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stop code memory management

If you have had instances where your computer shows a blue screen and it says error, then you know how bad the feeling is. There are many causes or kinds of stuff that stop code memory management can result in your computer having a blue screen, but this is a problem you can solve on your own or look for a technician. I first had this problem after a few months of buying my first laptop, and I did not know how to get along, and I was still new to computers. The first thing I did was to call a friend of mine whom I did believe knew about computers through the way he talked, but all his talk was cheap. So, since I needed my laptop back for work, I had to figure out on my own how to fix the blue screen. Therefore, the only place that I could get the help I needed was searching on the internet. The first thing I did was to find out what causes the blue screen.


Several things cause stop code memory management. The first common reason why they do occur is as a result of a computer hardware issue or the hardware driver software. A hardware driver in a computer is something integral as a computer is made of both software and hardware. When hardware stops working right, there is a high chance that you can run into an issue where a blue screen comes. Stop code memory management does not usually occur as a result of an application crushing as many people think. When an app crashes, it does not usually take the operating system out of it; therefore, no chance of a breakdown. 

I also discovered that the stop code memory management could occur when a computer is running on a low-level software. The Windows kernel often requires stable software to operate in, and if the software is of low level, then there is a high chance that a blue screen can occur. If Windows encounters a STOP Error, the OS will then crash, making the Windows to stop working and it will crash. 

When Windows crashes or stops working, it will then restart the PC, which is the only thing it can do to try to amend the PC. However, when the computer restarts, there is a high chance of data loss as most programs will not have saved their open data. This restart will end up in a bluescreen of death. When the Windows is crushing, it will automatically create a ‘minidump’ which is a bin that contains all the information concerning the crush. The bin is saved on your disk, and you can access it to determine what has caused the crash from happening and see how to resolve it. Different versions of windows display the stop code memory management differently. 

Once you identify the root cause of the blue screen, you can apply different ways to solve the problem.



Before doing anything that is causing a problem is identifying why there is a problem. To determine the problems that are causing the blue screen, you will access the Action Center. Click the Control Panel and then system to access the Action Center. Here you will see the Maintenance section where you can check for solutions to your PC. The Windows will itself try to perform the automatic troubleshooting but which can work or fail at times. At the minidump section, you will get the reason why the error is happening, and doing a quick search can yield some good results or sometimes not.


System Restore is another way of fixing the stop code memory management error that can occur. System Restore is an impressive feature in Windows as it can help in fixing a lot of problems that occur in your PC. I will highlight for you the steps you can take to set up the System Restore in case you ran into issues concerning a crash. In a computer, a crash occurs when you either install a bad piece of software or a driver gets broken.

This kind of crashes is often hard to fix, and this is where the System Restore plays a considerable role. System Restore gives you the opportunity of restoring the Windows to the last working state. Therefore, this process can help a lot in fixing the stop code memory management. The System Restore works is by making a point of restoration every time, and this is snapshots of your Windows. The snapshots can include drivers and Windows files.

You can decide to make a point of restoration in your PC, but Windows automatically does that for you once a week. Also, before major events like installing a new device, a system restore usually happens. Therefore, when a stop code memory management crash occurs, you can point out the recent restore point you want, and it can help to fix the problem. It will take back the system settings files, drivers back to the earlier working state. Apps or programs are the primary reason for a stop code management, and the System Restore can be useful in undoing the damage they do cause.


If you try using System Restore and it doesn’t work, I would suggest you scan for malware to fix the problem. Malware can be a reason why you get the stop code memory management error. The malware can get deep into the Windows kernel and cause the kernel to be unstable, resulting in a crash. If you happen to find the problem is a kind of malware that is causing the blue screen, you need to perform a scan to fix that. You will need to download and run a scan with an antimalware tool.

