How Much Does a Privacy Fence Cost

privacy fence cost

There are several essential factors that will impact the value of a privacy fence cost. These include the Cost of labor, building permits, marking utility lines, fencing type, fencing height, and, most significantlythe general length of the fence.

Because of these various factors, privacy fence installation costs will vary significantly from one home to subsequent.

Fencing materials are the factor that has the most critical range. Most owners will consider vinyl, chain link, PVC, wood, or metal as their fencing option. Alternate or exotic materials include certain woods and organics like bamboo and complex iron.

Fencing Prices

Fence installation costs $1,500 to $3,000 for a mean yard, with most owners spending about $1,800. New fencing costs $5 to $16 per linear foot, or about $2,016 to $9,011 for 1 acre. Prices depend upon the sort of fence materials used and, therefore, the length and height of the fence.



National Average Cost $1,800
Minimum Cost $200
Maximum Cost $6,600
Average Range $1,500 to $3,000
There are over a dozen fencing styles and materials to settle on from, with the foremost popular being wood, vinyl, picket, and chain-link. We’ll cover every sort of fence and their prices intimately in our cost guide below.


Fence Cost Estimator

The Cost to put in a fence runs from cheap to expensive, counting on multiple factors: how long it’s, how tall, what it’s made up of if it’s on a hill or set in rocky ground, whether you hire knowledgeable to put in it or roll in the hay yourself.

An average yard has 150 linear feet of home fencing on the boundary line, so cost estimates will range from about $2,500 for a wood privacy fence, $2,100 for chain-link fencing, and $1,700 for a paling using mid-grade materials.

New Fence Cost Per Foot

A new fence costs a minimum of $1 and a maximum of $44 per foot, with most owners spending $10 to $18 per linear foot for materials and installation. A wood paling costs $10 to $14 per foot, while a privacy fence ranges from $13 to $19, and a vinyl fence runs $15 to $30.


Average Fencing Prices By Material

The cheap fencing materials are wire with metal posts and wood, but even within those categories are many sorts of fence material costs. For instance, if you would like a wooden fence for your backyard, which wood is going to be the most Cost-effective and last the longest? Compare fence prices in our list below. Confine mind our prices don’t include post holes & posts, gates, or other hardware.

Metal & Chain Link

Metal or chain-link fencing costs $15 to $50 per linear foot to put in, with most spending $1,800 to $2,550 to fence their yard. Prices depend upon the peak of your fence with 4, 6 and 8-foot options, and if you opt to upgrade to vinyl-coating. Metal and chain link fences are known for security, and that they provide excellent protection for youngsters and pets. However, they aren’t as attractive as wood.


Chain link fences with black vinyl coating cost a touch quite uncoated galvanized chain link, but they also seem to disappear into your landscape. The vinyl coating doesn’t rust or corrode, making this feature a natural choice for home use.

Pros and Cons

Pros: Affordable and secure.
Cons: Not so attractive, can rust, and not a simple DIY project.

Wood & Privacy Fence

Installing a wood fence costs $13 to $19 per foot on average , with most owners spending $1,950 to $2,850 for his or her privacy fencing. Wood is that the commonest material backyard fencing and may last for 20 years. The value of wood fencing depends on the species of wood chosen, with the foremost famous being pine, cedar, and redwood.

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Cedar is one among the most straightforward woods for fencing due to the cedar oil contained within. It’ll naturally resist moisture, insect damage, and decay. Using cheap wood fencing would require yearly treatment to guard it against moisture and bug damage.

Pros and Cons

Pros: Gives privacy, strong and versatile.
Cons: are often expensive, need yearly maintenance.

Vinyl Fence Cost

A new vinyl fence costs $15 to $30 per linear foot to put in or about $20 a foot on the average. For a typical yard, expect to spend $2,800 to $5,500 counting on the dimensions and height. There are many styles and colors to settle on from, with the foremost popular being white vinyl or a fake wood look.

Front Yard vs. Backyard Fencing

Most people only fence their backyards because it’s where the youngsters play, and therefore the dogs run. Also, we would like privacy, especially if we have a pool or bathtub. Backyard fences tend to be 6 to eight feet tall to make sure privacy, and therefore the hottest fencing is wood pickets.

Fences within the yard are generally decorative—think white picket fence—and are 3 to 4 feet tall. Front-yard fences increase curb appeal and maybe a crucial part of a landscaping plan.

Extra-Long or High Fence Costs

An extra-long fence will cost more consistent with what percentage more boards it’ll fancy building the length you would like for instance, a 500-foot long wall made up of cedar will cost $6,305–$9,325.

An extra-high fence will cost extra because fence boards are available 6- and 8-ft heights, and having fence boards move 10′ means a further expense of 20%–30%. The lumberyard may charge you a premium for having to chop custom boards.

You will even have to see zoning laws and your HOA for guidelines on fences that are above the quality 6-foot height.


A fence permit costs between $25 to $50, counting on where you reside. Generally, you won’t need a license to create a fence that’s but 6-feet tall, but ask your local planning and zoning office, or wherever building permits are issued in your county. Also, check your HOA rules regarding fence heights. Make sure you recognize the limitationsotherwise you could spend tons of cash for nothing.


