need a VPN to bypass this kind of restriction.


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