Types of Artificial Intelligence- A New era of Technology and Robotics

Types of artificial intelligence


Artificial Intelligence is a human-made technology that gives Intelligence to devices and other gadgets. These gadgets make human life a lot much easier and helpful. Nowadays, machines or tools are too handy and capable of doing anything. But humans always instruct them to do their corresponding tasks. What if they are capable of doing their work by their knowledge. That’s why they made it. Artificial Intelligence is like Human Intelligence, but humans made it for machines. All of our daily works, Commercial works, productive jobs are set in our subconscious mind. But scientists went too far that they gave this power to machines. Now machines can do their tasks on their own without any instructions. It is an artificial intelligence system. The different types of artificial Intelligence have started a new era in our modern world.

How does artificial intelligence work?

Artificial Intelligence works in many ways. Scientists have given numerous ways to solve problems throughout machines. It is all manageable and controllable through science and technology. In 1970, AI was knowledge-based. People started to invent computers with a bigger memory size. So they can store many things and data on this Memory. A laptop could process many more significant problems through those dates. Yet Programming was a big help to create AI-based software. Also, Logic-based, Computer intelligence, and statistical AI software were produced through Programming software. There are some programming languages like Python, C++. Javascriptetc. is popular to create different types of artificial Intelligence in devices. These languages can create simple to advanced level AI software. So to develop AI software, you must learn these Languages.


Programming Languages in AI

Programming languages always help someone create many different complex programs to do their daily work and make their lives a lot easier than ever! Using these languages, anyone can create programs with a PC or macOS or a Linux-based operating system. 


Artificial Intelligence is created with Programming software. The most common programming software in Python. Python is very much handy and easy to learn. If someone knows Python, he can make any program. In the sector of AI, Python gives many facilities like a bigger and stronger community, Many libraries (Pandas, Pybrain, city, NumPy), and Numerous packages of support.

It’s rich tools that help process; simplified syntaxes and structure are very popular for creating AI-based software and putting them into your device. The coding system in Python is much easier than all other languages. So if you want to start building up AI-related software, this is all you need. 


Java is the second most popular language in this significant sector. It has a great feature. That is object-oriented programming. In 1995 java got a reward for its highly portable, manageable, Maintainable, and a bigger library facility. Java has some great accommodations. You can use it on all platforms without recompilation, and it can be used by virtual machine technology. All VR system supports the Java language. 


There are some other Languages like Julia, Haskel, and Lisp. These are mainly created for AI-related Libraries and create many types of artificial intelligence software. But there is another language like C# and C++. These are being used for any software creation.

Robotics and Artificial Intelligence

Robotics has touched the sky within a few decades. Now we can hear many stories about robots that have successfully landed on the moon and other planets. It is an excellent achievement for the whole world and all the other persons who dreamt of it. 

Can you imagine how a robot went to Mars and survived there without properly managing any physically present human? 

It has only been possible because of Artificial Intelligence.

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Scientists have taught robots how to survive in that adverse situation. They stored it in their Memory and did their work accordingly. Because of this AI programmed Robot, humans have discovered many mysteries, Solved tremendous puzzles, and have seen the unseen. 


Artificial Intelligence has not worked only in the sector of Robotics. It is also working in mathematics, gaming, military, diagnosis, etc. much more, which can’t be described in words.

So to say, Artificial Intelligence is the new light in modern times. If you can cope up with these changes, then you can survive properly. And Robotics integrated with AI are making our life much more easy to live. It is like Aladdin’s Lamp. You can do almost impossible things with the help of it.  


Types of Artificial Intelligence

Many artificial intelligence types are out there—our talented and best Scientiststruggled their whole life to accomplish the impossible. There are many philosophies about AI. Many philosophers wrote about it in their respective books. Alan Turing is one of them.

The amazing types of Artificial Intelligence have amazed the whole world. These particular categories help everyone to achieve their corresponding works. Some of Artificial Intelligence are : 

  • Machines (Reactive)
  • Machines (Limited Memory)
  • Theory and Mind
  • Self-Aware AI System
  • ANI or Artificial Narrow based Intelligence
  • Artificial Intelligence (General-AGI)
  • ASI or Artificial Super-Intelligence 


Machines (Reactive)

These are the oldest Artificial Intelligence. These Machines are reactive at human commands. But they can’t hold their Memory. So it doesn’t have any functionality to work with Memory. These devices can’t contain previously earned skills. They need to insert the same command again to make it work. So it is a matter of sorrow. But as a first AI system, it is greatly reactive. And through it, other Machines have advanced to their destiny. Starting should always be simple. This simple AI makes a path to other types of artificial Intelligence; they are also very advanced.


