TV Series For Free- Top 8 Best Websites to Download

TV Series For Free

In recent years the way of watching TV Series For Free pattern has changed among the people. Now more and more netizens are moving from cable systems to the web and from large TV screens to something little like a cell phone, PC, or even a tablet. Subsequently, more people are searching for genuine legit sites to stream and like to watch their favorite movies when offline so that they can save time and get enjoyment together. That’s why we would like to explore some free movie and TV series sites which you can browse from any smart device like Smart TVs, laptops, mobile, Mac, tablet, etc.

But the problem is not all TV streaming sites will let you do free download. But there are lots and lots of reasons behind this. Perhaps the site may not be authenticated or legal and may also contain malware functions file, which can even damage your device also. But as you are here, we suggest you don’t lose your hope and check our full article about the TV  series download server because we have done the comprehensive research and especially figured out the suitable options for you.

Here you will get all detailed information of Top 8 Best Websites to Download TV Series. These sites are also virus-free, contain no downloading limitations, and, more importantly, all the sites are popular and legal. Plus, for doing membership, you don’t need any registration, credit card, PayPal account, or any subscription fees. These are totally free. So lets surpassed the 8 best Websites to Download TV Series without any restrictions.

Sony Crackle

Sony Pictures Entertainment owned Sony Crackle, an online streaming platform for TV series and movies. It’s an ad-supported tv series site network that airs all free TV series and movies along with some ads. Its also a legal website for download free TV series, which you obviously can see in various types of devices such as IOS, Android, Windows, Mac, Web browser, Xbox, and PS. Furthermore, the TV library of Sony Crackle is decent because it’s a free legal TV website.

Apart from different TV series, it also produces different original TV programs on the crackle platform. Those series you can find only in Sony Crackle. Nowhere else. It’s good to know that Crackle is not only an online streaming platform, but you can download any TV program from Sony Crackle at any time. Its downloading app also Android and iOS compatible. For doing this, you have to download the app and select the desired TV series. Then just tap the download button, you can download the series and enjoy the entire episode offline or without any internet connection.


Netflix is presumably the greatest name out there for streaming online platform, mostly TV series. Its catalog list has a large number of TV series, which are more than 40 languages. While the greater part of the shows is authorized, Netflix has its very own reasonable number of unique shows. Netflix is known for delivering a portion of the top-notch TV shows and series. Shows like Black Mirror, Strangers Things, Making Murderer, Narcos, House of Cards, 13 Reasons Why, and more are Netflix unique and original TV series.

Depended upon your membership plan, you can do TV Netflix series download free in video quality in up to 4K. You can also observe and watch all shows with any local subtitles along with the dubbing audio option. Therefore, Netflix is a genuine and legit TV streaming and downloading stage which you shouldn’t miss. However, if you don’t like to pay for Netflix, you can do free sign-up for a free trial for 30 days and enjoy an unlimited number of free TV series and shows to enjoy the time.

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Adder TV

Adder. Tv is another famous site where you can download TV shows, series, episodes for completely free. Like Sony Crackle, Adder also gives you direct download joins for all sorts of TV shows appears. Initially, when you first visit the site, you will see a basic simple-looking landing page with a big search box that is there in tv series page. You can also check all the latest TV series and currently running on different TV shows.

So you can download a single series or even a full episode from this site as Downloading is extremely simple. You can either click the search box to see a particular show or browse the most recent shows from the homepage. Then it is as simple to download or watch the series as tapping on the download button directly by the series number.

You can also use the Adder TV website from your mobile phones, Android, Mac, iOS, iPad, and download any TV web series according to your preference. All the adder tv series and shows are available in high-quality HD, and you can download in mp4 and MKV video format also. Finally, with every episode, you can also download the subtitles from the website directly.


GrabTheBeast a well-known TV site that permits the users to download free TV episodes, series, and shows with subtitles. It has a genuinely enormous library of English TV shows and web TV shows. You can download and watch without any restrictions. Therefore downloading web series from GBT is quite easy. You should simply look for the show by its name, select the episode and just click on the download link given.

GrabTheBeast is perhaps the best website to download TV serials for nothing that is free. It also offers various video quality options. You have the choice to download in SD 480p, HD 720p, and Full HD 1080p. Each episode comes with suitable subtitles also, which helps if you get the movie correctly. Its sound quality is also HD, so that if you have a hearing problem, you can also enjoy the movie. All these services are entirely free, with no registration hassle. Another facility is it also provides a direct download link for all the shows, and you don’t need to play around with torrent links for getting the link.

GrabTheBeast has other helpful highlights, for example, rating, suggestion, remarks, and in particular, a request button. For suppose if you are unable to get any shows, you can use the request button. This button will do an advanced search and add the shows for you on the screen.

Its also a free download tv series platform. But you have to know how does GrabTheBeast work? As you don’t need any registration account, just follow the below steps for download the TV series for free.

  • Search the expected TV series or shows you want to watch.
  • If you get the series, just select the episode.
  • Click the “download” button right to the video quality button you want to download. You can also select the “video quality” from here.
  • Then go to the “Download episode” button. The download will start automatically.

Although it’s true that GrabTheBeast recently faced many problems form government agencies and many ISP provider companies. Thus if you also face the same problems, you can better contract with their website and get the service for free.

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The next Websites to Download TV Series is easily accessible YouTube. I assume you all know about You Tube very well, as this is one of the most popular and largest video sharing platforms in the world. You can upload, download, and share any kind of videos in this website. It can also watch and enjoy all types of tutorials, shows, TV series, episodes, documentary, information video, and both audio and video songs. You can also find any latest songs and old songs on this platform to watch online or download to watch offline.

You can use Tube Mate for downloading any episodes from YouTube for free. It’s a decent place where you will get pretty much everything although you will not get some special series that you can get on Netflix or Sony Crackle, all over its great for watching all the oldest, latest, and modern movies without making a face disappoint.


Direct TV is a famous stage for downloading TV series and episodes in the USA. Direct TV is among the most well-known satellite-based digital TV and Web companies in the USA owned by AT&T. It’s an online stage has a huge gigantic library of films and TV series that you cannot discover on some other sites.

The service is totally free for clients in the USA as long as you are a Direct TV cable or any internet customer. By taking consideration of how famous AT&T’s Direct TV is in the USA, it is protected to state that a great many people enjoying this article to become a new client. It is really an extremely great choice to download TV series for free online.

ETTV Torrent

ETTV is the nest website of watching free TV series online. Like another platform, you can also use this site for downloading any types of TV shows and episodes from old to has more than 300 shows running on the world. You can found any shows, series, and episodes in ETTV. In addition, you can also browse the massive TV library by genre, year, top shows, best movies, video quality. But the download process is quite tricky. It means you cannot just simply click the download button and start downloading as others do.

For proper download, you have to get one client torrent file installed in your device. You can use any device, including Android, Mac, Windows, or anything. From that file, you have to complete the download, and then you can watch in your preferable time.

The good news is you can use client files easily and complete your work to watch the series or serial online for free.


o2TVSeries is the oldest and popular free TV series site where you can download all HD quality series. Although it’s a bit old, a very established website into the free online TV category, it has its own advantage. By using a search inbox, you can easily get your preferable series from a number of categories.

This TV website also allows you to choose different video quality modes like HD, SD, and Full HD with 720p, 1080 HD, etc. before downloading. So, you can download your episode by choosing high video quality and start watching. Moreover, the downloading system is also very straightforward. Like you have to select the download link and click download. It will start immediately.


So here is all about the best TV series download server.  I believe we all want the same.

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