However, you may run into some stubborn malware that can be so difficult to get rid of, so you will need a to use safe mode. What you will do is boot your Windows in safe mode as this will prevent the loading of normal startup applications. You can then run the antimalware you have to scan within safe mode to help remove the malware if you are lucky. If it doesn’t work, you can then use a bootable antivirus tool, which will boot into a clean environment entirely outside of Windows. The good thing about this is that it will be able to find and remove malware that you cannot see or remove from Windows itself. 


We did earlier state that a stop code memory management error can result from malfunction hardware. Therefore, it’s ideal that you check for any hardware problems that can be on your PC to see if that is the problem. There are several ways in which you can check you for hardware problems o your PC. First, you need to check your computer’s memory using the Vista Memory Diagnostics tool. This is a free Windows tool, and it does a good job and saves you some bucks too. You can type in memory is the start menu and select the first option that is the Memory Diagnostics Tool.

When you do click on, there will be a dialog that will pop up, asking you if you want to reboot and check for problems on your PC. The PC will then reboot to the memory diagnostics utility, and it can help in checking for some issues. The other way is to check if there is overheating in your PC as this can cause the failure of some hardware hence the stop memory management.  To fix overheating, you will first have to find out the airflow and the heat source. You can blow out the vents to ensure dust does not block them. Also, check on your battery as this can result in giving less power to the hardware in the PC, and this kind of shortage can cause stop code memory management error.


Your computer can sometimes be persistently showing blue screen errors every time that you turn it on. The other way that you can solve this problem is by booting your computer in a safe mode. Booting in safe mode means that your computer will only be loading the essential drivers. To boot in safe mode, you will need to hit the F8 key when your computer is starting up, and you will see an option of safe mode. If you did install a driver earlier and there is a high chance that that is the driver causing the problem, then it will not be booting in safe mode. Therefore, booting in this mode can help you in fixing the stop code memory management issue that you encounter.


This is the last step that I would highly recommend if you have not had any success with fixing the stop code memory management. If your Windows kernel is the one with an issue, then you will need to replace it entirely. Reinstalling Windows will ensure that all the software is removed, and you install fresh ones when you install a new Windows. Resetting a PC is easy, and it’s one way of taking your PC back to its factory setting. However, there is a high chance this cannot work because when you get a PC from the factory, it usually has some software installed. This can be annoying software or bloatware that can persistently cause the blue screen to happen again.

Therefore, you have to decide whether you will remain with the junk software or bloatware or do a fresh install. Installing Windows completely anew is the only way that you can be sure what causes the stop code memory management. You will need to create a bootable USB or a DVD by downloading a media creation tool from Microsoft. Once the bootable medium is downloaded and ready, you can go ahead and start installing the new Windows on your computer. If the problem persists after installing the latest Windows, then the problem is not the software, rather the hardware, and you will need to change that. These are the several steps that you need to take to fix the stop code memory management error or the blue screen. One of the mentioned processes can help in solving the problem that can affect your computer at any time.


To conclude, we have highlighted the several routes that you can take to fix the stop code memory management error. We did also discuss the reasons why this error can occur on your computer. If you follow the above routes, then you can easily fix your PC and be able to manage future occurrences. 


What does the blue screen mean?

The blue screen refers to an issue that can occur as a result of a software or hardware failure on your computer.  If your Windows kernel is running into some problems, there is a high chance that your PC can have a blue screen. Also, installing some drivers into your computer system can be the cause of the blue screen happening.

How do you fix the blue screen?

You can fix the blue screen by either troubleshooting your computer, which can restart and fix the problem. However, this may not work in some cases, and you will need to use other measures like checking your computer hardware and even reinstalling your Windows. Reinstalling Windows will remove all the bad software that is causing the blue screen and thus fixing the problem.

Is a blue screen of death a bad thing?

Well, this is not a bad thing as it can be fixed, but you need to note that your computer did detect some harmful stuff in the system. When a computer detects a bad symptom on the PC, it will cause a blue screen of death.  


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