7 common reasons your home sewage system breaks down

home sewage system

There are many reasons why a residential sewage system will fail to distribute waste throughout a home. This guide has information about seven common problems that can make a sewage system break down.

Thick Toilet Paper Clogs a Toilet

Toilet paper doesn’t always completely dissolve when it’s flushed down a drain. If you try to flush too many sheets, a thick wad will create a blockage.

The easiest way to prevent paper clogs is by ensuring that everyone always flushes a few sheets down the drain. You can also avoid clogs by stocking your bathroom with quality toilet paper. When picking a brand, squeeze the paper as it should be strong; however, the sheets must have a soft consistency because plush paper dissolves quickly.

Grainy Clogs in a Toilet

Grainy products don’t mix well in water, which is why you should never try to flush kitty litter down your toilet’s drain. If dry litter enters the bowl, it will absorb most of the water. Then, as the grains move through the sewage system, a thick solid cluster of sand will create a blockage in the pipes.

Plastic Items Clogged in a Toilet

When a plastic product  is flushed down a drain, it won’t break down. If a plastic object is fairly large, it can create a blockage that stops water flow in a sewage system. This type of clog usually happens when kids toss plastic toys and wrappers in a toilet during experiments in the bathroom.

Large and small plastic items can lodge in nooks and crannies around pipes that lead to a sewage system. You can’t extract objects that are stuck far in a pipe using basic household maintenance tools because they’re not designed for advanced extraction jobs.

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Improper Watering Around Trees During a Drought

During a drought, all plants on a property fight for every drop of water to survive. When trees aren’t watered frequently throughout a long drought, their roots will try to find the nearest water source. As this happens, established roots will move, and they will gradually lift any pipes underground. If you supply enough water of your plants several times a day while the soil is dry, thirsty roots won’t push and destroy delicate pipes under the ground.

Trees Drinking Too Much Water on the Property

Some trees require a lot of water throughout the day. These types of trees can cause major problems near sewage lines since they’re roots will constantly search for water sources in order to stay healthy.

If you replace all trees that consume high volumes of water with sewer-safe trees, root invasions won’t interfere with your sewage system. Japanese maples are great trees for residential properties as they have contained roots that don’t need to be watered frequently.

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Plants Too Close to Important Lines

In most neighborhoods, a typical homeowner experiences sewage problems in the spring after new plants begin to grow. Typically, a breakdown doesn’t happen instantly; instead, an issue gradually develops slowly over time as new roots maneuver around pipes.

To prevent a slow root invasion, plant new trees far away from all sewage lines. If you don’t know where the lines are located underground, you can acquire a map from the utility company.

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No Pitch

An average sewage system uses gravity to move waste down into a sewer. Whenever a sewage system isn’t pitched correctly, waste will begin to build up in the pipe that’s closest to a home, and this sludge usually causes a clog.

You can resolve pitch problems in a sewage system in two ways. However, to determine the best solution, you’ll have to perform an inspection. If the pitch line is severely damaged, you must replace it. To resolve a waste distribution problem, you may need to install a proper pump.

Professional Solutions for Common Sewage System BreakDowns

When you need assistance during a regular or emergency sewage system situation, you can count on the plumbers at Brisbane Southside Conrad Martens. We’ve tackled sewage system jobs and numerous plumbing projects in residential areas throughout Brisbane for over 35 years. All of our plumbers are dedicated, reliable, prompt, and highly trained, and everyone who works with us gets a great price on maintenance and repairs because we implement cost-effective procedures during every project.

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