Apple iPhone SE Review: best iPhone or not?

apple iphone se

Apple brand launched its special edition Apple iPhone SE. Although its version is small enough in size with only a 4-inch screen, it has gained much popularity due to its ease of use. The phone has been able to generate a lot of demand in a brief period due to its readily available price. With only 399 flagship-level processor Bionic A13, it has become the talk of the town at first glance.

It can be said that the new version of the iPhone, Apple iPhone SE, has received a great response among iPhone lovers. So for those who want to buy a brand new iPhone on a low budget, it will be considered an excellent choice. However, the Apple brand has made many changes to its iPhone series, not much in terms of design. 

Let’s find out why iPhone SE is the best?

Why Apple iPhone SE Is The Best?

The Apple iPhone SE provides you support USB-PD fast charging (up to 18 W), as well as wireless charging (up to 8 W), so you get long-term charging in less time. If you look at Apple iPhone 8 plus review, you will understand that Apple iPhone SE has been designed in the style of the complete iPhone 8. It has a 4.7 inch HD Retina display. The pixel resolution is 1334*650, and the PPI is 326 pixels, which is similar to the collection of the iPhone 8.

The iPhone 10R has a resolution of 1892×728 pixels. If we don’t consider the difference in pixel resolution, then the display is of iPhone 10R quality. Because the PPI of the two shows is 326. The difference between the two collections is that there is not much difference in real life.

Although the Apple iPhone SE is not trendy at all in terms of design, those who want to buy a phone with an exemplary configuration in the middle of the budget will love the phone. The biggest thing is that the Apple iPhone SE has come to the market at a very affordable price. Those who have been sad for not being able to buy an iPhone for so long will now be able to purchase this phone without any hesitation due to its high price. And for those who like classic design, it is a golden opportunity.


4G LTE Cat 12 is offered as a connection to the iPhone SE; Wi-Fi A / B / G / N / AC; Bluetooth 5.0; Power port GPS with A-GPS, GLONASS, Galileo, QZSS; NFC (Apple Pay only).


  • Apple iPhone SE Price in Bangladesh
  • 64GB Internal Storage – $399 (BDT 33,900)
  • 128 GB internal storage – $449 (BDT 38,150)
  • 256 GB Internal Storage – $549 (BDT 47,650)
  • Apple iPhone SE (2020) Specification


The phone uses a 4.6-inch Retina IPS LCD. Its resolution is 650 * 1334 pixels, and its ratio is 18: 9. Its screen to body ratio is 75.4%.


It uses a 2.75 GHz Hexacore Apple A13 bionic processor. It has Apple 4 core graphics as its GPU.

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64 GB internal storage

128 GB internal storage

256 GB internal storage


Apple iPhone SE has a 12-megapixel f / 1.6 wide aperture as the primary camera. There is a dual-LED flash. With which up to 4k video can be recorded at a maximum of 60 fps. The camera will get many benefits as a result of using the new processor. Its camera can take high-quality HDR pictures. Apple has also used a machine learning feature called “monocular depth-sensing” to take portraits. Which we got in the first three phones of Google Pixel. There is a cinematic feature to stabilize the video. The camera hardware is exactly like the iPhone 8.

However, there are some differences in the features. The iPhone 8 did not have a portrait mood, which has been added to Apple iPhone SE. As the budget goes, the camera is not going to be wrong. I haven’t used the new Apple iPhone SE, yet so I’m not commenting on the camera. However, it can be said that camera users do not have to be so frustrated as a budget. There is an 8 (f / 2.2) megapixel camera for taking selfies. It also has a portrait mode. It can be video at 1080 pixels.

Battery and iOS

Apple iPhone SE battery supports fast-charging up to 16 watts. However, a 5-watt charger will be given in the box. Apple never provides information about the milliamperes of the phone’s battery at its press events or on its official website. But it says how many hours or what% backup will be available from other iPhones.

