Common safety tips while taking New Gas connection

New Gas connection

New Gas connection should be bought following all the correct procedures to make sure the supply reaches you on time and the process is hassle free. There is a whole procedure to get the authentic and best Gas connection and everyone must go through that process. This includes speaking to the agencies, asking for the quotes, check their legitimacy because the power used to for Gas is really high and is an important resource. In this blog, you will know about common safety tips while taking New Gas connection.

Below stated is the correct procedure to get authentic gas connection for your homes. 

  • Collect an application form from any Gas agency that your require for a new gas connection. Choose your dealer according to availability in your particular area, the delivery time, the price and many other factors.  
  • Submit all the given documents or whichever is required along with proof of identity. Every brand has different requirements. Keep your identity cards ready before hand.
  • They may also ask you to bring Xerox copies of these proofs as well so keep it handy. Always remember to self-attest your Xerox copies before giving it to them. 
  • After they finish the registration, A receipt will be given to you in your name where registration date will be mentioned. Post this verification of all your documents will be done in detail and then a message will arrive if you are eligible for the new Gas connection or not. 

Common safety tips everyone must keep in mind while dealing with a gas connection-
1. Make sure your Gas connection is BIS approved and authorized.
2. Put Suraksha rubber tubes that have been authorized by authentic distributors since they are insulation free.
3. Everyone should get a proper demonstration done during gas connection from them that includes safety tips too which will ensure that you are being informed.
4. Always keep a habit of checking upon the connection often and getting it serviced timely from the agencies.
5. DO NOT REPAIR IT ON YOUR OWN. This can be a high risk and is very delicate situation. 
6. Switch the gas connections/regulators off everytime you sleep at night.
7. Keep inflammable items very far away from Gas connections area since they are very dangerous.

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What should one do if there is a gas leakage-
1. One should immediately call anyone from the agency or their distributor who setup the Gas connection for help.
2. Quickly open all the doors and windows to let the air come in when you notice the leakage. To avoid any kind of blast it is important for good ventilation across the kitchen and rooms.
3. Make sure you do not use any electrical appliances or gadgets in that moment.
4. Try to quickly isolate the main electric supply so that you are at lesser risk.
5. Always remember in such situations DO NOT PANIC. Most people take wrong steps when they aren’t conscious of what they are doing like switching on and off of appliances.
6. Also add the safety cap that’s present for cylinders.
7. Incense sticks or any kind of flames must immediately be put off to avoid any first hand risk.

List of documents that may be required for a New Gas connection

  • Aadhaar card 
  • Driving license 
  • Lease agreement 
  • Recent telephone, water or electricity bills
  • Passport 
  • LIC policy 
  • Statement issued by bank or even credit card statements are usable
  • House registration document. 

Whenever you buy apply for a New Gas connection, make sure you choose a well authorized company and its authentic distributors for the connection. Since you shall be giving your personal details and also paying the amount, it is necessary to check the credibility of the agency.  

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