Monument Valley Video Game – The Ultimate Popular Video Game

Monument Valley Video Game


Since ancient age, people have been civilizing themselves day by day. To live in this world, to civilize themselves, all the people work hard. But, as human beings, we all need refreshment after work. Preparing for the next day, you need a refreshed mind. Other than that, it becomes tough for one to concentrate on work. So then entertainment in life is a must. Nowadays, there are different entertainment sources, such as playing video games, watching movies, etc. But there is a popular game among all. What is that? Do you want to know? That is Monument Valley Video Game. To provide you the details, we are here with Monument Valley Video Game – The Ultimate Popular Video Game.

Games & Others

To know about the Monument Valley Video Game, we need to learn about the actual meaning of games first. Are you interested in learning the essential knowledge of games? Generally, we have some experience with games. Conversely, our concept of gaming is not clear enough. Are you interested to know about the ideal meaning of games? If you want to know further, then this is for you. So then, do not wait for much and dig into this to learn about games.

Generally, in this world, everything has a structure. Since our childhood, we have been playing. We have played a lot of games but not in a structured way. Basically, the game is mainly a structured form of play. Usually, we play for our fun, enjoyment, relaxation, refreshments, and many more. Technically, at one time, games were distinct from work. Games are meant for entertainment. But, time has changed this concept. Nowadays, some people have taken games as a profession. They earn money by playing games, and they are professionals. 

All around the globe, there are various types of games, such as card games, indoor games, outdoors, video games, and more. One does not need any qualifications to play games. Anyone can play games, and anyone can be a professional also. These do not even matter in playing games—your will to play games matters most. We know there are plenty of games in this world, but nowadays, one of them has become so popular. What is it? It is the Monument Valley Video Game. 

Video Games

Video games are a great source of entertainment nowadays. What are these? We all know that there are many divisions in games. Basically, video games are one of those. But, like the earlier section, we can say that we literally do not have any clear concept of this. So then, do you really know what a video game is? If you are interested in having a clear idea of video gaming, then we are here with the “Monument Valley Video Game : The Ultimate Popular Video Game” 

If we divide the games on a large scale, we will have two sectors. One of them is indoor games, and we are going to know further about it. So then, the indoor games also have divisions and that is device-dependent or electric connection dependent. Video games are in the electric connection dependent sector. In this sector, you must need a device and even an electric connection. So, theoretically, a video game is an electronic game that requires an electric device and connection. A video game mostly depends on input devices such as a keyboard, joystick, motion-sensing devices, controller, etc. 

Video gaming companies define these based on platforms, such as PC games, console games, arcade games, etc. Recently, the gaming industry has expanded its work on mobile gaming. Afterward, people can play video games on mobile. Nobody needs to have a PC or console at home. The first video games were out in the 1950s and 1960s. That first video game was “Computer Space.” It was the first consumer arcade game. The company launched this in 1971. Then the second one was “Pong.” They released the “Pong” in 1972. In 1972. the first consumer console video games were available in the Magnavox Odyssey home console.

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Monument Valley Video Game

To begin with this section, we need to know about your interest in learning. If you do not have any idea of this game, then this section is for you. You will find details about Monument Valley Video Game in this.

Monument Valley is an indie puzzle game. Ustwo Games developed and published this game. This is about optical illusions with impossible objects. In this game, the player leads the princess Ida through mazes, mainly optical illusions with impossible objects. Meanwhile, the player tries to manipulate the world around the princess to reach various platforms. 

The Ustwo Games developed this game for over ten months. They created this based on the concept drawing of their company artist Ken Wong in earlier 2013. The took inspirations for its visual style from minimalist sculpture, Japanese prints, another two or three indie games. Critics compared this with M. C. Escher’s drawings. The company artist designed the art in such a way that every frame was worthy of public display.

On April 3, 2014, the Ustwo Games released this for iOS after a closed beta test. Afterward, they ported this game to Android phones and also to Windows phones. Generally, people reviewed it favorably. Critics praised its sound design and art obviously. But, they also showed some issues such as lacking difficulty, short length, etc. It got the title “Apple’s best iPad game of 2014 “and won a 2014 Apple Design Award. By January 2015, the Ustwo Games sold over two million copies of it. Again, by May 2016, the sales rate of this got over 26 million. In June and November of 2017, they launched a sequel “Monument Valley 2, “which was also for iOS and Android. 


