How To Clean MacBook Screen: Your Absolute Guide

How To Clean MacBook Screen: Your Absolute Guide

MacBooks are really a beautiful invention from Apple Inc. Since it is also a massive investment MacBook requires proper upkeep. I’m not hinting towards updates (though it’s needed from time to time); here, I’m discussing another crucial part of your MacBook’s upkeep- how to clean MacBook screen. It has been a biting the bullet kind of task for many when it comes to purging (cleaning or disinfecting) the MacBook screen.

We can’t go a day without using a MacBook or any other system, be it a PC or laptop. MacBooks and laptops even accompany us on our trips as well, or even if it’s a short trip to your office, dirt, viruses, and bacteria find several places to stick on the screen of your beloved Mac. If you use other supplementary items such as a Bluetooth mouse or headphones, be certain of doing the same good deed for them.

Among all other features of the MacBook, its display is one such core element that the company swears by. It goes the same for all the versions of MacBook, be it MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, or iMac. This is another reason why people are searching how to clean MacBook screen on the internet so often because they don’t want to hinder the quality of their display screen; plus to that, you can’t just go using anything you wish to for cleaning the MacBook screen as it is made of several materials which when come in contact of a certain liquid may result in damaging its screen. This article has got you covered for this, so make sure to give it a read!


If you think cleaning a MacBook screen is not that easy, let me tell you, it’s not that hefty as well. This article enlists 4 simple ways for you to resolve your ‘how to clean MacBook screen’ problem.


1. Turn The MacBook Off: Before you proceed to put your cleaning plan into action, ensure that your MacBook is off (don’t put it on sleep mode, turn it off).


2. Detach All Attached Accessories: Disassemble or detach all the attached supplementary items (or accessories), such as the power adapter, so as to safeguard them against any possible damage due to friction.


3. Clean The Screen: Using a soft cloth (lint-free), clean your MacBook screen with little firm pressure in clockwise or anticlockwise motions. While you move the cloth across the screen, be gentle as exerting too much force is not good for the Mac screen.

How To Clean MacBook Screen: Your Absolute Guide
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Tip: A cloth of optical microfibre would be best suited to purge away the smudges and bacteria from the screen of a MacBook. Nevertheless, you can use any soft and lint-free cloth except for abrasive cleaning cloth, paper towels or towels, or other similar clothes.

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1. Turn The MacBook Off: Simply turn off the MacBook and disassemble the power adapter or any attached supplementary item as stated in the Method: A (follow the first two steps of Method: A).


2. Use The Dampen Or Wet Cloth To Clean The Screen: Now, take a soft cloth (of course lint-free) and damp it a little in ‘distilled water’ (make sure not to drench the cloth fully into the water as it escalates the chances of water drops dripping on the MacBook and getting into it).

How To Clean MacBook Screen: Your Absolute Guide
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             Now applying slight pressure, rub the screen in a circular motion. In case you require to re-dampen the cloth, you can do so, but make sure to follow the below-stated tip without skipping it.

Tip: It is advised to use distilled water in place of tap water as it (tap water) contains minerals that might get reactive to the Mac screen and deteriorate it. Also, never a good idea to spray the water directly onto the screen of your MacBook, this will certainly damage it.


1. Repeating The Essential Steps: First of all, follow the first and the second step mentioned in the Method: A. Those steps certainly shouldn’t be skipped.

How To Clean MacBook Screen: Your Absolute Guide
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2. Use LCD or Plasma Spray To Clean The Mac Screen: Simply put a little amount of an LCD or plasma spray on a soft, lint-free, and non-static cloth and clean the surface of the screen. Exert out constant but slight pressure on the screen in clockwise or anticlockwise motions and expunge the spots or smudges.

Tip: Don’t use any such spray or product that contains hydrogen peroxide or bleach, abrasives, aerosol spray, or all-purpose/regular sprays/cleaners, as they might work against the expectations and damage the screen. In fact, the screen of your MacBook can get broken.


1. Repeating The Essential Steps: To go for this, here also you need to follow the first two steps listed under Method: A.


2. Use LCD-specific or Plasma-specific Wipes: Make your MacBook’s screen free from dust, dirt, and bacteria (and micro bacteria which are hard to locate with bare eyes), using LCD-specific or LCD screen-specific wipes in clockwise and anticlockwise rotations. You can consider opting for Apple’s Polishing Cloth which, as per the company, is compatible with all of its devices.

How To Clean MacBook Screen: Your Absolute Guide
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Tip: These wipes don’t require to be soaked in anything as they already contain the solution. So simply take them out and get the job done.

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Apple suggests that Clorox Disinfecting Wipes or wipes with 70 percent isopropyl alcohol or 75 percent ethyl alcohol can be used on a MacBook’s screen to rub it and expunge the unwanted dust and bacteria. But any product (sprays, solutions, or wipes) containing hydrogen peroxide, bleach, or aerosol sprays must not be utilized for the same purpose.


So you must be giving a thought to getting started on one of the four ways listed above on how to clean MacBook screen, but don’t get going without reading the below-listed points:

  • Be certain of turning the device off completely and make sure no other supplementary item is attached to the MacBook.
  • Avoid using sprays or water in excess. Overusing these things can damage the screen and the system as the water or sprays might get into the system through openings at the bottom and sides and affect the functioning adversely.
  • While you are rubbing the cloth on the Mac screen, always hold the hold on to the screen at the extreme upper end or extreme lower end from sideways. Why? Because clutching it otherwise might leave spots or smudges on it as you clean it, which means all your efforts would go in vain.
  • Any product (sprays, solutions, or wipes) that contain hydrogen peroxide or bleach or aerosol sprays must not be utilized for screen cleaning as Apple clearly states that the screen of its MacBook is built using several materials that require special precautions, and such products are not good to be used on them.
  • Apple makes it clear that if by any chance any liquid or moisture (from sprays) makes a way into the Apple product, the damage wouldn’t be covered under any protection plan or warranty plan from the company. Nevertheless, one can make a visit to the nearby Apple Store or get in touch with any authorized service provider.
  • It is not at all advisable to use water or any spray or solution directly on the Mac screen because it can certainly harm the device and hinder its functioning.

This was all about how to clean MacBook screen. Comment and let me know which method did work best for you.

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