Under Eye Cream for Dark Circles Of 2019

under eye cream

Eye cream, a product that does not fall in the skincare process for anti-aging. As the product is based on anti-aging, there are many items with high concentration texture that fill the eyes clearly. If so, what kind of product should be used to intensively improve the areas of wrinkles while keeping the health of the skin around the eye irritable? The Women’s Chosun Beauty Team has selected three under eye cream products that have outstanding effects with outstanding technology.

I tried to get rid of the dark circles under the eyes, but the results will not be satisfactory. Are you sure you’re improving? You can’t get rid of dark circles permanently, but there are skincare and treatments that will make a difference.

Cleansers, non-washing AHA or BHA exfoliates, retinol serum, screens, eye creams, or formulated with well-formulated peptides can be a great help for dark circles under your eyes.

Here is the best eye cream for dark circles for you-


An anti-aging wrinkle serum with 0.1% high content of retinol that provides clear wrinkle improvement. It provides wrinkles, wrinkles, pores, and neck wrinkles, while hyaluronic acid and panthenol help to protect the skin while enhancing barriers.

AHC Time Rewind Real Eye

It contains 100% human-like collagen and 100% human-like elastin, which is an anti-aging eye cream with excellent elasticity and density care. The micro-microscopic method helps to break down the 1/400 size of the pores to quickly absorb the active ingredient and can be used throughout the face.

LG Household & Health Age Isa Knox Prime Focus Double Effect Eye Cream pawl

of the efficacy ingredient found in plants Prime Pro-Retinol TM This imparts vitality to the skin and complete the strong and healthy skin. The 30-hour lasting effect gives you a feeling of being managed all day long, and it can be used without irritation by completing the compatibility test for sensitive skin.

Kiel Dark Circle CC Eye Cream

First dark circle exclusive CC cream. CC cream doesn’t just cover! It is true that the mineral pigment first covers the dull eyes and gives a vividly good effect, but at the same time, it is a ‘skincare’ item that manages dark spots around the eyes. It also features a 100% mineral filter that protects the eyes against UV rays.

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Cledpo Beauté Serum Saute Tres Esquiche Pairs

Dark Circle exclusive eye serum released by Prestige brand Cledpo Beaute for the 20s. It is a lightly applied serum type that can be applied to the eyes, and the finish is refreshing. The illuminating complex developed by the brand improves pigmentation and dark circles under the eyes, creating a bright impression.

SwissPerfect Cellular Perfect Lift Eye Cream

This contouring product contains peptides that promote cell regeneration, quickly rebuilding collagen and immune cells, and sharply improving the skin structure of sagging eyes.

La Roche-Posay Tolerien Ultra Eye Contour

An age when sensitive care is essential to the eyes. It is an eye essence for people with weak eyes, and the package is different because it is applied to sensitive skin. Sixteen packaging technologies combined to prevent product deterioration from external stimuli. The product is prevented from being oxidized by the airtight container and the pump, and it is irritant even when applied to the weak eyes!


Here are ways to alleviate dark circles.

  • Wear sunglasses when you go out. As with sunscreen around the eyes, the fragile skin around the eyes needs additional protection. Sunglasses marked with 100% protection from UV rays will have a great effect, and if you wear a pair of sunglasses, it will look great!
  • Antihistamines can be purchased without a prescription to use. One of the factors that cause or causes dark circles and swelling is allergies. After consulting a specialist, follow the advice.
  • Use a brightening product. A well-formulated brightening product can bring skin vitality and radiance to relieve dark circles. They are using or mixing Paula’s Choice Pure Radiance Brightening products before concealers can increase coverage and alleviate dark circles. Vitamin C products also play a positive role.
  • Whitening products to use. Products containing 2% hydroquinone can alleviate dark circles caused by sunlight. For better results, apply a whitening product over the brightening product twice a day.
  • A good concealer, please use. Use a concealer that is finished with a soft or satin mat. It lasts longer and doesn’t crease than creamy or greasy formulations. Find out how to mask dark circles and find the best concealer here.


What is the method?

There are a variety of methods based on research, but in most cases, you will need at least one treatment to get the best results. IPL, radiofrequency, Q-switched ruby ​​lasers, pulsed pigment lasers, and dermabrasion lasers (the greatest risk factor and the longest recovery time) are all procedures worth consulting with a dermatologist.

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Is there any other way my doctor offers?

Hyaluronic acid-based fillers, fat shifts, and eyelid cosmetic procedures can be more effective.

It’s not that simple to cure dark circles!

All of these methods improve the root cause of dark circles, discoloration of the skin’s surface, and skin around the eyes, making them softer, firmer, and fresher. Three methods and how to practice good skincare routines (don’t forget the sunscreen!) Are research-proven methods that can improve your dark circles.

While highlighting the improvement of dark circles, eye creams currently on the market contain mostly vitamins, peptides, plant extracts, and expensive caviar.


But is it really effective for improving dark circles?

Dark circles are not an official medical term, but they usually refer to symptoms that appear dark under the eyes. Pigmentation caused by eczema or skin under the eyes may be too thin to reveal subcutaneous veins. Occasionally, as you get older, the fat under your eyes may be missing or convex, causing it to appear dark due to shadows.

As such, dark circles are a skin problem around the eyes or appear as a symptom of the aging process, so it is difficult to fundamentally solve them without undergoing surgery or non-surgical therapy depending on the condition. Even if you borrow the power of medicine, you cannot be sure that you have solved 100% of the eye problems that you have to suffer from aging.

The area around the eye develops sebaceous glands less easily than other skin tissues. It dries easily. There is no protective film that prevents external stimuli. It is exceptionally thin. Therefore, in the case of eye-only cosmetics. It is difficult to expect a satisfactory effect because consumers use the least irritant ingredients. After all, cosmetics for the eyes should be aimed at protecting the skin and preventing drying.

TIP. How to prevent and mitigate dark circles in your life


Eyes cleansing

If you do not remove the eye makeup properly, the eye shadow, mascara, and eye line will remain on your eyes, making it easier to color the remaining colors. In particular, waterproof cosmetics have a strong coloring power and should be cleaned with a dedicated cleansing product.

Moisturizing around eyes

After washing your face, apply the existing toner to your eyes. It prevents dryness of your eyes and applies a cream with high moisture. It prevents the lack of moisture around your eyes.

Relieve fatigue quickly with periodic eye pack

Cut the cucumber or aloe in the refrigerator into a suitable size and place. It on your eyes or moisten the existing toner in a wet cotton cloth and cover. It over your eyes to relieve skin dryness and fatigue.

Always wear sunscreen and wear sunglasses when you go out.

Sunscreen prevents pigmentation by preventing skin damage caused by strong UV rays. Also, wearing sunglasses while going out will protect your eyes from UV rays.

Do not rub eyes

Smartphones and PCs, which are always available, add eye fatigue, and various heating devices worsen dry eye. Because of this, it is easy to unconsciously rub your eyes, but do not touch or rub your eyes consciously.

Cool your eyes

It uses the middle finger to stimulate the eye’s blood spots. It is allowing the blood to circulate smoothly and relieve eye strain.

Do not sleep

So, The prone stance irritates the skin around the eyes.


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