Best 32 Inch TV: Buying Guide according to your budget.

32 Inch TV

For the living room or bedroom, a 32 inch TV is today considered an ideal size in terms of compromise in image quality/size/price. They provided, however, to opt for a reliable model.

If you want cheaper or, the latest modest 32-inch TV is for you. In this article, I show you the best 32-inch TVs from our thorough testing.


Sony Bravia KDL32WD750B: the best TV on the market?

Sony is a world-famous brand in the audiovisual industry. For over 70 years, the brand’s products have amazed customers with their quality and reliability. Until today, we still notice this little extra in Sony stamped devices. This is also the case on the Sony Bravia KDL32WD750B. If we usually find Full HD on a 32 inch TV, here, the quality is higher. Here are some more details about this high-end TV.

32 Inch TV

Advantage of Sony Bravia KDL32WD750B:

 X-Reality Pro Technology: Thanks to this technology, Full HD becomes even better, with even more clarity and exceptional image quality. In particular, this technology aims to refine, or even altogether remove the noise from each scene. This is a significant optimization that boosts the Full HD 1080p screen that this device embeds.

 Motionflow ™ XR Technology: Another technology to offer that little extra on this Sony model, the Motionflow ™ XR. During rapid movement sequences, there is often a fraction of a second of missing action. Thanks to this technology, the latter is identified. It will also be a perfect model like 80 cm TV for PS4.

Built-in WiFi: This model takes advantage of on-board WiFi, allowing endless possibilities. You can easily connect and enjoy your favorite online movies and video channels, video on demand. You will also have easier access to your home wireless network while eliminating cumbersome cables.

Screen mirroring:

This function allows you to duplicate the screen of your Smartphone on your large Sony screen. Enjoy much better user comfort and better resolution by launching your favorite applications, games, videos, or photos.

Photo Sharing Plus: We also have Photo Sharing Plus, making it easier to share photos or short videos on your big screen. You can even choose background music. Note that this function allows up to 10 people in the same room to share their content.

USB HDD REC: The Sony Bravia KDL32WD750B TV also can record your favorite shows to an external USB hard drive with a capacity of up to 2 TB. This way, you can continue watching the show later. Note that recording stops automatically at the end of the program.

Clear Phase Technology: It’s well known, the sound quality of flat screens is not good. That said, Sony has done its best on this TV, incorporating Clear Phase technology. The latter compensates for inaccuracies in the loudspeakers’ response by sampling their frequency to provide better precision. We then obtain a more natural, fluid, and homogeneous reproduction of all frequencies.

The disadvantage of Sony Bravia KDL32WD750B:

 No Android: Some users have regretted that this TV does not have Android, limiting the applications that can be run, despite the presence of Netflix and YouTube. However, you can use a smartphone, for example, to access a multitude of content and applications online.

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Samsung UE32N5005: the best quality/price ratio of the moment

Currently very well known in the field of mobile telephony thanks to its many ranges of smartphones and tablets, the Samsung brand is an electronics giant that knows how to prove its know-how through many degrees of products, including televisions with flat screens. Precisely, here we have the Samsung UE32N5005, an 80 cm LED TV that makes Full HD quality accessible to all. If you’ve made a fair product comparison, you’ve come across this model, which has one of the best value for money on the market. Here are its main features.

Advantage of Samsung UE32N5005:

 Accessible: As said before, the value of the money for this TV is particularly impressive. Indeed, the Samsung UE32N5005 is available at a price of almost 300 euros, while its technical characteristics hardly depart from those offered by much more expensive models. With this model, Samsung has succeeded in making the essentials of Full HD technology at 1080p accessible to all.

Design: For those who already know the Samsung brand, they will quickly recognize the design touch that has always distinguished the products of this brand. It is not a distinctive sign or anything else; it is instead a spirit that emerges through a design that is both sober and stylish, with correctly studied lines. Here, Samsung has, for example, being able to break the rectangular line with angular feet and a beautifully curved back.

Better image quality:

Smoother images: One of the problems for flat-panel TV manufacturers to overcome is the fast motion sequences in which fractions of a second of missing images can be noted. On this Samsung UE32N5005, we find a technology aimed at eliminating the blurring of moving objects, for better fluidity and better sharpness. So you’ll enjoy much better picture quality when watching the action or sports scenes on this model.

