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Gaming is taking our imagination to a whole new level, and I bet 50 years ago, no one would imagine this.  The Rise of Atlantis is a game of its kind, and it elevates our imagination and takes us to a new world that we can’t physically go. Atlantis is a fictional city that Plato did create to act as the antagonist that besieges Ancient Athens. The island is frequent in the works of Timaeus and Critias, but the attacks result in Atlantis city falling, and the city ends up getting submerged on the Atlantic Ocean. If you happen to have read the works of Plato, you will know how critical this city is, and the game the Rise of Atlantis offers you an opportunity to bring back the city. It’s no easy to raise the city as you have to embark on a journey to different countries, but the adventures are fantastic.

To raise the city, he has to travel to the land of the Mediterranean, and he will visit around seven countries in search of the powers. Once the play has the seven powers, he can now raise the city of Atlantis. It’s a pretty exciting game. But the adventure to the ancient lands is not that easy as you have to assemble several magic artifacts piece by piece. When you manage to gather the artifact in a country, the artifact is placed in Poseidon’s altar. You will now have to collect the other artifacts from the countries, and they will all be placed on the Poseidon’s Altar, and the city will rise.

The game is exciting as you get to explore the ancient land, and the game has incredible gameplay that will keep you entertained. There are over 77 levels in this whole game, and each level is full of fun. There are lots of tricks, and also there is a puzzle and a board game that you need to solve to raise the city of Atlantis successfully. Also, this game, the Rise of Atlantis, has several rules that you have to adhere to for you to complete a level and even raise the city. If you love problem-solving games and also games that give you the ability to explore, then this is the game I will highly recommend. Lots of fun and bonuses all in the game. In this article, I will guide you through some of the things about the Rise of Atlantis.


As we did state earlier, the gameplay of the Rise of Atlantis is so exciting and straightforward. The game revolves around an explorer who goes on an adventure to the ancient lands of the Mediterranean to find powers. There are seven countries that the explorer must go to; therefore, the explorer needs to get seven powers. There is a tower called the Poseidon’s Altar, which the explorer will place all the magical artifacts, and that will raise the submerged city of Atlantis. To get the magical artifacts, the player has to assemble them one by one by playing a puzzle game or a board game that will assemble the artifacts one by one. By the end of the 77 levels of the game, the player needs to have been able to get all the seven magical artifacts, and he will see the city of Atlantis rise. That’s the simple gameplay of the game the Rise of Atlantis hope you get your hands on the game and try rising the city of Atlantis.


If you are a fan of the Rise of Atlantis or you like exploring, and you want to download the game and wondering how to do so, I got you. There are several websites online that you can use to download the game easily to your PC and even for free. To first download the game, your PC should meet some system requirements, and they include; Windows XP/Vista/7, 500MHZ and a RAM of 128 MB. If your PC meets these requirements, you can then search the website I do highly recommend using this site as all the games are legal, and they do not have pirated games there. Using their search engine, you can now search the game and download it. The full version of the game is about 16.38MB, and once installed, you can now start playing the game at your PC and try your best in restoring the city of Atlantis.


To play the game, we first need to understand its rules as they will guide us in the play. Firstly, this is a Match 3 game that has puzzles as well as a quest that you have to put artifacts together to create an altar that will, in turn, raise the city of Atlantis. Therefore, for you to start playing the game, you will first need to create a player name. After creating your name, you will now have access to the main screen, which has several buttons that allow you to play the game and even customize it. In the buttons, there is a Travel button that allows you to access the map of the land that you will need to visit. There is a help button that assists you as you play the game, and the other buttons are pretty much self-explanatory.

The end goal of this game is to ensure that you get to collect all the seven magic artifacts for you to raise the city of Atlantis. The game has a board in which you have too much three puzzles for you to free up an artifact. There are seven lands that you will need to visit and play the Match 3 board game to free the magic artifacts. Once you can free up all the puzzles, you can now assemble the artifacts. These artifacts are integral to the countries you visit, and they create a powerful force once all are combined, thus raising the submerged city. 