Always ask your local utility companies before you dig any holes. Call 811 to possess them to begin and mark utility lines, usually at no cost. Digging holes without knowing where the utility lines are could cost you some pile.


If the world you would like to fence is on a slope, you’ll need to level it out, as fence installation is going to be costlier. If you would like to create a fence on a hill without grading, it’ll need to be built with fence pickets (or boards); fence panels won’t work.

Ground Conditions

Suppose your soil is rocky or soggy, which may increase the labor costs of installation. Working in such a ground is more challenging and should require additional labor or equipment.

Job Complexity

The cheapest, thanks to building a fence, are in straight lines. Building a square or rectangular wall will cost, but building a wall with many corners and obstacles. Every post and switch of the fence will add labor and materials costs. Corner posts and line posts are more significant than a fence board and price more. A wall with multiple corners and tiny out-of-the-way areas is appealing to the attention, but more costly too.

Gate Costs


The Cost to put in a typical gate ranges between $150 and $500 per gate. Gates are often useful or decorative, or both. If you decide to put in it yourself, you’ll get a sequence link gate that’s 4′ x 4′ for $55. Otherwise you can get a 4′ x 4′ aluminum, decorative, metal fence gate painted black that costs $350.

Pros and Cons of putting in a Fence


Eight benefits of putting in a fence around your property are:

Protect your possessions, children, and pets.
Keep out intruders or wild animals.
Block damaging wind.
Ensure privacy.
Block street noise.
Increase your home’s property value.
Protect children around pools and hot tubs.
Mark your boundary line.
Add to your curb appeal.

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A fence may cost quite you’re willing to pay.
A fence will presumably need maintenance within the coming years.
Trimming and mowing are harder around a fence.
If your neighbor doesn’t need a fence, you’ll have problems.

How to Estimate Your Fencing Costs

Many fencing companies now have apps available on their websites, where you’ll connect your details, and it’ll spit out an estimated cost of building your fence. Otherwise, you can roll in the hay the old-school way—with a tape, a pencil, and a few papers.

Take some precise measurements of the world to be fenced, or hire a land surveyor for about $350.
Estimate the amount of corner and line posts that will be needed.
Decide how wide the gate is going to be and what quite a hardware you would like to use.
Decide how high the fence is going to be.
Choose your fencing material—one within your budget.
It would be easier to call and obtain an estimate from a fence installation company. Always get a minimum of three estimates from three different companies. So, You don’t necessarily want to require rock bottom bid automatically.

Free Fence Quotes Online

So, Any fencing company will offer you a free estimate on HomeGuide. But, Many fencing companies have online estimators or calculators that you simply can use to connect your measurements, and that they will email you an estimate. Some estimators are instant, and you won’t even need to await an email.

However, there are apps (free) available that allow you to draw your fence on your property via Google Earth, and therefore the app also will let you to know what you would like to create a wall.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is the most Cost useful Yard Fence To Build?
The cheapest fence to create around your yard would be made woven wire, wire, or hog wire at a mean cost of $2 per foot. Next most affordable bar to build around your yard would be a sequence link fence.

What Is the most Cost useful thanks to Build A Privacy Fence?

The cheapest, thanks to building a privacy fence, are with recycled materials. If you recognize where to seem, you’ll often find low Cost or maybe free materials to create your privacy fence.

Wood – search for pallets that are being given away, wood scraps from the lumberyard or an area mill, or wood flooring from a building that’s being torn down. This is often probably the most Cost effective thanks to building a privacy fence.

Glass – use some quick-dry cement to carry rows of glass bottles in situ, and build as many rows as you would like to make privacy in your backyard.

Chain Link – isn’t expensive to shop for. Install a sequence link fence then plant fast-growing vines at the foot of the wall. You’ll have an inexpensive privacy fence before the top of summer!

How Much Fencing Do I Need?

So, You’ll get to take precise measurements of the world to be fenced and, therefore, the number of corners on the fence. Only then are you able to estimate the quantity of fencing that you’ll need? It’s easier to ask knowledgeable to assess your fencing needs or use a number of the web apps available to calculate it all.

How am I able to Make My Fencing Project Affordable?

So, You might get a far better deal on materials by hiring knowledgeable to create your fence.
But, If you’re purchasing your own materials, ask several different lumberyards or home improvement stores.
Match your fence to your house, and don’t get trapped the higher-end options for fences and gates and hardware altogether.


Is Building A Fence Expensive?

So, Building a fence is often expensive, but it doesn’t need to be. But, Consider why you would like or need a wall then check out the various options available. Also, you would possibly find your needs are going to be met with a less expensive sort of fencing than you initially thought. privacy fence cost

Hiring Your Fence Company

So, there is such a lot of information than many options available when it involves building a fence that it’d be a simple idea to approach this project over a couple of months instead of on an extended weekend. But, Get all of your ducks during a row—measure out your area, get permits, follow HOA guidelines, and study zoning laws first. Once you’ve got an ideamake sure to urge a minimum of 3 estimates from local contractors. privacy fence cost having knowledgeable fence installer do the work are going to be faster and more economical within the end of the day .privacy fence cost

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