How to Fold Fitted Sheets? – 5 Easy Steps

how to fold fitted sheets

While folding an ordinary sheet is relatively straightforward, the task turns out to be a little complicated when it comes to a fitted sheet. Also called a fitted sheet, this bed linen has an elasticated seam that allows it to stay on the mattress. This feature results in the presence of rounded corners on the sheet, making it challenging to fold. Here are some helpful techniques you should know about how to fold fitted sheets properly.

Sometimes it is convenient and preferable to fold a fitted sheet when ironing. However, during this operation, it is necessary to avoid the sheet’s elastic so as not to damage it. So, lets know how to fold fitted sheets.

How to fold fitted sheets in 5 steps 


Take your clean fitted sheet and locate the four corners. Put your hands in 2 corners, lengthwise. That is to hold the sheet with the “top”towards you. The seams of the corners of your fitted sheet are therefore visible. Then bring your right hand over your left hand: your left-hand grasps this second corner’s point, and you flip it over the first. Adjust them so that the two seams are aligned with each other. The two corners should now be on your left hand, and the seam is no longer visible. 


With your right hand, follow the edge of the fitted sheet until you reach the third corner. Grasp it so that the seam is not visible. Tuck this wedge under the already joined corners and adjust them so that they are all aligned.


Find the last corner and grab it with your right hand at the seams. Proceed as in step 2, except that the seam is on the top, and slide it below. 

If all goes well, then you have your four corners aligned on your left hand. 


Use the fingers of your right hand to follow the fitted sheet’s edges to the folds formed and check that they are aligned.


To finish folding the fitted sheet, lay it on a flat, smooth surface, such as a table or your floor. All four corners should be facing up. It doesn’t matter if the sheet still looks a bit messy. Arrange the corners so that they form a well-defined angle. Smooth and fold the adjacent edges so that the whole forms a regular rectangle. Make all creases disappear by smoothing your sheet with your hands. Then fold it in 2 or 3, first lengthwise, then crosswise, depending on the final shape you want. 

Now you have a perfectly folded fitted sheet! 


How to fold fitted sheets with elastic?

For this operation, here are the steps to follow:

Lay the fitted sheet out on a flat surface such as the bed, the wrong side up on top, i.e., the elasticated part facing up;

Slide the hands inside the nearest angles to tuck them into the opposite angles;

Fold the sides to get a rectangle;

Then fold the fitted sheet in half lengthwise;

Fold both sides towards the center;

Fold in half crosswise;

Make a final fold to obtain a perfect square;

Put away the fitted sheet.

The ultimate method of folding a fitted sheet

Here’s how to do this:

Place the fitted sheet on a completely flat surface, with the elastic band still facing upwards, i.e., upside down.

Fold the fitted sheet in three lengthwise. You should bring the two sides of the sheet towards its center to form a rectangle.

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Then fold this rectangle in the direction of its width.

Roll up the fitted sheet to form a compact cylinder.

Put away the fitted sheet.

Fold a fitted sheet while ironing it.


Another way to fold fitted sheets

Here’s how to do it:

Fold the fitted sheet in 2 across its width while inserting its elasticated flaps one into the other;

Perform the same operation on the two remaining corners;

Place each corner, in turn, on the rounded edge of the ironing board so that you can iron the edges well.

Avoid running the iron over the elastic bands when ironing elasticated corners;

Place the sheet flat on top of the board so that you can iron them inside;

Pass the iron inside the flap, stretching the fabric a little as the iron advances;

Position the elasticated flaps one inside the other, bringing them towards the inside of the fitted sheet;

Lay one of the lengths of the sheet on top of the board;

Fold the rest in half;

Then fold the sheet in thirds with your hand to obtain a square.

Its elastic band simplifies our nights, but not its storage? We are talking about the fitted sheet, and we have found three methods to fold it. You don’t need to iron it first to prevent it from wrinkling (who has the time?). Fold it as soon as it comes out of the dryer, or let it dry in the open air. 


This technique remains one of the easiest to follow, if not the fastest. But with a little training, we’ll only spend a short time there.

Lay your fitted sheet on a flat surface, ideally your bed. The elastic must face the ceiling.

Grasp the corners of a short edge, and fold your sheet in half. The four corners must now be superimposed two by two.

Slide one of the upper corners into the corner on which it is placed. Do the same on the other side.

Fold the sheet back over itself, folding the edge without elastic on edge with elastic.

Slide each corner without elastic in the corner with elastic on which it is placed.

Smooth it all over and fold one of the short edges over the other. Repeat as many times as you like. 


If you don’t have the space to lay your entire fitted sheet flat (or if you want to develop your ability to concentrate), this method is ideal. A careful reading of the operating instructions is strongly recommended before starting.

