Top 10 Tips for Making a Quality Face Camera Video

Face camera video

Did you know that a lot of companies are asking their employees to work from home? You may have started to use your webcam a lot more.

Are you wondering how to create a decent face camera video? Not to worry! In this guide, we’ll go over how to set up a webcam.

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1. Don’t Forget About the Lighting

When you’re setting up your webcam space, make sure you take into account the lighting. Try to use front-facing light. The light will brighten your features and skin.

You can set up your computer in front of a window. Make sure the light is hitting your face. If you’re dialing in for a video call or taking a pic, aim for this spot.

If the light hits you from behind, it will drown out your face. You will have an unclear silhouette instead.

Most well-known videographers try to focus on lighting. Otherwise, poor light will create unflattering shadows across your face. You will look tired or unwell. If you are in a room that doesn’t have windows, place a lamp behind your computer.

2. Adjust Your Computer to Your Eye Level

A beginner’s mistake with video cams is placing your computer too low. Keep it eye level or a little higher.

Prop up your laptop with a few cookbooks or textbooks. This way, you won’t have any unflattering angles of your face.

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3. Use Concealer or Foundation

Since you will be in front of the camera a lot, try to take care of your skin. The camera can highlight oil on your face or an uneven skin tone.

Blot your face beforehand and smooth out your skin tone with makeup. Try using a tinted moisturizer. Your skin will appear more even.

4. Do a Trial Run

Prepare your webcam and consider recording yourself for a few minutes. You can call into your webcam with your phone to practice and see how you appear.

Try to remember to act as you would in person. This way, you will appear natural and comfortable during the video.

Make sure you know how the camera options work. You don’t want to turn it on by accident when you aren’t ready.

Are you still unsure about how your background or lighting looks? Consider chatting with a friend over Skype and ask them if they have any critiques.

You want to spot any problems beforehand. Ask them about how you sound, look, and if anything is distracting in the background.

5. Consider Your Background

Some rooms in your home will be a better option to conduct your meetings compared to others. Keep your background simple and clear. Don’t set up your computer to show off your art pieces or bookcases.

Try to sit in a room with a plain background. Wear solid colors and don’t wear anything off the shoulder or a sleeveless top.

6. Pick up a High-Quality Microphone

Most people will focus too much on the image of their video. You can forget how essential the audio is to your video.

People will watch an instructional recording with weak video and decent audio. They will still have an understanding of what’s getting shared.

A recording with poor sound and decent video will be difficult to comprehend. Do you plan to use the standard microphone in your laptop or webcam? Try to record a test to see how it sounds. Consider using a USB microphone.

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7. Cut out the Background Noise

What other sounds can you get rid of in your room or home? Make sure you turn off fans or any machines that will create noise.

If you worry about getting interrupted while you’re working, close the door. Place a sign on the door and make a note that you’re recording.

8. Don’t Move Too Much

If you move around a lot while you’re trying to make a video, it will become distracting to your viewers. Movement can cause the video stream to become pixelated.

You may notice a drop in the quality of the video. Stay still as much as you can while you’re recording. Try not to lean forward or backward while filming your video or during the meeting.

You could distract the viewers if you’re leaning too far back, and they will lose their attention. Leaning in too close to the camera could feel intimidating.

9. Consider Buying a New Webcam

After testing everything, are you unhappy with your webcam quality? If so, think about replacing or buying a new webcam for your computer.

Most webcams aren’t too expensive. You can get ones that will clip to your computer or laptop.

Learn how to fix your Mac camera at

10. Create a Space Dedicated to Filming

Do you use your webcam a lot? Consider setting up a room or corner that you can use all the time for when you need to meet with people or record a video.

Set all your webcam equipment around that area. Keep a professional top, basic makeup, and a brush nearby. This way, you can get prepared beforehand.

If you get sent a note before a new meeting, you won’t have to worry because everything is set up to go.

Now You Know More About Making a Face Camera Video

We hope you found this guide on making webcam videos helpful. Keep your background clear of clutter and get decent lighting for your face camera video.

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