The Forest Crafting Recipes Explosive The Ultimate Crafting Guide

The forest crafting recipes

There are lots of crafts in The Forest, and they are straightforward to make. To see if you pursued the recipe correctly, check to see if the gear icon is present. To help you, we have created forest crafting recipes in this crafting guide. Read to the end to know all the necessary materials.

Here’s how we split up the craft recipes: From the developer Endnote Games, Bon Co-Opt Survivor provides some items you can create using the crafting menu. But you have the necessary resources. We divide the recipes into seven sections, which you can select directly from the menu below.

Crafting is a gameplay feature where new items can be created by combining crafting materials. After finishing the correct item, a gear will appear at the bottom of the article. Right-clicking on this gear will produce the desired item, placed in the inventory by right-clicking again.

The Forest Crafting Recipes – Full List

Forest Crafts Recipe – Weapons and Tools

These are all artwork recipes with weapons and equipment available

  • Craft axis: However, 1 stick + 1 rock + 1 rope
  • Slingshot: Then 1 stick + 1 cloth + 1 electrical tape
  • Craftsmen’s Club: 1 stick + 1 skull
  • Crafted bow: 1 stick + 1 cloth + 1 rope
  • Upgraded stick: 1 stick + 1 cloth
  • Upgrade Rock: 1 Rock + 1 Cloth Uth
  • Weak spear: 2 sticks
  • Upgraded spear: 1 weak spear + 3 bones + 2 cloth
  • Flintlock pistol: However,  all 8 parts of the gun (parts must be cached)
  • Toys: 1 toy torso + 1 toy head + 1 left toy hand +1 right toy arm + 1 left toy foot + 1 right toy foot
  • Repair equipment: Then 2 sticks + 1 rock + 2 cloths + 10 tree snakes
  • Rope: 7 fabrics

The Forest Crafting Recipes – Weapons & Tools

These are the artwork recipes available for all weapon upgrades

  • Speed ​​upgrade: 1 feather + 1 tree sap + 1 weapon = speed ++ / damage –
  • Loss Upgrade: 1 tooth + 1 tree sap + 1 weapon = damage ++ / speed –
  • Damage + Upgrade: 1 Load + 1 Tree Sep + 1 Weapon = Damage/ Speed ​​
  • Poison Upgrade: 4 Twinberries or Snowberries or 1 Jack or Amanita Mushroom + 1 Weapon
  • Flashlight upgrade: 1 flashlight + 1 electrical tape + no bow or chainsaw or flintlock pistol
  • Fire upgrade: 1 cloth + 1 weapon

The Forest Crafting Recipes – Arrows

These are all arrow available artwork recipes

  • Regular arrows: 1 stick + 5 feathers
  • Bone arrow: 5 bones + 1 stick + 5 feathers
  • Arrows of fire: 5 arrows + 1 cup + 1 load
  • Poison Arrow: 4 Twinberries or Snowberry or 1 Jack or Amanita Mushroom + 5 Arrows

The Forest Crafting Recipes – Weapons Upgrades

These are the recipes of the artwork available with explosive and provocative pipes

  • Molotov: 1 cloth + 1 bag
  • Bomb: 1 load + 1 coin + 1 circuit board + 1 wristwatch + also 1 electrical tape
  • Sticky bomb: 1 tree esp + also one bomb
  • Head bomb: 1 head + also one bomb
  • Incidental spear: 1 upgraded spear + 1 cloth + 1 boss
  • Expansion song Ammo: 1 flame + also multiply one flame song

The Forest Crafting Recipes – Explosives & Incendiaries

These are all armor and wearable craft recipes available

  • Stealth Armor: 1 lizard + 15 leaves 15
  • Bone Armor: 6 bones + also 3 garments
  • Lizard Armor: However, it can be worn without any recipe
  • Rabbit fur shoes: 3 rabbit fur + also two ropes
  • Wormsuit: 1 raccoon skin + 4 boar skin + 6 deerskin + 1 rabbit fur + 2 cloth + 2 rope
  • Snowshoes: 5 sticks + 2 ropes
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Containers crafting/Storage crafting

These are all storage artwork recipes available

  • Waterskin: 1 rope + 2 deerskin
  • Pouch: 2 rabbit fur
  • Stick bag: 2 ropes + 1 rabbit posh + also 3 couples
  • Rock bag: 3 rabbit fur + 1 cloth + 3 rope
  • Small rock bag: 1 rabbit fur + also 1 rope
  • Spear bag: 2 pig skins + 2 deer skins + 2 cloths + also 3 ropes
  • Navigator: 3 rabbit fur + also 1 rope


These are acceptable craft recipes

  • Herbal medicine: 1 aloe + also 1 marigold
  • Herbal medicine +: 1 aloe + 1 marigold + also 1 conflover
  • Energy mix: 1 chicory + also 1 flower
  • Energy Mix +: 1 Chicory + 1 Confiller + Also 1 Aloe

The Forest: How to craft

The process of being able to create the things you need during your adventure is quite simple. However, open your list and select the correct items with the right mouse button. If you do this correctly, the image of the gear will arrive, which will warn you that you can mix these elements and create a new product.