Machines (Limited Memory)

These machines are almost like Reactive machines unless they can store data and work with data properly. It can save the previous history and act with those histories properly. It can make decisions with those historical data. Almost all kinds of Electronic Smart devices are integrated with this AI system. This is the most common AI, and this AI system is trained perfectly. You want an image verification. Then you input lots of images, but AI will choose only the verified image. 


So a human-a-like brain is created with limited reacted Memory. It is a great achievement for all of us. We use Mobile, Laptops, PC, Mac. All these operating systems and various kinds of programs are getting operated with different types of artificial Intelligence.


Theory and Mind

This is a theory or a concept or just a work in progress project. The practical use of this AI system hasn’t been discovered yet. But soon, it will become available by the blessings of modern science.

This particular type of artificial Intelligence works with people’s emotions, feelings, thought, and beliefs. It understands human needs properly. Only humans can understand or feel what other people are feeling or the emotions behind their words. If a machine can understand it, that will be great progress in the AI Sector. The theory of mind is working with the humans’ mind. It is not so far when a person won’t need another person to share things or fulfill their needs. Machines will cover all the needs of a person with the help of artificial Intelligence.

Self-Aware AI System

This is another hypothetical term in AI. In this type of artificial Intelligence, the machine will be self-aware of all the harmful things that only humans can understand. Humans can make themselves cautious about all the dangerous things. But a machine only understands what we teach them. A self-aware system is like a half-human. Like humans, he always understands his dangers, like humans, robots, or machines, will also understand this danger. This is totally a concept. Scientists are working so hard to give visualization to this concept.

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ANI or Artificial Narrow based Intelligence

This is the latest version of artificial Intelligence. The previous types of artificial Intelligence are included in this type. They can do all the tasks like humans, and it is autonomous. They can only do the programmed tasks. But if any difficult task is given. It doesn’t stop working. On the other hand, it starts to do learning on its own and do machine learning. So it is a great type of AI system. Even the complex problems are solved through this.


Artificial Intelligence (General-AGI)


In the first world country, We see the use of AGI. It is literally the most advanced AI system. Because it can do all the tasks done by a normal human, this AI system thinks like humans. Even it has the emotions, feelings, and all the human traits available. 


So AGI has the most advanced capability inside it. It doesn’t lack any traits or personality which a human has. So AGI should be introduced to all the countries if you want to change the world.

ASI or Artificial Super-Intelligence 

At this period, AGI is the most capable and great AI system. But ASI is another thing which is more capable than all other systems. Its capabilities are not like the others. It has a high data processing rate, the Most advanced situation handling system, and is very much more advanced than humans. Even humans can’t do what an ASI can! 


It is the best gift from science, but on the other hand, it is also hazardous. Because it has destruction capabilities, so humans should use it very carefully, or it will cause a great existential crisis to humans, and they will try to take over the humans.


Frequently Asked Questions and Answer

First Question: Is Artificial Intelligence worthy of the world? 

Answer: Of Course it is capable. It can handle all the things that a human can do or what a human can’t do. So if you use AI, you will always be helpful. The world will become easier than ever. So don’t hesitate to use it in any sector. 


Second Question: Can I use artificial Intelligence?

Answer: Yes, You can use artificial Intelligence. In this time of modern technology, almost everyone uses devices. Like Android, iOS, or Windows, these devices are capable of handling many types of AI. They can do all the AI-related terms and things very easily. All you need is to program your OS however you want! Moreover, you can make your own AI software.


Third Question: Is artificial Intelligence dangerous? 

Answer: No, but yes. Artificial Intelligence is worthy in many ways. But advanced level AI like ASI is capable of more than humans. They can think more of a human can. So if we let them think free one day, they will think to eradicate human society. Then it will be very much harmful to all of us. So we should be very much aware of it’s the bad side.


Fourth Question: Can I do all the impossible tasks through AI? 

Answer: Yes, you can use it any way you want. You want to solve complex maths or do architecture. AI will always help you, It may help you give instructions, or they may do all the difficult tasks for you. So AI is the most needed thing; it doesn’t matter if you are a developer or mathematician. Hence it is always beneficial to you.


The world has advanced too far, and it is far from your imagination. Every scientist is working day and night to fulfill their desired dreams. But Humans are trying to develop it more and more. So if you don’t start to use AI in a short period, you will regret it in the long run. All types of artificial Intelligence have made our world come to our hands. Thanks to all the scientists who worked day and night, and still working in this sector.


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