Learn Here How To Update Your Mac Manually As Well As Automatically

How To Update Your Mac

In order to keep your gadgets functioning intact, updating or/and upgrading them becomes inevitable, especially for the ones which come with updates over a regular interval of time like the Apple’s. But at times, it can be a biting a bullet kind of task for many. In spite of that, this is something that you need to get the hang of for good. This is so because coming across a paralyzed app or system is nobody’s first choice.

Also, additional upgrades are released every now and then, which comprise bug fixes, stamping out technical glitches, eliminating security flaws, etc. Thus, this is something that can not be overlooked. And if you are beating your head around searching for how to update your mac, then you’re in the right place.




Most of the time, the scenario before us is that the piled-up storage space is the paramount problem that often hinders the up-gradation of the system. We’ve our files, photos, songs, apps, images, and God knows what not on our mac. These things will often suffice to grasp the memory of your mac. So while retaining the important data is something that you can’t help, you can do away with unimportant data that isn’t needed anymore.

And the chances are that generally, our mac would be filled with a plethora of such items that aren’t needed anymore. You can also transfer your data into a pen drive or another disc.

Also, your mac version is a point of consideration that makes a major difference. You need to be aware of whether your mac does or doesn’t support the update that you are trying to install. Be it for mac or any other system, you won’t be able to update it if the released updates are not compatible with the system’s functions.




How To Update Your Mac For macOS Mojave 10.14 Version


Apple users are very much aware that the company rolls out updates for the latest versions of mac now every 12 months. The company has been doing this for quite some time now so as to escalate the level of functionality of its much-adored Mac and MacBook Pro. These updates not only give a total 360-degree revamp to the Operating System (OS) but also make several modifications to the way some of the apps perform, to name a few, Safari, Mail, etc. Here’s the simple procedure if you are searching for how to update your mac For macOS Mojave 10.14 version :

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  • Go to the ‘Menu’ on your mac screen by clicking on this icon Apple logo .


  • Go to ‘System Preferences.’


  • A new window will open up. Click on ‘Software Updates.’ It might take a little time to process and check if there are any updates available for your mac or not at the very moment. Then, the window before you will show the notification if there is or are any update/s that are required to download and install.

How To Update Your Mac

In case you are coming across some issue in locating the options, you can opt for an alternate way to do the same using keyboard shortcut keys. Simply press ‘Command+Spacebar,’ and type ‘Software Update.’


  • Click on the ‘Update Now’ or ‘Upgrade Now.’




  1. To update a pre-installed software from the Apple’s App Store, follow the below-mentioned steps:-
  • Click on Apple’s ‘Menu’ icon Apple logo .


  • Click on the ‘App Store’ option and then select ‘Updates.’


  1. The same method has to be followed for macOS Catalina 10.15 version and macOS Big Sur 11.0 version.


How To Update Your Mac On macOS Monterey 12 Version


It might become troublesome to locate the ‘Software Updates’ option at times, the reason being incompatible mac version. If you happen to use macOS Monterey 12 Version, then you first need to install an upgraded version that is compatible with it. You can visit this link to check if your system is compatible with the macOS Monterey version or not.


  • Before you install a suitable version for your mac, keep a backup file ready so as to retain your data stored on the mac. Follow the steps mentioned below for this:


  • Firstly, connect the device you wish to store your data on with your mac.


  • Click on the ‘Menu’ icon Apple logo .


  • Under the ‘System Preferences’ option and then click on the ‘Time Machine.’


  • Click on the ‘Select Backup Disk’ option.


  • Now select your disk name on the screen.


  • Click on the ‘Use Disk’ option.


Time Machine backs up the data every hour automatically. In case you do not need the backup so frequently, you can skip it for the moment and get it as and when it is needed by simply clicking on the “back Up Now’ option.

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Then download the macOS Monterey version by following this process:


  • Select the ‘System Preferences’ from the ‘Menu.’

How To Update Your Mac1

  • Go to ‘Software Updates,’ then simply download and install the macOS Monterey version.


Once done with this, you will get notified about the available updates with time. Just follow the aforementioned steps.




If you fret over checking and updating your mac over and over again, you would certainly be relieved to know that Apple’s mac offers profuse options that won’t hamper you frequently. You can set your mac to update automatically, and the best part is that the method we’re about to discuss works for all mac versions. Here’s how to do so…..


  • Go to Apple’s ‘Menu’ and select ‘System Preferences.’


  • Go to ‘Software Updates,’ and select or check the ‘Automatically keep my Mac up to date’ option. You can also select or check some other options under the ‘Advanced’ tab that will assist you further with this, such as:


  • Download new updates when available
  • Install macOS updates
  • Install app updates from the App Store
  • Install system data files and security updates


How To Update Your Mac

One thing that’s worth mentioning here is that for setting updates to download automatically, your mac’s power adapter must be plugged in at that very moment.


  • Lastly, click on ‘Ok’ to save changes.


You might come across the notification asking you to restart your mac so as to install the updates. Make sure to wrap up your important task and then restart the mac.


Even if going the whole nine yards and following any of the ways mentioned above doesn’t put an end to your query about how to update your mac, you can contact Apple’s help center to get in touch with their representative who will guide you for the same. Or else it can also be a hint that it’s time to go for investing in a more upgraded or latest mac.


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