So it has been in the case of Apple iPhone SE. Apple says the new SEO is capable of providing backup benefits just like the iPhone 7. 13 hours of video playback, 40 hours of audio playback. If you charge the battery using a 16-watt charger, it will take 30 minutes to charge from 0-50%. It has wireless charging. IOS 13 has been used as its operating system.

Processor and performance

The new Apple iPhone SE phone has the A13 bionic chip of the third generation neural engine. Apple has a 4 core GPU to provide graphics. Yes, this is Apple’s most powerful processor. The processor that has been used in Apple’s iPhone 11 Max Pro phone. This processor is a very good deal for a phone priced at only 399 US dollars or 35 thousand rupees.

This processor has been used in all the phones of iPhone 11 series that came in the market in 2019. IPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, iPhone 11 Pro Max.

For the last 3 months I have been using the iPhone 11 with A13 chipset as my primary device. I have no complaints about the performance, but in a word, the level of flagship. From Ludu Star to Pubgi, Call of Duty games can be played regularly. You will not see any slow or frame drop. It’s normal to get a little hot when playing long drawn games. Since it has the same processor, it can be assumed that the same performance will be found in the new Apple iPhone SE device.

Those who were thinking of not buying the phone for design may want to consider buying it for performance.


It has Touch ID. Although the phone is only 399, it is IP6 certified.

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The phone will be available in white, black and red.

Why should you buy a Apple iPhone SE?

This is actually a million dollar question. Should you actually buy the device? If you need a sophisticated design or a smartphone with quite a nice performance enrichment within a budget excluding large displays then the new Apple iPhone SE will be able to satisfy you enough. For those who feel comfortable using a small screen phone or want to use a phone in one hand, Apple iPhone SE is the right choice.

However, due to its small size, you can easily carry the Apple iPhone SE in your pocket. It will also be easy to put in and out of the pocket. Phones with displays of 5 inches or larger are a bit of a hassle to carry in a handbag or pocket. Although the Apple iPhone SE is a new model iPhone, it is basically a smaller version of the iPhone 8 plus. Because like the iPhone 8plus, it has a 12-megapixel rear camera, live photos, Touch ID and a powerful A9 chip. The Apple iPhone SE with 16 GB storage is priced at $399. Compared to other iPhones, the price of Apple iPhone SE is starting at 250 less. You can buy.

However, no new features have been added to the new model Apple iPhone SE. The new iPhone has the same features as the rest of the iPhones. The new iPhone has the same processor and camera as the iPhone 5S and 6S. I would advise those who want something new in terms of large display and design not to buy this iPhone.


  1. Easy to use with one hand
  2. Easy to carry
  3. Small size iPhone 6S
  4. Relatively less expensive
  5. Design



  1. Small screen
  2. No 3D touch
  3. Only 16 GB storage
  4. Poor Battery life
  5. Old designs
  6. No new features



  1. Is the iPhone SE worth buying in 2020?

Already, Apple’s brand new version of the iPhone SE has been hailed as the best-selling product of 2020 for its A13 processor, iOS system and 4.7-inch screen. But, If you prefer an easy-to-use mobile with a classic design, this is the best choice for you. And if you are thinking of buying a mobile phone for playing games, long battery life and taking pictures in low light, I would recommend not buying this version of iPhone SE. But considering the price, it is definitely a good phone within a low budget.

  1. Is iPhone SE still good?

Although the iPhone SE is not as advanced as the flagship phone, but it is a good phone according to the needs of the buyers. Its camera has not been updated as much as the previous series of iPhone, its image quality is not so good in low light. One of the obvious flaws is that its display is not very bright. And at the end of the day you will be disappointed with its battery life. However, due to the budget friendly, it is still a good enough iPhone for many iPhone users.

How long will iPhone SE last?

Apple usually makes their iPhone series last for 4-5 years. Then they stopped selling that series. The app has been releasing new versions of their iPhone series every year. But theoretically iPhone SE will support up to iOS 16 or 17. 

Is there a new iPhone SE coming out in 2020?

Apple will probably not release any updated OS for this before releasing two more versions.


But, This was today’s article about the review of Apple iPhone SE. I will appear again later with a detailed new article about another iPhone.

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