How To Collect Honey In Minecraft: The Best Plans

How To Collect Honey In Minecraft: The Best Plans

The Mojang Studios development, Minecraft is a famed and much-celebrated game nowadays. The game has been out for 10 years now, and still, it is captivating the attention of millions of new players regularly. More than 230 million copies of the game are sold till date, and the number is increasing daily. This game’s customized gaming modes and regular updates are the top reasons for its massive success rate that made it title holder of the “greatest video game of all times.”

Minecraft is a multi-player, block-building, Java Edition game under the tag of Microsoft and is available for purchase on Windows and Xbox. The game became more interesting after the addition of ‘Honey.’ In its upgraded version 1.15, Minecraft added a number of new elements to the game- beehives, honey, bee nests, honeycombs, and honey glass bottles. Give this article a read if you want to know how to collect honey in Minecraft.

How To Collect Honey In Minecraft: The Best Plans
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Honey is a crucial element of Minecraft after its 1.15 upgrade. Before we proceed further to collecting honey, let’s know about the uses of honey in this game.

  • Honey is required for continuous survival in the game. This reason is enough alone to mark the essence of honey in Minecraft. Read further as there are a few more reasons for you to collect honey.
  • It is required to stock up the food metre.
  • It reduces the percentage of harm caused due to falls in the honey syrup by 20%. Well, very much saved!
  • It also diminishes the effect of poison.
  • You can make sugar by using honey bottles.
  • It helps lower the speed of the mobs in the game by forming honey blocks.



You can easily harvest the honey from bee nests using an empty bottle provided that the bees have hoarded enough pollen on that nest (usually five lots) because only then would the nest be set to harvest. One noteworthy thing here is that bee nests only get spawned in certain biomes, that too only in birch and oak trees. Now, how would you know which nest is ready to harvest? Very simple! The experienced players would already know that when a nest changes to a golden colour and a few drops of honey fall out of that nest, it is a sign that the nest is all set to be harvested.

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How To Collect Honey In Minecraft: The Best Plans
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Don’t worry, this is not the only way to collect honey. In fact, this article lists several other methods on how to collect honey in Minecraft


This is pretty much obvious that without beehives, one can not get honey. You need to find as many beehives as you can in the game as beehives are a major source of honey in Minecraft, but the player is at risk of being poisoned by the bee-stung if the bees feel infuriated. Generally, Minecraft bees are fair-minded mobs and get infuriated in the following cases:

  • If the player attacks a nearby bee.
  • If the player wrecks a beehive or bee nest.
  • If the player starts the extraction process without lighting the campfire under the beehive or bee nest.

Here’s the tip in case you get stung by a bee, run away from the bee as fast as a flash of thunder lightning, and the bee will stop chasing you after 25 seconds. Quite simple. Isn’t it?

But what to do if you can’t find an opportunity to run? No worries! There’s a way you can safeguard yourself against this situation. The best way to collect honey from a beehive is to light up a campfire below the beehive. To do this, just insert three logs in the row at the bottom and coal right in the mid. Now place three sticks (1 above, 1 on the right side and another on the left side) of the coal. This will ensure that the player can safely hold the honey bottle under the beehive and collect the honey.


Minecraft also provides the players with the liberty of creating artificial beehives near the house as a handy source for acquiring honey. This can be done by joining 6 wooden planks (3 in the top-most row and 3 in the bottom row of the crafting grid) and 3 honeycombs (laid down in the middle of the crafting grid rows).

How To Collect Honey In Minecraft: The Best Plans
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The task doesn’t come to an end here. After successfully creating the beehive, the player needs to assemble the flowers and bushes near the beehive and finally relocate the bees (which they collected earlier) and make them breed to spawn a number of new bees that can help you throughout your challenges in the game. These bees will keep up the good work of producing ‘honey’- your saviour element in the game.

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Just so you know, you can collect honeycombs in place of honey through Shears. The campfire must be placed at most 5 blocks below the beehive; otherwise, it’ll turn the situation upside down for the player.


Now that you know how to collect honey in Minecraft, some of you might be wondering what’s the difference between a beehive and a bee nest. Whilst both beehive and bee nests serve the same purpose, the only key difference between the two is that the former can also be created by the player, whereas the latter is spawned automatically in the game.

How To Collect Honey In Minecraft: The Best Plans
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Also, both the beehives and bee nests look slightly different. The wooden boxes with strikes kind of horizontal lines on them are bee nests. On the other hand, the boxes with brick cubicles on them are beehives.


Way to go! Because now you know how to collect honey in Minecraft, you can ace the game like a pro. But it is also important to know that empty glass bottles are very much needed to collect honey. These bottles can be found in the game or created by the player as well.

Minecraft is one of the most played games nowadays, which offers several biomes with add-on features that keep the players pinned to it. While to counter the attack of the enemies, the player has to have speed in creating weapons; the honey backs up the player by saving him/her in several scenarios. To enjoy the benefits of this saving potion-honey, the player has to do some tough grind. But when we look upon the usefulness of this valuable substance, it is worth every effort and cooperation with bees.


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