10 Unbelievable Fallout 4 Mods for Fallout Lovers

fallout 4 mods

Fallout never let us feel down from day one to the current date. All thanks to the installments we got from the makers. However, one of the most popular Fallout installments which got devastated after the release is Fallout 4. There are so many reasons behind it, but the major ones are graphic quality, user interface, face, and skin optimization, settlers and settlements, and so on. But that is where Fallout 4 mods come and save the game from getting lost in the crowd. 

Moreover, the Fallout 4 official version has limited access which you can also extend through the mod version. So, you can enjoy the game again by using these useful mods to enhance your gaming experience.

Unbelievable Fallout 4 Mods for Fallout Lovers 

Sometimes, mod versions do not fit in the list of loyal gamers, but when it comes to your favorite game, especially games like Fallout 4. You start to look around for the best mods that can improve the in-game experience and other features. However, you don’t find the best one which can excite you. So, check the below-mentioned Fallout 4 mods which are enough to excite you from its exceptional features.

Dialogue Interface

Playing a game without knowing the dialogue is one of the disastrous parts of every game. And a game like Fallout 4 has many characters to select for battling purposes. Also, it requires them to use their in-built dialogues to express their motive. However, it was impossible until Cirosan and Shadwar made a dialogue interface mod. This mod helps to locate the speech process of a particular character and convert them into dialogues to show on the main screen.

dialogue interface
Image Credit: Eurogamer

Better Settlers

One of the most used Fallout 4 mods is better settlers. It helps the players to come out from the crowd of same-looking characters. You can use any one from the available 230+ settlers, which are made by Thom293. With the addition of new settlers, you can make your own unique NPC without worrying much about the settlements.

fallout 4 mods
Image Credit: GameModding.com

Texture Optimization

A game with bad graphics can ruin your interest, especially if that game is your favorite. Fallout 4 is one of those games which is loved by many gamers and has become their favorite game. But the bad graphics became the main reason for Fallout 4 downfall. All thanks to Torcher, who saved the game through a texture optimization mod. This mod helps to improve the graphic quite a lot. Also, it helps to enhance the detailing of the object, which looks quite amusing.

texture optimization
Image Credit: FandomSpot

Looks Menu

Every RPG-based game is incomplete without good-looking characters. And it became the primary reason for most gamers who played Fallout 4. But unfortunately, the game was released with a limited creation system. That makes the game characters look uglier than in other games. But thanks to Expired6978, who added the Looks Menu mod in the game for better face structuring of the character. You can use this mod to check the minor detailing of the character’s face and change it accordingly. The changes made to your character’s look by using Looks Menu reset, too, if you don’t like it.

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fallout 4 mods
Image Credit: Reddit


DEF_UI is one of the most useful Fallout 4 mods that can make the user interface much better than the original one. This mod works best to deal with issues of the screen being stuck or the screen breaking too. All thanks to Valdacil, who made this mod for allowing us to change or control the user interface according to our needs. Also, he added a feature to manage interface issues, especially when your character is in a fight with AI.

Image Credit: Reddit

Manufacturing Extended

Fallout 4 is a game where you can make your settlements. However, it requires manufacturing features to work well. The in-game settlements’ features are limited, making them less exciting and lively. But you can make Fallout 4 joyful again by manufacturing extended mods. This mod changes the limited quality into the unlimited feature. Also, add new options too, such as looms, conveyor belts, faction gear, fist weapons, and so on. The list is long, so you can check that by yourself after installing this mod.

manufacturing extended
Image Credit: PC Gamer

Salvage Beacons

Suppose you go to a market and buy so much stuff. Now, you cannot take them home by yourself, and you need someone who can lend you hands. That would be amazing, right? This kind of situation you experience in the gaming world, too, like Fallout 4. And there is no solution to the original game with limited salvage beacon. But thanks to salvage beacon mod, which helps to extend the limit of salvage beacons. After the break of limited features, you can ask your settlers to help you on picking up the stuff.

fallout 4 mods
Image Credit: PlayersLife

Moreover, you can create new salvage beacons and use them to fill the stuff’s container. It allows you to leave a beacon at a particular place. Then a settler tracks the location and picks up your stuff. In short, you will get this feature to use your settler for your purpose. 

Sim Settlements

Sim Settlements is generally a mod that allows you to change, create and control the settlements according to your own choice. The original version of Fallout 4 has no limit feature for settlements. But thanks to Kinggath, who made Fallout 4 players’ dreams come true. He created a mod with a vast range of settlement options, such as a particular zone for a specific purpose. You can use that zone to create your homeland, farmland, and so on. In this process, your settlers will help you too. They will do all your work on your behalf.

sim settlements
Image Credit: TechRaptor

Moreover, your main character will manage every single work, from building to furnishing a house. Generally, they will ask you whenever you play other modes too. In short, settlers get a right to work on the main characters’ behalf until the main character wants to handle that on his own. That makes Sim settlements one of the fantastic Fallout 4 mods, among others. 

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Unofficial Fallout 4 Patch

The official version of Fallout 4 has many bugs, and most of them are related to the equipment, quests, user interface, game character, and so on. All these kinds of bugs cannot be fixed only through some small patches. So, the official team from the official game has already decided to fix the limited amount of bugs in each patch. It means they will take almost a year to resolve the game completely. Until then, the game will become hectic and buggy, so that’s why an unofficial Fallout 4 patch mod has been introduced in the game.

fallout 4 mods
Image Credit: PC Gamer

The unofficial version covers most of the issues which need to be fixed. It covers mainly all those bug issues which are not included in the official version. From weapons to tasks, which consumes enormous amounts of bugs, not be a part of this mod patch version. However, it improves the in-game graphics and user interface much better than the official version.

Fallout 4 Script Extender

The last and one of the most crucial ones which can make your day is the script extender. This mod is essential to enhance the primary performance and capacity through specific coding. It means if you want to add something new to the game, get direct access. Then it would help if you used Fallout 4 script extender to write specific code to get that access.

script extender
Image Credit: PCGamesN

The script extender requires some serious work, but it is worth a try, especially for fallout lovers. You can change or alter the original or simple script into a complex script. That way, you can make your way to the official game. That is why it is counted as one of the best Fallout 4 mods for Fallout lovers. 


Fallout 4’s official version has many drawbacks, which make that game lost in the crowd, and it is one of the heartbreaking moments for Fallout lovers. But thanks to the mod creators, who made this game alive again. They introduced many valuable and essential mod features such as script extender, unofficial patch, DEF_UI, and many more. All these out-build game mods are counted as the best Fallout 4 mods. There is no doubt about how amazing these mods are. They help to boost your gaming experience 10X more than the official version. 

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