 USB drive: The Samsung UE32N5005 offers you a USB drive supporting a wide range of codecs, which will allow you to play a multitude of formats, be it music, movies, photos. Just plug in your USB key, and enjoy your different multimedia content on your big screen.

 HDMI: Of course, you also have the HDMI video input to connect your various devices (players, computers, etc.).

The disadvantage of Samsung UE32N5005

Sound Quality: Some users have commented that the sound quality provided by this model is not good enough. This is quite normal even for an 80 cm Full HD TV. Here, the sound reproduction is 10 W, which makes it more like an 80 cm TV for the bedroom.

Haier LDH32V280: the best cheap TV

If you are a big fan of cheap at all, you are going to want to look for the most affordable model on the market. Be careful not to come across… inferior quality. To avoid such a disappointment, we looked for a 32 inch TV inexpensive, but with a minimum of quality and exciting features. We found a little wonder at the Haier brand, a model that even surprises with its technical characteristics, despite its really sold-out price. Here are some of its most excellent qualities.

Advantage of Haier LDH32V280:

Very affordable price: You could honestly say that the cost of this Haier LDH32V280 is unbeatable. Indeed, who would not jump on the occasion, with this 32 inch TV available at almost 130 euros? Most models (mid-range) are offered at double or even three times this price. Indeed, the technical characteristics are different, but we can already enjoy stunning images with this model.

 Energy class: It is definitely a model for stingy, not only with its low price but also with its exemplary energy consumption. Indeed, this model consumes only 31 W in operating mode, which will make you an annual consumption of about 45 KW. This earned him the palm of the energy class A +.

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Design: One of the peculiarities of this model is its design, which is a little different from what we are used to seeing on the market. If you have already compared many products, you know what we are talking about, and you have certainly noticed that this model has a central stand. This is no longer very common, but we believe that this arrangement offers much more charm and class on the flat screen.


Many households are still in the middle of a transition between new and old technologies. If you are also one, rest assured, because this TV will offer you the standard connectors for new technologies, such as an HDMI socket or a USB player, without abandoning the old technologies such as an old DVD player or other. You will find in particular SCART sockets, VGA PC IN, Video-Composite audio/video input, HDCP 2.2, Video RF, etc.


The disadvantage of Haier LDH32V280:

 Connections: We had to look far to find a negative point for this model. If many users did not find any inconvenience, one of them, however, argued that the placement of the different sockets should have been better thought out. The same user is still delighted with the plurality of connectors offered on this model.

How to choose a 32 inch TV?

Precisely, it turns out that the recommended size for the bedroom is currently 80 cm or a 32 inch TV. Of course, nothing prevents you from choosing the same size for the living room. It is still necessary to know how to choose between the different models offered on the market. To help you, here are some criteria to check.

Choose according to your needs.

The choice of an 80 cm TV will, of course, depend on your needs. Here, we must admit that it is not very easy to identify the needs of each.


First of all, you should know that OLED technology is currently reserved for the very high end With diagonals of 55 inches at least, which therefore does not concern our category at the moment. A choice will, therefore, have to be made between LCD and LED technology. But here too, we are talking about the same thing. However, the LCD technology (the first) is backlit by tubes. At the same time, the LED screen (advanced LDC) is backlit by LEDs. Evolution obliges, it is LED screens that benefit most from new optimization technologies (local Dimming, Quantum dot, etc.).


Here too, we mainly find UHD technology on televisions or screens of 40 inches and more. But there are many UHD (or 4K) models in 32 inches. Of course, prices (and image quality) will decrease in that order.


The choice here is extensive, and will also depend on your needs and expectations. What did you expect from your 32 inch TV? These technologies are efficient and allow us to overcome many bulky wires.

But for functionality, the minimum would be to have a USB drive, thanks to which we can enjoy our different multimedia content (songs, movies, photos). An HDMI socket (at least) has also become essential for connecting our various devices (computer, player, etc.). And of course, it is necessary to have a good tuner (exceptionally able to operate digital or DTT) to enjoy the different TV channels.

We could also talk about the PVR (Personal Video Recorder) to record your favorite shows or programs, Time Shift to be able to pause a program and restart playback later, etc. You choose according to your needs.

The connectors

Is it better to have a device offering old connectors, in order to be compatible with older devices (DVD player, amplifier, home cinema, etc.)? We would be tempted to say yes, especially if we already have all of the old equipment. If you have a giant tv than 32 inches, there are even good soundbars for TV’s up to 55 inches, so don’t worry about that.

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