There is a total of 77 levels that means for each land; a player has to play about ten levels of matching three puzzles. To play the game, you will need to follow these gameplay rules; Match 3 is a rule that allows you to swap adjacent tiles together to form a match of three tiles. These tiles are often the same in shape, color, and size. The other rule is Match 4, which lets you be able to put four similar tiles together. There is a rule of Artifact Assembly where before the game starts, a player is told the which artifact to assemble. The player will have to gather the artifact pieces that are scattered all over the gameplay board, thus using a match to bring the artifacts to the bottom of the board. When the required pieces get to the bottom they then automatically get put in the artifact.

The other rule to play in the Rise of Atlantis is the Bonus plays. There are four bonuses for you to play in the game, and that is the Sun, Bomb, Lightning, and Clock Power-Ups. You get the bonuses by bringing the items down to the board layout, and it will get stored to the left sidebar of the screen. These bonuses in the Rise of Atlantis are so vital as they do a lot of things.

The Sun bonus wipes out sections of the game board randomly but the majority of the sections. The Bomb bonus allows you to eliminate part of the game board. The Lightning bonus destroys the same tile on the whole gameplay board while the Clock Bonus adds more time to the clock to complete a level.



One thing that makes the game stand out is its excellent storyline and gameplay. This is an integral feature of the game as it even educates the players who have no clue about Plato’s work. The storyline is so simple yet entertaining. An explorer is set to restore the ancient city of Atlantis and therefore sets on a journey in search of seven magical artifacts. To get the powers, the play goes to the ancient lands of the Mediterranean, where he has to play a puzzle board game that allows the player to collect the artifacts. While playing the Rise of Atlantis, there is also historical information that pops up, which are so exciting as they educate the player about the fictional history of the lands. Once you play all the seven levels, you will then be able to collect all the seven magical artifacts and put them on the altar. The Poseidon Altar will help you restore the honour of the city of Atlantis, and you will be able to bring back the submerged city.


If you happen to love games that offer you a vast number of levels to play, then the Rise of Atlantis is the game to get. The game has so many levels about 77, and that means for each land, there are approximately ten levels. There are seven lands that you have to visit in the ancient Mediterranean, which allow you to collect the seven magical artifacts. Each of the levels in the game has its difficulty, which is interesting as you have to be keen to solve each puzzle for you to proceed.


The other feature of the game is the seven magical artifacts. This is a crucial piece of the game as you have to collect the seven pieces for you to be able to raise the submerged city of Atlantis. For you to get the magical artifacts, you have to match the puzzles, which will, in turn, accumulate the seven magical artifacts. Once you can accumulate the artifacts, you can then assemble them on the altar and raise the submerged city of Atlantis.


The remarkable thing about the Rise of Atlantis is the quality of graphics that the game has. The game has epic graphics which help in transforming your gaming experience. A game with excellent graphics immerses you deeply and allows you to convert how you play it entirely. For example, when you look at the game map, it displays well, and all the other elements in the game elevate how you play.


There are fantastic bonuses in the game that let you do a lot of things; for example, the Sun bonus allows you to eliminate puzzles. The Clock bonuses will enable you to have more time to finish the level you are in. The several bonuses in the game are epic, as you can use them to your advantage and be able to have a high chance of winning the game.


The other impressive feature of this game is the in-built soundtrack and the music, which elevates the game to a whole new level. If you are a severe gamer with fabulous headphones, you will get the chance to experience the game differently. When the bonuses explode, there is an excellent sound that comes out. Also, when you are embarking o a journey, there is some good music that you can spend a lot of time listening to.  


To conclude, the Rise of Atlantis is an excellent game that you need to get if you are the kind of person that loves challenging games. There are a lot of features that elevate how you play this game and take the experience to a whole new level. You get to learn a lot about the fictional history of the ancient lands and, most importantly, get to raise the lost city of Atlantis. 


What is the gameplay of the Rise of Atlantis?

The game takes you on a journey to ancient lands to find the seven powers that you will need to use to restore the city of Atlantis.

What is the use of the Clock Bonus in the Rise of Atlantis?

The Clock Bonus adds more time to the player so that he can be able to finish the level that he has started. When you don’t finish a level on time, it often forces you to repeat that level; thus, the Clock Bonus can be helpful if you get it to complete the level.

Is the Rise of Atlantis available for free?

The game is available for free, and you can download it on, which will offer you the full version.  


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