Best Futuristic Items That Guys Will Want This 2020

Futuristic Items

2020 is a whole new different year full of trends for guys. Some of these are old that have resurfaced back in fashion. Some, even though familiar, are innovatively new to the eyes of many. And some were once “retro” and became “contemporary.” 

Technology and clothing come hand in hand when it comes to style. Each element takes crucial parts when showing off a new trend, which is what we see in clothing pieces. Fleece fabrics, smart glasses, and many more continued to satisfy consumers like us. And apparently, these make excellent gifts for techies and stylish guys like you. 

So, what are these items that you should get this year? Let’s find out. 

1. Bluetooth Analog Watches

Timepieces have been a necessity for most of us. As crucial as it is to tell time, you should also look at how good it appears. It makes your outfit stand out, giving people some impression about your character. With the perfect watch, you will look like a man of discipline.

If you’re looking for a watch that’s classic yet advanced, then the OCW-S5000 is the one for you. It has a built-in Bluetooth communication feature that can connect with your phone. This sophisticated piece is an excellent investment for your accessories. You can check this website for the Casio Oceanus Price and have one for yourself. 

2. Wireless Earbuds

What’s more minimal than a pair of wireless earbuds? These bad boys are one of the best gadgets that were ever created from the previous decade. Everything nowadays can be wireless, a mere reason for a simple earpiece to be one as well. Brands like Apple give out the best “Air Pods” that you can connect with selected updated iOS products.

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What’s cool about this gadget is that is has a noise-cancellation feature installed. It blocks sound waves from your surroundings, making you hear low mumbles. So if you’re busy and would like to avoid distractions, these will be your best bet. 

3. Pocket Camera

Nothing says “adventure” with style than a pocket camera. This sturdy little mobile camera is unlike any phone camera that you have. Technology has upped its game and went high-definition, which is perfect for cinematography. Some brands built their pocket cams with stabilizers to capture stunning results. 

Brands like GoPro and DJI are the kings when it comes to action cameras. Each brand has its distinct advantages, but are mostly similar in performance. So, if you want to go the extra mile and dive deeper waters, have yourself one these handy set of extra eyes. 

4. Mini Drone

If you can’t get enough with your creative juices, upgrade your game with these. Drones are like eagles in the sky – cameras that allow you to see the world without hassle. These will give you rare and beautiful scenery shots. Drones have become cheaper nowadays, so getting one might be a good move to do.

DJI also offers the best drones available today. If you are new and interested, you might want to try investing in their iconic Phantom. This bird has been flying for years and has proven enough to the right market. 

5. Self-lacing Sneakers

Remember the days when you’re still learning to tie your shoelaces? Now that things got more serious with technology, maybe learning to tie them won’t be suitable for leisure time. Self-lacing sneakers were once seen in sci-fi culture, but only a few believed in making these real. The funny thing is that these were not specialized – creators made it for the public.

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Although self-lacing shoes are not as quick as they look in the TVs, the experience feels surreal. Imagine yourself inserting your foot and doing nothing more. How great is that? Let science do its magic, and you’re more than reasonable to go. 

Nike had elevated the tech by introducing the HyperAdapt 1.0s. These futuristic sneakers will make you think that anything is possible! And what better way to appreciate the future by owning a piece of it? Just keep a hefty amount in your bank account, and you’ll be zooming in no time. 


Investing in technology-revved everyday items is an excellent way to embrace the future. These will give us advantages in doing simple tasks. Or, better yet, these will help us achieve things that we never thought would be made. 

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