Tft Items Cheat Sheet

tft items cheat sheet

We were getting when and for what reason to make things up in Team fight Tactics is critical to winning more reliably. Very similar to our LoL level drop, our tft items cheat sheet reduction is a team composed of a group of high-level chess players, such as the Ace of Spades and Savvy.

There are not many changes in this fix, but some of these changes have affected our level.

However, the level change is mainly due to the meta hero change rather than the buff or nerf.

tft items cheat sheet project cheat sheet 11.4

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Basic project layer list

Ideal (S grade): B.F. blade, chain vest, recurve bow, sparring gloves

Extraordinary (Grade A): Giant belt, unnecessary big stick, spatula, tears of the goddess

Excellent (Level B): Negative Spirit Cloak

Affiliate project layer list

Ideal (S-level): Thorny Vest, Holy Grail of Strength, Force of Nature, Giant Killer, Guardian Angel, Hand of Justice, Infinite Edge, Gem Gauntlet, Mercury, Quick Artillery, Lunan Hurricane, Titan Determination, Zek Herald

Unbelievable (Level A): Blue Buff, Death Blade, Dragon Claw, Duelist’s Passion, Eldwood Heirloom, Hextek Sabre, Guinsoo’s Rage Blade, The Last Whisper, Mage’s Hat, Morellonomicon, Rabadon’s Dead End, Dragon Soul, Silent Shroud, Cloak of the Sun, Excalibur, Pioneer’s Breastplate, Warlord’s Banner, Nomad’s Ghost Knife, Zephyr, Zlott Portal

Greatness (Level B): Blood Thirst, Frozen Heart, Gargoyle Slate, Ion Spark, Iron Solari’s Locket, Ruden’s Echo, Redemption, General’s Spear, Static Schiff, Thief’s Gloves, Trap Claw, Vormogg’s Armor.

Zeke’s Messenger-A to S

This thing is shocking. It may take up a B.F. sword, but every group game can use this thing. Whether you are running attack damage transmission or enchantment damage transmission, assault speed is always helpful.

Claws of the Mythical Beast-B to A

The extent of witchcraft damage in metadata is considerable, so dragon claws are handy. You can use it to make your primary tank indestructible and even use it on the central conveyor belt to protect it from damage like Aurelion Sol.

Static cover-from B to A

This thing is much like Zephyr. It disturbs the opponent. In this scenario, the ability is powerful. Even if the enemy’s project is postponed for a while, one can win around.

Sunfire Cloak – S to A

In a very early period, Sunfire stood out from other early games. With the start of another set of games, since players have not enhanced the early game tables, this matter has been stable. The nerds of Sunfire Cape make it more fragile, but it’s not the previous breakthrough game.

Monument of Iron Sunbathing – A to B

This thing is a reliable early game, but it becomes too difficult in the later game. The 3-star unit helped solve this problem, but with the reroll meta’s disappearance, Locket may also cease to exist.

Shojin’s Spear – A to B

Shojin was rock solid most of the time on Nidalee. The reward mana of the sharpshooter enables her to perform her abilities generally in battle. With Nidalee’s communication exhaustion, I can hardly see the importance of this kind of thing anymore.

East-West combination cheat sheet

In the accompanying area, you will find an analysis of the best essential things and the TFT thing plan to fuse the best TFT things. For an easy-to-understand reference, check out our TFT Items device.

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Basic item

These basic things are the best TFT project in the game. Unless you have many of these before, these are the things you should focus on when you are on a merry-go-round.

B.F. Blade

The B.F sword is an extraordinary thing inside out. It is combined with Guardian Angel and convalescence, causing great harm and practicality to the human body.

Chain vest

Shield has always brought great utility and protection to the team, and the balance of the game brings the discreet things to a decent place.

Giant’s Belt

The giant’s belt also incorporates decent S-level items. Warmog’s is also a strong early game. It tries to win a winning streak and use your different belt.

Unnecessary big shots

Unnecessarily big shots are like B.F swords because it incorporates many incredible things. It is often used in attacks and witchcraft to hurt something, making it intensely pursued.

Cloak of Undead

Negatron is like Chain Vest because it is integrated into the utility in most cases. In most cases, it is not in high demand, but it contains many tangible items that you need in many groups.

Recurve bow

Assault speed is still a very challenging thing. It is integrated into the rapid-fire cannon, which is the core of many transmission devices. It can also help units build mana faster by attacking faster. In general, this is a powerful thing, but shape or form is not critical for each combination.

Fighting gloves

Competitive gloves have achieved first-class results in the game. Like the best utility, it also incorporates the absolute best hostile content into the game.


Just because it has brought so many changes, the spatula is a shocking thing. Under the control of a decent player, it can give your team an extra boost. In any case, if you are late for something, it may become fatal under certain circumstances.

Tears of the Goddess
In essence, tearing is a breakthrough thing because it produces mana. To expand on this, it also incorporates the absolute most essential content. Usually, Tear is a powerful thing, and for some group games that require a lot of their abilities, Tear is also critical.

Franchise project tft items cheat sheet

Bloodthirsty (B.F. Sword + Negative Spirit Cloak)

This incident provided grand theft of life for those fundamental attacks. High-damage units such as Claws will flourish as their abilities develop because their hit rate can expand their elemental attack damage.

Blue light yellow (Tears of the Goddess x2)

This thing is the embrace of the new Seraphim, which is currently the only thing. Blue Buff is impressive in any group because it allows you to project faster, but for some units that rely on projection capabilities, Blue Buff is also a central issue.