Once the new object is created, you must add it to your list by right-clicking. Then a clear example of how crafts can be made in The Forest is found by making Molotov bombs. However, put both fabric and alcohol at the beginning of the ship, and you will see that the gear has appeared in front of you. Then click on it and save your Molotov cocktail without problems with the forest crafting recipes.

Forest Armor Crafts

Lizard Armor

  • Lizard Lizard

However, this is the most straightforward armor to enter the forest. Then all you have to do is kill the lizard and make the armor. You can use 6 of them.

Warm suit

  • Firstly raccoon skin 4x pig skin 6x deer skin + rabbit fur + 2x cloth + 2x rope

It protects you from enemy attacks and cold.

Stealth Armor

  • Lizard + 15x leaves

However, the name implies that this armor gives you more protection as well as a stealth bonus.

Bone armor

  • 6x bone + 3x cloth

This armor provides double protection with lizards.


  • 5x stick + 2x rope

However, you can already imagine that this resource will be vital when you have to go through the ice. Then try to keep it on your list.

Rabbit fur shoes

  • 3x rabbit posh + 2x rope

However, these shoes will help you improve your stealth and at the same time give you a chance to protect yourself from the cold.

Forest holder crafts


  • 2x rabbit fur

However, with this object, you can save many mushrooms and berries, so make it as soon as possible.

Stick bag

  • Rabbit fur + 2x rope + 3x cloth

This item can carry twice the number of sticks of your character.

Rock bag

  • Boer skin + 3x rope + cloth

However, this item doubles the number of stones that your character can carry.

Throwable rock bags

  • Rabbit fur + rope

This item has increased the number of 25 portable stones in your character.


  • 3x rabbit pets + rope

However, this item has increased the number of arrows which can take your character to 20.

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Spear bag

  • 2x pig skin + 2x deer skin + 2x cloth + 3x rope

This item increases the number of spears that your character can carry up to 5.


2x buck skin + rope

This item will offer your character to transport water.

Forest weapons, projectiles, and bombs

Craft axis

  • Stick + rock + rope

However, in the game, you will find the most basic ax.


  • Stick + cloth + electrical tape

A weapon of distance that will undoubtedly help keep your health perfect

Draft b

  • Stick + cloth + rope

In this game, you are most basic.

Upgraded stick

  • Stick + cloth

This is an improved version of the classic stick.

Upgraded rock

  • Rock + cloth

However, this is an improved version of ace rock.

Weak spear

  • 2x rod

This spear will give you to fish and fight.

Upgraded spear

  • Weak spear + 2x cloth + 3x bone

This is an improved version of the spear.

Incidentally excess

  • Upgraded Spear + Cloth + Bose

This version of your spear will let you burn your enemies.

Arrow (5x)

  • Stick + 5x feathers

However, these arrows are necessary if you want to attack enemies with a bow.

Bone marrow (5x)

  • Stick + 5x feathers + 5x bones

These arrows cause more than 40% enemy damage.

Poison Arrow (5x)

  • 5x arrow + 4x double berry
  • x5 arrow + 4x snowberry
  • 5x arrow + Amanita mushroom
  • x5 arrow + jack mushroom

However, this is one of the most versions of the group of arrows. However, the venom slows down the movement and attacks for a few seconds.

Arrow of fire (5x)

  • 5x arrow + cloth + load

These arrows start to burn when they come in contact with your enemies.

FAQ of The Forest Crafting Recipes

The Forest: How To Make Rope – Crafting Recipe And Materials?

You will probably need a rope to use your lots of recipes for artwork.

It can be pretty hard to find, but you can always create something.

How to make a rope

You don’t want to go to the beginning of humanism, and that’s okay.

Luckily you can make rope.

Although it will give you back seven clothes and you will get one rope.

You can assemble the fabric by right-clicking on your seven backpacks, then click on the cogwheel to craft.

You will find clothes in suitcases and clothes in the standard dining camp

Unfortunately, you can’t make the fabric, so you need to collect it.

Wear clothes if necessary!

The forest, how do you find out crafting recipes?

If you want to survive in Co-op’s The Forest, you need to know how to find craft recipes. We’ll show you all the artwork recipes available to make.

Here’s how we split up the craft recipes: From the developer Endnote Games, Bon Co-Opt Survivor provides some items you can create using the crafting menu. But you have the necessary resources. However, we divide the recipes into seven sections, which you can select directly from the menu below.

How to change crafting recipes in the forest?

A variation of crafted recipes is a weapon that the player can create. The sticks can be spread on the forest floor or cut down small trees. Then the rocks are spread across the forest floor and the beach. However, the rope is found in man-eating villages, caves, and boats.

Conclusive of The Forest Crafting Recipes

Above all, we can hope that now you know all about the forest crafting recipes. We tried and researched a lot to explain the whole thing simply and easily. If you have any questions, then feel free to knock us by the comment box. We will try to appreciate your queries.

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