Are you fighting For How To Check Vodafone Balance?

how to check vodafone balance

You are a brand-new subscriber of Vodafone. This company is the largest telecom industry with a wealth of consumers to its services in India. Suppose, you are a new member of the Vodafone Community. This is why you are striving every moment to know how to check Vodafone balance.

Besides, even if you make calls, then you want to know how much amount you have consumed and how much amount is left. So, to reduce your stress, this post is going to solve how to check Vodafone balance. So, let’s dive into the next approach, where you will get whatever you are hunting for solving.

Know how to check the Vodafone balance of the GPRS Internet Data?

How to check Vodafone balance for the internet-world subscribers is a key task. So, this process will make you conscious of how much internet data balance you have in your account.

But knowing the amount of data in your account is a tough procedure if you don’t know how to check Vodafone balance. But, there are many blogs. As a result, there comes a good number of posts with a lot of information about how to check Vodafone balance.

But, they don’t work better. Here is given the accurate information. That makes you know how to check Vodafone balance journey ease.

 From your Vodafone number, you can dial *111*2*2# to know the internet balance you have in your account. Also, you can send an SMS by typing “Data Bal” to 144.  Both these two methods will help you know how to check Vodafone data balance information.


 check your Vodafone prepaid balance

Sometimes Vodafone offers new traffic plans for its prepaid subscribers. To know how to check Vodafone balance, and these new plans provide you with an extra opportunity. So to check your Vodafone prepaid balance,  dial *111# from your prepaid number. Then choose the option you want to have.

check your tariff plan details in Vodafone 

You are an active subscriber of Vodafone. This is why you are willing to be familiar with your tariff plan details. So, to check your tariff plan details, you can dial *111#.

With dialing *111#, you will get a list of some options, and you will follow by fixing them. Here is a  list you can see. 

  • My Delight
  • My Balance
  • Last 3 Activities
  • Tariff Plan Details
  • Vas and Services
  • Data Plan
  • Bonus Card
  • Best Offer
  • Low Balance Services
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Are you willing to check your Vodafone balance expiry date?

You want to examine your Vodafone prepaid account validity. Plus other options for your phone number. So, you can dial *111# from your prepaid number.

Do you check your Vodafone number for 2021?

If you want to check your Vodafone balance and number, you should dial *111*2# from your Vodafone sim. Besides, you will get your mobile number on the display of your phone.

 check your Vodafone call history

You can check your Vodafone call history for many reasons. But you do not know the process of how you can check your call history. So, follow this simple guide to know it.

, run the Vodafone app with your prepaid number on your cell phone. , get to the Usage section and determine the Deduction tab. At last, you will be able to embrace the call history option.

But, there is information on the Vodafone app that isn’t full. This is why complete all mobile numbers aren’t displayed in the call history.

How do you recharge your number from the Vodafone main balance?

First, you need to dial *111#. Then fix the necessary Option to activate the data pack or any other bonus card. That is in your available balance. So, to make your whole process simple, the better Option is, download the MyVodafone App. So, pick the suitable pack that is a proper match for you.

How can you get the code to check the Vodafone number?

From your phone where Vodafone Sim, you can dial *111*2# to know what your mobile number is. Thus, you will see an instant message on the mobile display, and your Vodafone mobile number is there.

The process of  checking your Vodafone usage

To check your usage, firstly, open your Vodafone app on your cell phone. Then, the rest of the internet data will be screened on the home screen if you do not personalize it. Too, you can get it by pressing on the option ‘My Usage’. My Option will be on the top left.

What is the way of  checking Vodafone postpaid bills online through the website?

Vodafone is at present operating its services to 444.65 million subscribers. At this, it is not facing any sort of problems. This way, it is providing postpaid and prepaid services with an affordable plan. Because of being a loyal subscriber of Vodafone, you simply can make a Postpaid bill check if you get to the Vodafone website.

Here are some guidelines that you can save your moments following this.

Firstly, Get to the official website of Vodafone, and the website is htttps:// Secondly, finish the log-in or sign-in procedure at the Vodafone portal. This way, get stuck with your account. Thirdly, under a similar section, you can pay sharp attention to your unused data. Finally, you can knock at the Vodafone customer care and check the postpaid bill.

How can you check Vodafone postpaid bills through App in a quick way?