Stab vest (2x chain vest)

The Thistle Vest has replaced Thornmail and will now cause AoE damage to opponents close to the customer rather than reflecting.

Cup of Power (Negatron Cloak + Tears of the Goddess)

The Power Cup currently has a significant impact, just like Zeke’s Herald, except that it gives the ability power rather than attack speed. Those combinations that are harmful to stack enchantments will add a lot of damage to your principal communication; accept that you can place them close to each other without losing their position.

Death Blade (B.F. Sword x2)

Compared with Infinity Edge, Deathblade is a good addition or choice. It has caused tremendous attack damage to any substantial attack transmission.

Wing Serpent Claw (Negatron Cloak x2)

If you encounter a small chance of witchcraft damage compensation, this is the ideal choice! At the forefront, this is an unusual thing so that they suffer much less damage from capacity.

The power of nature (Spatula x2) tft items cheat sheet

This thing allows you to place an extra unit on the site. Absolutely… that is acceptable!

Frozen Heart (Chain Vest + Tears of the Goddess)

In TFT, the assault speed is critical, which will reduce the opponent’s assault speed and can destroy the state of individual parts. If you need to ensure the bleeding edge, please take advantage of this feature. If you need help reducing their backing, place it on a bouncing unit such as Assassin, Shadow, or Infiltrator.

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Giant Killer (B.F. Blade + Recurve Bow)

Goliath Slayer is one of the few things that provide multiplicative scaling. This is unbelievable, and it turns out that it is more rooted than enemies with a high level of health.

Heavenly Messenger (B.F. Blade + Chain Vest)

The heavenly messenger is an incredible thing, to be placed on a conveyor belt or device with breakthrough capabilities. The divine messenger can almost ensure that your unit is functional, as it usually returns with maximum mana.

Guinsoo’s angry blade (unnecessary big shot + recurve bow)

This thing is in its class. The endless stacking of the super conveyor belt and AS is a formula of crushing group combination.

Hand of Justice (spraying gloves + tears of the goddess)

The Hand of Righteousness has a tremendous and incredible impact because it can provide multiple damage expansion or recovery. In many communications, this may be a decent adaptive thing.

Hextech blade (B.F. blade + unnecessary big rod)

Units like spells can make huge profits from the vampires here, but it can reduce the merchant’s most damage.

Ion spark (unnecessary big pole + gloomy electric cloak)

Ion Spark is an incredible utility placed on the cutting-edge unit. Reducing spell confrontation is valuable for all group matches, and the mana debuff can also be controlled in countless battles.

Infinite Blade (B.F. Sword + Sparring Gloves)

“Endless Blade” is the best among other attack damage in the game. It provides the holder with a 100% chance of crit and has excellent expansion capabilities in many championships.

Gem guards (spray gloves + unnecessary big rod)

Jewelry Gauntlets are incredible on many units that can be projected quickly. Spell crit can cause a massive burst of damage to your team.

The last whisper (Growler’s Gloves + Recurve Bow) tft items cheat sheet

“The Last Whisper” and “Edge of Infinity” showed a surprisingly pleasant confrontation.

Souvenir of Iron Solari (Chain Vest + Unnecessary Big Rod)

A prudent alternative, comparable to AoE comps, gives it an advantage in early games, but it can be foreseen that it will fail later.

Luden’s Echo (Tears of the Goddess + Unnecessary Staff)

If you have the number one dog that haunts frequently, Luden’s can provide an excellent early game opportunity for your injuries. Although it will roll-off, so please be prepared to roll off.

Morellonomicon (Giant Belt + Unnecessary Big Rod)

Consumption and hostility to recovery are acceptable, and almost every compensation is fair. This thing can also find a lot of compensation methods, allowing you to have an AoE caster.

Mercury (spray gloves + cloak)

Mercury is currently the only viable game technician against CC and will play a role in enemy battles.

Rabbaton’s Death Hat (Unnecessary Big Wand x2)

This is an extraordinary charm for the spellcaster, but make sure to combine it with something that allows the caster to be more accustomed to projecting. Otherwise, it will lose value, and your ideal situation will be different.

Fast artillery (anti-bow x2)

This thing brings limitless power to the champion, the short distance champion brings long-distance, and the melee champion brings excellent space. Also, it brings a considerable assault speed. You won’t miss it…Who can want more?

Sunfire Cloak (Chain Vest + Giant Belt)

Sunfire is a great early game product that can damage sleepy battles at the beginning of the game. Similarly, it is an excellent way to use protected things to varying degrees from the beginning of the game.

Reclamation (Giant Belt + Tears of the Goddess)

For the Saints Army, reclamation is incredible. If you need a unit to shoot once and then kick the bucket, “Redemption” will restore some extra health to your team at the same time.

Lunan’s Hurricane (Orthodox Cloak + Recurve Bow)

Tropical storms are the central characters of the heroes, and their automatic assaults will cause blows. This gives them the ability to hit different targets while also gaining assault speed and spell tolerance.

Cover of stationary objects (matador gloves + chain vest)

This situation may change due to the ability to refuse, but if your competitor is prepared for it, you can’t protest unfoundedly. Ready to adjust.

Shojin’s Spear (B.F. Blade + Tears of the Goddess) tft items cheat sheet

Shojin’s Lance is suitable for champions with higher mana or higher attack speed. Generally speaking, Blue Buff is a good thing, but Shojin is acceptable to a clear boss.

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