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TV series download server

Many of us are looking for a Watch series online Free TV Shows with Complete Episodes. It can be difficult to find a webThe Pirate Bay (TPB). The undisputed torrent king site that provides constant and reliable access at all times. And the multiple attacks they receive from international governments, it’s not surprising that it is so series download server

So what if the almighty Pirate Bay is unavailable? But, there are alternatives on the market! We, therefore, offer you a complete guide for the TV series download servers on the series download server

Before you go to any torrent site, it is important to know both accessing and downloading from a torrent website is risky. These risks range from announcements, viruses, and malware to copyright infringement notifications from Internet service providers and government series download server

There are many ways you can protect yourself. However, if you make sure you use an ad blocker and have good antivirus software and a reliable VPN, you should be series download server

While you have a wide range of options available for each of these solutions, we consider ExpressVPN, NordVPN, or CyberGhost VPN to be a great place to start.

The 12 best torrent sites: Quick Menu

  • 01 The Pirate Bay (TPB)– The undisputed torrent king
  • 02 Kickass Torrents– An excellent selection of series and films (old and recent)
  • 03 RARBG– Useful information to quickly assess a torrent
  • 04 YIFY Movies– The star of high-quality movies
  • 05 EZTV– The fastest TV series downloads on the market
  • 06 1337x– Very user-friendly use
  • 07 ISOHunt– An excellent selection of torrents
  • 08 Lime Torrents– Clean interface and limited ads
  • 09 Torrentz2– An ultra-fast torrent search engine
  • 10 TorLock– A verified search engine and catalog
  • 11 Zooqle– Movies and TV series in all resolutions
  • 12 Torrentseeker– Another solid search engine

1. The Pirate Bay (TPB) – The undisputed torrent king

The most reliable and complete torrent catalogs on the net.

The largest community, providing the fastest download speed on the market “Top 100” lists for all types of media.

This site is the most proven in the world and offers an extensive catalog of all types of media. In addition, despite the numerous attempts to close it since its creation in 2003, it remains the first site that comes to the mind of any internet user looking for torrents.

Its torrents are generally very reliable and well documented. Unfortunately, the site is riddled with ads, so an ad blocker is essential. Overall, it is by far the most reliable and comprehensive torrent site on the Internet. One of its most useful features is its search box, which automatically places torrents with the highest number of “seeds” at the top of search results pages. Thus, you will have no trouble identifying the most reliable, popular, and fast torrents for download on the site.

Unfortunately, it is sometimes difficult to access this site via its usual URL. Fortunately, there is a multitude of proxy sites that you will find through a simple Google search, and that work very well. Note that the usual URL is

2 Kickass Torrents – An excellent selection of series and films (old and recent)

A basic and easy to use interface

A huge community of seeders, just behind that of The Pirate Bay

The original Kickass Torrent site, unfortunately, no longer exists following its closure by the US government in 2016. However, the site has risen from the ashes.

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Kickass is known to change domains as often as every six months and has been removed from Google lists, Twitter posts, and Steam. Fortunately for us, it has since been closed. At the time of writing, it could be found under the name

If you manage to access the site, you will find that its main strengths are minimal or even non-existent advertisements, as well as its complete catalog of torrents and its very responsive loading times.

3 RARBG – Useful information to quickly assess a torrent

Fast loading times

Very little advertising

Rating features based on a star system and links to similar torrents

In the torrent world, RARBG is another big name. It’s a user-friendly interface, and complete catalog torrents along with useful information will definitely impress you. The RARBG can be the best alternative to 13377x.

The films are often accompanied by screenshots on the page rather than separate links on other sites, as well as the poster, the album cover, or the image of the software in the two windows which open the mouse.

In addition, it is one of the few large torrent sites to manage a “tracker server.” Indeed, many sites have given it up in favor of magnet links.

4 YIFY Movies – The star of high-quality movies

The best quality films on the market

An intuitive and aesthetic “Netflix-Esque” user interface

Full of questionable adware and redirects. Be careful

If you are impatient but don’t want to compromise video quality, than YIFY is for you. As many internet users suggest, YIFY has the fastest video catalog and comprehensive video list. And this does not only apply to the YIFY site itself but also to the many other major torrent sites listed, such as The Pirate Bay.

Although the original YIFY site has long since disappeared, many copies have appeared to take advantage of the quality label associated with YIFY. The current site is full of spam that many popular ad blockers are yet to detect. We, therefore, advise you to exercise caution.

The user interface of emulates that of many online streaming services, with an aesthetic design, trailers integrated into the page, suggestions of similar films as well as information on distribution and synopsis.

However, this means that much of the more technical information that helps you assess torrents before downloading is not readily available, including “seeds” and “leeches.” It should also be noted that there is no comment section.

Be careful not to click anywhere and what you allow in your browser.