In spite of having easy access to Vodafone’s website, you can also check your Vodafone postpaid balance and bill check by installing its App on your device. Now, the question you have is, How?

To make you feel free, here are some instructions that help you know how you will be able to check the Vodafone bill.

Firstly, download the Vodafone app on your device. Most importantly, this App is installed in both the Android and IOS systems. Secondly, log-in or sign-in here with your fixed Vodafone number.  Then you will notice an OTP number on the registered number.

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Thirdly, put the OTP number, and finish your registration process, and put a press on the account. Finally, under a similar category, you will notice your credit limit and current usage. In any case, this process must help you control your Vodafone postpaid bill.

Why can you download the Vodafone postpaid bill?

Storing information helps you avoid many unaccepted incidents. Those can occur at any time because we are now living in the era of information.

If you are a new subscriber of Vodafone, then you are experiencing a lot of setbacks of how to check balance when you get to download the Vodafone app. Here is a complete guideline you can follow.

Firstly, download a postpaid bill and how to check Vodafone balance with the help of App. and now, you install this on your device that can be the Android and IOS systems. Secondly, log-in here with your definite Vodafone number. Next, on the display of the App, you will notice ‘Bill History’.

Thirdly, scroll through all your updated bills, and click on the one you are willing to download. Finally, downloading the definite bill, you will get a choice to either send the invoice or to your email. Otherwise, store the bill in the form of a PDF file in order that you can not face any problem.



Want to talk to a Vodafone Customer Care Executive?

You are facing problems with how to check Vodafone balance and Vodafone services. Now, it may be painful to make a contract with Vodafone Customer Care Executive, if you don’t know the process of this communication.

For getting quick services, you can call your country’s Vodafone Customer care hotline. or can use their online chat feature. So, here we are showing you some tips to make your communication comfortable. 

Call customer service to talk to a representative over your phone

Suppose you are a dweller of India. So, then you can call +91 982 009 8200 or dial 199 from your cell phone. Otherwise, you aren’t a resident of India. This is why it will be better for you to visit the Vodafone website for your location.

Then, find out the Option of ‘Contract us’, and enter the right number depending on your area.

If you live in the UK, then call 03333 040 191 or dial 191 from your phone.

When you dwell in New Zealand, then call 0800 800 021 or dial 777 from your phone.

You reside in Qatar, then call 800 7111 or dial 111 from your phone.


Send an email to a representative of customer care if you like

You face problems, and they aren’t so serious. Then you will send an email to Vodafone customer care for services. After that, you will spend time. Because it will take time to get your desired information from a representative.

During the email, you will include all the relevant details in your message.  They are your name, cell phone number, account number. Make sure to provide a crystal-clear description of the problem you are confronting. Eventually, the final point is, send your message to [email protected].

Apply the chat service to talk to a representative online

The Vodafone website has added a chat feature. That lets you communicate with customer care representatives online by its website. For this reason, visit the support page at, and then click ‘Chat to us online’.

Particularly, you require to fill up the short form with your necessary information.  You can a brief explanation of your setbacks before connecting with a representative.

How will you find your number, balance, and account expiry date in Vodafone?

Here are some USSD Codes that must save you valuable time and increase your work activities.



Vodafone balance


Vodafone data balance


Vodafone call balance


Vodafone minutes balance


Vodafone data balance


Vodafone 2G balance


Vodafone Night GPRS balance

*111*2# or *8888# or 164

Vodafone Number (Know Own No)


Vodafone Special Tariff packs


Vodafone Data Plans Activation


Account Information Update


Activate Vodafone Value Combo


Vodafone DND


Vodafone Alerts

5525 or 54206090

Vodafone Hello Tunes


Vodafone to Vodafone Night Minutes


Night Minutes


Vodafone latest Offer


Vodafone Special Offers


Movie Masala Alerts


Usage Allowance Details


Vodafone Bonus Card


Vodafone Delights

111 or 9400024365

Final Verdict

This post is covered with a large amount of information, especially how to check Vodafone balance. This must help you remove the stress you have. If you have any questions, then feel free to hit comment to know the best answers from our expert team.

Vodafone is a leading mobile telecommunication company. It delivers voice, messaging, and data services through mobile phones and fixed networks.

Besides these, it offers cloud and hosting, internet protocol-virtual private network services. By the way, it offers roaming services, and constant communication service with tremendous sincerity and dedication.


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