ThePhotoStick- The ultimate backup device for your precious memories


Backing up photos and videos cannot get any easier and more effective than what ThePhotoStick has to offer.

What is ThePhotoStick?

ThePhotoStick is a storage device that resembles a pen drive or a thumb drive. It contains a built-in software that searches through all the files and folders in the user’s computer, finds all photos and videos on the computer, and backs them up on ThePhotoStick. This way, the user has a dedicated device to back up all his photos so that none of them gets lost in case the computer crashes due to some reason or the other.

How to use a ThePhotoStick?

The USB of this device is its efficient simplicity. Honestly, backing up photos and videos does not get much easier than this. In order to use the ThePhotoStick, all the user needs to do is to plug in the device to the computer’s USB port, and when the pop-up window arises, he just needs to click on the ‘GO’ button. That is all he needs to do. Clicking the ‘GO’ button gives the software embedded within the device the permission to access the hard drive of the computer. Then, it identifies the photos and videos and backs them up in the memory of the ThePhotoStick.

What are the benefits of using a ThePhotoStick?

ThePhotoStick works perfectly well with a computer of any configuration, The Photo Stick back up to all the photos and videos that roll back happy memories for the user. 

The importance of ThePhotoStick in the modern day is immense, taking into account the fact that every single computer user is vulnerable to accidental data loss at all points of time. The Photo Stick ensures that none of the important photos and videos get accidentally erased from the memory. It analyzes the storage and helps in deleting duplicate photos and videos as well. You can back-up your files every week within a matter of seconds.

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using a ThePhotoStick

Where to get thephotostick?

ThePhotoStick is available on Amazon as well on the official website. You can check the availability of the variant you want to buy on either of the platforms, compare the prices, and then buy.

What are the available variants of PhotoStick?

ThePhotoStick is available in three variants, each with a different memory capacity but the same implementation process.

The device is available with an 8GB memory capacity, which is capable of storing 3,500 photos and videos without crashing and costs only a mere $34.99. 

The variant with 64GB memory space can store 30,000 photos and videos. In 64GB is available at a very affordable price of $49.99.

The most popular variant and the one with the most storage capacity is ThePhotoStick 128GB. It is capable of storing almost 60,000 photos and videos. Available only at $79.99, it lets the user treasure all his invaluable memories without burning a hole through his pocket.

Note: The figures for the numbers of photos and videos that can be stored in a PhotoStick vary based on the size of files. Read more reviews about the photo stick on facebook at

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