5 EZTV – The fastest TV series downloads on the market

A simple interface, without ads

Unable to download full seasons, only single episodes

Fewer seeds due to rapid availability and the availability of single episodes only.

This site was previously a destination of choice for all TV series and wanted to become a non-profit organization, so as to avoid any litigation associated with “profit from piracy.”

Unfortunately, this strategy did not leave EZTV unscathed, and, after various legal controversies, its domain of origin was claimed by scammers. In addition, it no longer appears in Google search results.

If you manage to access it, you will benefit from a clean user experience without ads, associated with one of the most complete and up-to-date torrents catalogs. In addition, most series are available in multiple resolutions.

Unfortunately, this means that older series are rare, as the user base prioritizes new ones.

6 1337x  – Very user-friendly use

A very popular torrent site

An attractive graphical interface compared to the alternatives

Convenient torrent directories for easy navigation

This site offers a superb graphical interface, comprehensive information on the torrent page, as well as perfectly organized media categories to help you find the torrent you are looking for in no time. Although it is not possible to filter searches with a single click from the home page, the options appear on subsequent pages.

As the third most popular torrent site on the planet, you will find almost every type of media imaginable.

1337x also offers a film catalog section, which brings together the different torrents available for each film title in a single graphically organized space.

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7 ISOHunt – An excellent selection of torrents

The site strongly recommends the use of a VPN

Torrents are not automatically classified by “seeders.”

Very limited torrent information

Despite what its name implies, ISOHunt offers not only copies of records but also movies, music, games, and TV series. After the original ISOHunt site closed in 2013, many copies have been made. However, according to several sources, none of these copies would be managed by the creators of the original site.

The site offers a minimal home page with a complete option, as well as popularity rankings that don’t seem to be very successful.

Several copies of this type are currently available on or

8 Lime Torrents  – Clean interface and limited ads

Fast interface

Unadorned information

Excellent VPN warnings

Lime torrents are a great alternative to RARBG, with a very similar user interface and speed but less pop-up windows and graphics. The site includes a full list of trackers on all torrents pages, and the directories of their most popular and recent torrents are easily accessible.

The site is devoid of ads and displays many warnings about the recommended use of a VPN on their site, and rightly so.

9 Torrentz2 – An ultra-fast torrent search engine

A quick fix for finding sites that host obscure torrents

Direct links to 60 million files

Fast, did you say fast?

Torrentz2 is a basic, no-frills search engine that consists of little more than a home page with a search field. It simply scans all the torrent sites in its database for a given keyword, then displays all the sites offering the file in question.

Just go directly to the site hosting the torrent file, or use the magnet link.

Although it is just a search engine and does not provide links to copyrighted material, Torrentz also encountered its share of legal problems and was closed. Its current copy,, lists more than 60 million torrents.

10 TorLock – A verified search engine and catalog

Explore competing for torrent sites

A considerable amount of “seeds.”

VPN warnings

This site is another basic option that offers torrents from the four corners of the net via a robot that evaluates and adds them.

Admittedly, the site is not as intuitive as it could be, and the download links are misleading and difficult to find. However, the list of titles on offer, including movies, music, software, and TV shows, is really series download server

11 Zooqle – Movies and TV series in all resolutions

Torrents are checked before being listed

No advertising or pop-up windows

Complies with DCMA standard (in theory)

Zooqle is a referral site focused on movies and TV series but also offers other types of media, including games, software, and e-books. The site offers a well-organized gallery display, which allows you to choose from a selection of resolutions. It also displays the content of the torrent on the site before even clicking on download.

The site claims to host no illegal or copyrighted information and may have managed to keep its domain name by removing torrents at the request of copyright owners.

12 Torrentseeker – Another solid search engine

A search engine that queries a wide range of sites

Google-style layout and results

Very little technical information

Torrentseeker is another lightweight torrent search engine that claims to search a large number of sources, including niche and language-specific sites. This means that this Google-like site can undoubtedly save you a lot of time by locating the files you are looking for.

Unfortunately, the search results provide very little technical information beyond the name and site where the torrent is located. As a result, you will find it difficult to identify the most abundant seeders.

How to use torrent software?

Found a good torrent site? Great! Unfortunately, you’ve only done half the work. Indeed, you will also have to download a torrent client, that is, to say the software installed on your computer, which communicates and exchanges pieces of the files that you download with all the users interested in, or having the files in question.

The options are plentiful, and many of them bombard you with ads and entice you to purchase professional or paid features. We recommend qBittorrent because it is free, without ads, and offers all the features.

Generally, the client works immediately after installation, without you having to change any parameters. Simply navigate to the torrent site of your choice and click on the magnet link, or download the torrent file of your choice. Your torrent client should automatically detect it and start downloading the file after confirmation through a series download server

Depending on the popularity of the torrent, the file size, and the speed of your Internet connection, the download will take longer or shorter. It is a good idea to scan all downloaded files before opening them to check for viruses. All you have to do is enjoy a series download server.


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