android spy: Is it possible to spy on android phone without the installation of android spy app?

android spy

Android mobile phones consider fascinating and popular devices these days. Everyone today owns cellphone running with the Android operating system. You may have seen young kids and teens. Adults and even the business professionals prefer to use the mobile phone of android. There is the number of reasons behind choosing Android smartphones and gadgets. The contemporary cellphones of Android have come up with the cheap prices because since it’s been launched Google has announced it an open source. On the other hand, it has brought numerous apps for the users and people are always so excited whenever the latest Android device comes in the tech market. However, people who want to monitor the Android devices usually become ambiguous in terms of spying on the android device without the installation of the android spy app.

Experts over the years have proved it ridiculous. Let’s discuss it in detail.

android spy

Spy on android without installing mobile phone monitoring app:

When someone’s claims to the monitoring of cellphone with the use of third-party cell phone monitoring software, it is understandable. But when it comes to spying on android without the installation of software on the target phone is a bluff. You cannot monitor any android device without the installation of cell phone spy software for android.

However, on the internet, you may have seen a number of solutions to track the location of the target android device without using the android spy app. Further, you may have heard of a phone tracking coordinate technique that can work. But in reality, it is not possible for everyone and it is not as effective especially for parenting and employee monitoring aims.

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Moreover, there are plenty of other methods that claim to track the target cell phone device. But all these methods cannot spy on each and every single activity happens on the target device. You cannot monitor text messages, social media apps activities, record phone calls, emails, surround monitoring and remote control on the target android device.

Therefore, installation of the surveillance app on the target android device is necessary to spy on each and every single activity. So, don’t waste your time and money in the remotely android monitoring methods. All you need to have the best android spy software to monitor the target device.

android spy by installing phone spy app for android:

Initially, you have to subscribe for a credible cell phone monitoring app for Android by visiting its official website. Then you will receive credentials and you need to have a physical access on the target android device. Then you need to perform android monitoring app and once you have ended up with you can activate it on the target device.

Furthermore, you need to use the passcode and ID that gives you access to the online control panel. Now you can visit the android spy app features that give you access to all the activities happens on the target cell phone with a complete time stamp.

Use android tracking app features to monitor target device:

Surround Monitoring

You can get control over the target device MIC remotely and can record the surround sounds with MIC bug app. Further, the user can remotely control the target device front and back camera can record visuals with vidspycam bug app. However, remotely make images using the target cell phone device camera with camera bug app.

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Call logs

You can record incoming and outgoing calls with the secret call recorder of the Mobile phone tracking app for Android. However, the user can save the call recording over the internet.

Live screen recording

You can record the target cell phone device screen activities remotely and in real –time. So, you can make short videos back to back and then send the recording to the web portal. The user can do screen activities on all the trendy instant messengers.

IM’s Social Media

The user can view the IM’s logs of all the trendy instant messaging apps such as text messages, chats conversations, audio, and video conversations and Voice messages.

Android remote controller

Once the user has successfully installed the Android spying software on the target device then the user can remotely track the activities and even can block the cell phone activities. The user can view installed apps, block text messages, incoming calls, and internet remotely.


Hence, we can say that you cannot monitor android cellphone device with the installation cellphone android spy app for on your target device. so, if someone is claiming to monitor any device without using the monitoring app is a bluff.

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