Grab the corners of a long edge of your fitted sheet. Hold it suspended, one corner in each hand, the face of the sheet without the elastic facing you.

Turn the two corners over on your hands, with the inner seam facing upwards.

Bring your hands together and place the two corners against each other.

With one hand still in the sheet, grab both corners.

Turn one corner over on the other and keep the sheet suspended on your arm with the other hand?

With your free hand, grab the remaining two corners and turn one of them over to the other, as in step 5. You should now hold two corners on each of your arms.

Bring your hands closer together again and grasp the four corners from the inside with one hand.

With the other hand, turn two corners over the other two. Your sheet is folded in this way. The visible elastic must form the letter L.

Place your folded sheet on a flat surface and fold one of the long edges down to half of the rectangle.

After fold the other long edge over it.

You have to fold your sheet on itself as many times as you want to store it easily.


What if the most comfortable way was to limit the folds? Instead, you roll up your fitted sheet in a few seconds. Note: this technique is more suitable if you plan to store it in a drawer.

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Lay your fitted sheet flat, with the elastic band up.

Fold one of the long edges to half of the fitted sheet.

After that fold the other long edge over it.

Fold the resulting rectangle in half.

Starting at the short edge where the elastic band is, form a roll as tight as possible.

Store it by placing the edge of the roller on the bottom of the drawer or the shelf to stay in place.

Folding your linens is not always easy and often feels like a chore. Folding is nevertheless an essential step in the maintenance of the house. It allows us to sleep better and have a good night’s sleep in clean, folded, ironed, and tidy linen. Folding a flat sheet isn’t complicated for you. However, folding a fitted sheet is much more. 


How to iron a fitted sheet?  

Iron the sheets to get a spotless bed. If you have percale fitted sheets or cotton bed linen, they come out crumpled from the machine. Now, what a pleasure to lie down in smooth sheets! A tip for properly ironing a fitted sheet: avoid using the iron on the elastics. Heat may melt them and cause them to lose their effectiveness. 

Put the sheet inside out and insist on the angles. You can also give your fitted sheet an additional iron during the various folds of step 5 to ensure a perfect result in your bed linen cabinet.

Small storage tip: put your fitted sheet and a matching pillowcase in a second pillowcase, and thus, you will have a set of sheets ready when you need them.


FAQ of how to fold fitted sheets

  1. How to store bed linen?

Store your bed linen in a closed place

To save space, fold your sheets in half lengthwise and then roll them up. Thus, you will not have any trace of folds. Finally, remember to group your bed sets in piles to avoid losing certain items such as the fitted sheet or pillowcases.

  1. Where to put the bath towels?

Now you can store all your bath towels in your closet or drawer. All well-aligned vertically. This way, you can see all of your linens at a glance. Do not hesitate to store them in pretty baskets or boxes for more clarity.

  1. Where to store your plaids?

Storage tips:Use storage covers to store your throws or throw blankets during the summer. This hyper-functional accessory requires very little space in a cabinet or cupboard, protected from dust.

  1. How to fold jeans pants?

The easiest way for pants is to fold them in half and then in half again. Another way is to fold the legs over one another and then fold in three. With the roll-up method, lay the pants flat with each leg on each side. Then lay the legs on top of each other.

  1. How to tidy up the living room?

If the furniture is an undeniable asset to facilitate storage in the living room, it is better to think carefully about its layout. “The idea is to have an open space when entering the room,”says Jennifer Palabras, “in other words, not to come up against an element of the furniture, such as the back of a sofa, for example.

In a good organization, tidying up scraps of fabric is very important. Fold them by color on a shelf: it’s pretty and accessible quickly. Finally, folding is essential to keep fabrics in good condition and to avoid repeated ironing.

  1. How to store the sewing material?

Wall storage: A board with holes where you can come and arrange as you wish your sewing equipment and accessories. Wooden boxes, crates of wine bottles, painted and stacked. You can add a bar for the ribbons.

  1. How to store the spools of thread?

The principle is simple: the coils are stored in a box, which will take place in a drawer. The coils are encased between grooved cleats glued to the bottom of the box and whos spacing allows the coils to be retained, whether they are wide or narrow.


Conclusion of how to fold fitted sheets 

Folding a fitted sheet doesn’t have to be a chore! Folding your fitted sheet saves space in your bed linen cabinet and provides crumpled sheets. And above all, it is incredibly satisfying.

Here is, in step, how to fold a fitted sheet like a pro, whether it is a baby fitted sheet, a fitted sheet for a single bed, or a fitted sheet for a double bed. You can fold your fitted sheet in less than 2 minutes, alone, whatever its size, standard or not! 


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