Small Form Factor PC- Everything You Need to Know Explained in Details

Small Form Factor PC

Ready-made PC’s are always expensive to buy. Although, if you plan to build a PC on your own, it would cost less. Still, you have spent a lot of money on getting a desktop computer. Not to mention how much space will be Small Form Factor PC occupied by a PC. Luckily, we have an alternative to such a situation. A mini PC for gaming can solve the problem. 

If you are planning to purchase a PC, then Mini PC should be on your bucket list. Nowadays, we can see a small PC is coming out with insane pricing. They will cost a fraction of cost as compared to other conventional expensive computers. You wouldn’t need much space to set it up. Today, we will guide you about some of the best small form factor PC’s and details about it. 

If you live in a small place, these small PCs will save your space. Moreover, you don’t have to compromise anything as compared to the traditional PC. Nowadays, big companies are investing heavily in small form factor PCs to make these PC better.

What is a Small Form Factor PC?

A small form factor (SFF) gaming PC or mini gaming PC is a computer designed to take up less space. Recently developers and manufacturers continue to make high-end form factor PC.

The popularity and availability of mini PCs started to grow eventually.

Small form PC gives clear advantages. Notably better portability for your LAN parties and more flexible placement in places that a traditional system unit cannot reach. For a long time, however, experimenting with small form factor PCs meant a loss in gaming performance or functionality due to its compact size. The situation has changed over the past few years. Now full PC gaming is available in a small package.

What exactly defines a small form factor PC?

There is no universally agreed-upon definition, but given that a standard ATX desktop system unit typically has a volume of 40-45 liters (a group often used about case volume). Many believe that about half of this figure is 25 liters or less – qualifies as a small form factor.

However, you define small form factor; there is a wealth of information about assemblies within this unique form factor. Consider the following aspects when planning your build.

In short, small form factor PC is the mini version desktop. These are small in size yet as effective as PC. You can get a small pc with an insane amount of specifications. You don’t have to compromise anything.

Build your Small Form Factor PC for gaming!

If you are looking to build your small form factor gaming PC, then know that there are more options today than ever. Many systems up to 25 liters can now use the same components as standard mid-tower, which doubles in size.

However, building your own small form factor PC presents other challenges than working with a standard ATX mid-tower case. The basic principles for building a full-size gaming PC and a small form factor PC are about the same. Still, in the latter case, you have less space at your disposal, which can complicate steps such as selecting components, installing, choosing a cooling system, and routing cables.

To simplify this process, we’ll take a look at each component separately and touch on some of the things to consider when building your small form factor PC.

Previously, small form factor PC were rare and hard to built. But now, you don’t have any such problems—all the components of small pc available to the local shops.



It comes into our number one picking list. Intel NUC6I7KYK is equipped with Core i7 6770HQ highly powerful processor. It gives plenty of RAM and disk space. This monster device will cope up with any influential games without any problem. Perhaps, you have to make a few compromises with your graphics settings. To me, it is one of the best compact small computer devices. Iris Pro graphics chipset gives an extra boost to its performance. You can watch 4K videos with any lag. Additionally, It also supports output via HDMI (Display Port)

HP ELITE SLICE Small Form Factor PC

It comes into our second recommendation due to its compactness. It costs less and offers high-end specifications. One of the exciting parts, you can change it’s parts and upgrade it over time. It would give you a lot extra like a wireless phone charger and optical drive. It can handle day to day tasks like a breeze. Moreover, this device can handle some coolest games available on PC. 

Additionally, Elice Slice gives the option to add much additional hardware. It comes with 1TB hard drives by default and 128GB SSD. It is equipped with 16GB Ram and Irish pro graphics card. Processor powered by Intel Core i5. It allows you to increase your ram up to 30GB. 


MINIX NEO N42C-4 computer can be use used as a gaming device. But you have to remember, and it may not run some latest games on ultra frame rate. It also comes with functional specifications. It supports network up to 5GHz, thanks to its dual-band blade antenna. By default, it runs on the Windows 10 operating system. It can handle 4K videos with any issues.  


Trust me, this tiny PC support VR technology. It means you can experience VR videos with Oculus Rift. In recent times, we heard a lot of buzz regarding this small PC. It because it has some cool hardware that keeps a check over thermal control. 

You can upgrade this small PC with Intel processors like Core i3, Core i5, or Core i7. You would get 1TB internal storage along with 4GB DD4 Ram capacity. It has built-in Intel Graphics 650 Chipset, and it runs 4K videos and VR seamlessly. 

ASUS chromebox 2

The ASUS Chromebox 2 is certainly not designed for demanding to the game, but that’s because it runs on Chrome OS, which means you’ll still be able to download some pretty apps and games. And thanks to the integration with Android, this mini PC can even download many games for mobile platforms.