Earlier, we got to know about the Monument Valley Video Game. But, we didn’t learn anything about its gameplay. Are you interested in knowing the gameplay? If you are, then dive into this section to know further.

In this game, the player or the character is a princess, who is princess Ida. The princess travels through the illusive optical mazes with some impossible objects. They referred to these illusive optical mazes as sacred geometry. The princess travels through the mazes to be forgiven for something. Developers presented this game in an isometric view. As Ida progresses to the exit of the map, the player starts interacting more with the environment. Thus, the character tries to find out the hidden passages. There are ten levels in this game. Each of these levels has a different type of central mechanism. 

Now, it’s the turn for interactions. What are those? There are some business ways, such as creating bridges, moving pillars along with platforms, etc. The player needs to cue through the design elements indirectly. Again, the player needs to cue directly by crow people blocking Ida’s path. Earlier we said that critics praised this. Critics also compared its visual style to a deep drawing. This game has a camera mode also with some filters like Instagram.

Development of Monument Valley Video Game

Now, it is time for the development of this game. It is good to know about a game’s story. This is also a sector of learning. So. let’s dig in to know further.

A digital farm, “The Ustwo Games’ developed this Monument Valley Video Game, which was founded in 2004. Since 2007 this farm has produced iPhone apps. They are quite famous as their Whal Trail game had millions of downloads. The Ustows conceived the Monument Valley for tablets as a touch game. They began their development in early 2013. The firm tested it for ten months. While they were developing the game, it had a different name. It had been developing under the title “Tower of Illusion.” They started it with conceptual art. The artist drew it in M. C. Escher’s style. Similarly, the final design was much resembling the style of M. C. Escher’s. In this project, the main focus was on making a high-quality product. Ustwo management gave the development team a focus point. They didn’t give the team any timeline or budget. 

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The game designer and artist intended to make each frame worthy of public display. They started this as Wong’s concept drawing, but after, they turned it into a game project. The designer Wong said that they did not provide any direct instruction for the player. They wanted to let the player explore and find the objective of this game. Again, the development team used various colors in the game to identify the places for interaction, similarly as the Mirror’s Edge. They put this game in Beta in December 2013. Afterward, having 1000 tests, they launched it with the average finish time. They threw it on April 3, 2014, for iOS. The company got back its cost within two weeks.

Reception of Monument Valley Video Game

Lastly, it is time for the reception of Monument Valley Video Game. Earlier, we got to know many details. Now, we also need to know about the reception. To know further, you have to dive into this section. 

According to video game score aggregator Metacritic, this game received reviews that are generally favorable. This game went to the top of the App Store paid apps chart immediately. It stayed on the top for at least a month. This game remained at the top based on the strong reviews and also for word of mouth. The app store chose it as an “App Store Editor’s Choice.” Later, this game won the 2014 Apple Design Award.” This also got the name, Apple’s best iPad Game of 2014. The game even got the gold award from Pocket Gamer. Harry Slater of Pocket gamer said that there was nothing else like Monument Valley on the App store.

People liked the art and sound design. This game got multiple reviews mentioning that its sound design and also art is exceptional. People said that the addition of deep rumbles in the sound design had given them the feeling of Tomb Raider. They claimed the visuals as almost impossibly gorgeous. Creative Review also appreciated the developer team for their attention to detail, and they also called the puzzles intelligent. 

Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

Question-1: Is playing Monument Valley harmful

Answer: Absolutely not. Playing Monument Valley is not harmful until you cross the time limit.

Question-2: How to play Monument Valley?

Answer: It depends on that individual’s intellect and many more things. You won’t get any direct guidelines like the other ones. You have to go through the game and have to explore the objectives.

Question-3: Is it free?

Answer: Absolutely not. Monument Valley is not free of cost games. T is a paid game on Apple Store.

Question-4: Who has developed this game?

Answer: A developer firm named The Ustwo Games developed it.

Final Insight

We started this article by thinking of knowing about games, video games, and mostly about Monument Valley Video Game. This article, named “Monument Valley Video Game – The Ultimate Popular Video Game” has the most detailed writing. Here, we presented all the facts, examples, the detailing of Monument Valley, and many more throughout the article. We tried to provide you with the facts here. In this, we also provided you with the development system to make it easy. We hope you went through the whole article and found all the essential information. Thank you for being with us. 


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