The computer has pretty impressive hardware for a Chrome OS-based platform. The PC contains an Intel Celeron 3215U processor, 2GB of RAM, and a 16GB SSD. You have to connect to the monitor, and you’re good to go.

LENOVO IdeaCentre 310S

A compact yet straightforward PC to get your job done. Lenovo IdeaCentre 310s offers an elegant design. Unlike other devices, It powered by AMD A9 9430 CPU along with AMD R5 graphics card. Hard Drive capacity is up to 1TB and RAM of 4GB. You can say, not the excited small pc reviewed here. But it would meet all of the demand. It can take the pressure of some occasional gaming. If you aren’t a heavy gamer, it would be a perfect device for you. 


Intel NUC 8 Home evolution is quite impressive. It comes across quite a long journey. It is powered by eight gen intel CPU with 4GB DDR4. For graphics, it uses AMD Radeon 540 video adopter. You can use both SSD and the hard drive inside it (Small one). It can run 4K videos and perform decently in gaming. But you can’t play the latest games, of course. It takes a tiny space around the monitor. You don’t have to worry about space hereon. 

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This model may appear to be bigger than other minimized PCs – it is 45 cm high, 49 cm long and 21 cm wide. In any case, with regards to the MSI Trident An, it should be said this is a more remarkable PC than its rivals in this section. 

Thus, it utilizes a six-center Intel Core i5-9400 related to 8 GB (expandable up to 32 GB) of RAM and a profitable Nvidia GeForce RTX 2060 video card, which will amuse gamers with high fps in every single new item and will even have the option to run games with beam following. As a little something extra, the gadget has a quick SSD for framework and games and a terabyte HDD for putting away records.


The conservative “tower” from Lenovo doesn’t occupy a lot of room on the work area. It simultaneously gives the client elite because of the AMD A9-9420e processor, 4 GB of RAM, and the AMD Radeon R5 video chip. Such a pack devours just 65 W of vitality, doesn’t warm up, and works quietly. You can disregard the games piled up with brand new impacts with the Lenovo ThinkCentre M715 Tiny. Yet, you can play the faction hits of the previous years and undemanding present-day curiosities.


The past device from MSI was an incredible gaming PC, and this one has a place with the nettop class: before you is a smaller than usual (just 11x11x4 cm) gadget that, by and by, will have the option to give you an agreeable work with records, riding the Internet and watching recordings – remembering for 4K. Furthermore, if you need to play some great games, the incorporated illustrations Intel UHD Graphics 600 will adapt to this undertaking.

ACER VERITON N4660G Small Form Factor PC

When building up the Veriton N4660G, Acer architects were motivated by the PlayStation 2 comfort plan – this minimized PC horrendously takes after a famous gaming station. Notwithstanding, its capacity is a lot higher: the gadget conveys a quad-center Intel Core i3-8100, 4GB of RAM, and Intel UHD Graphics 630, supplemented by a 1TB hard drive. This is sufficient to make a mixed media stage or a working device, and concerning games, just the most undemanding ventures will loan themselves to it.


Another genuinely large (45x49x21 cm), yet additionally an exceptionally amazing PC, which likewise flaunts a jazzy structure. MSI Infinite An is furnished with an Intel Core i5-9400 processor, 8 GB of RAM (it tends to be extended whenever wanted), and a discrete Nvidia GeForce RTX 2060 illustrations card, which can unquestionably adapt to any games at most extreme designs settings. Notwithstanding the way that the gadget loses to other scaled-down PCs as far as measurements, it is as yet littler than standard work area PC cases, and in this way, will ultimately fit into any inside.


HP engineers designed and built this small form factor PC. It can be used as both as workstation computer and a home computer. It is capable of future up-gradation. You can change its hardware and boot its power later on. It has Intel Core i5 CPU inside along with 8 GB Ram. They use Intel UHD Graphics 630 as a graphics card. SSD is used for data storage. So, your data storage experience would be better. It would face difficulty in playing some recent games. But it would done effortlessly all of your days to day tasks. 

Final Words of Small Form Factor PC:

There are many misconceptions about small form factor pc. We reviewed the best small pc to aware of small form PCs. These small factor PC’s are as powerful as traditional desktops. Many people hesitate to buy a small factor pc. Next time, you will not have any such issues.

As you already saw, there are tons of great mini gaming PCs out there. On any of them, you can play great games, as well as have fun watching, for example, video content in 4K resolution.

So, We hope after reading our full article you have got a complete guide about a small factor pc. Our blog will assist you if you are planning to buy a small form factor pc for gaming. 


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