Text Messages Without Touching: How can I read My Boyfriends Text Messages Without Touching His Phone

Text Messages Without Touching

In the age in which we live, spying on your partner can seem very crazy, even a little respectful. But, if you see it from the point of view that I see it. So, how can I read my boyfriends text messages without touching his phone? You could be avoiding years of relationship with a person who does not love you. Although, it is also true that if you look at it from a legal perspective.

Our mobiles have become indispensable in our lives. Not only because of the number of functions and services they put in the palm of our hand. But also the amount of personal information that we keep on them and that we can always have a disposal.

However, this also poses a risk in case of theft or loss of the mobile. I am not to mention the sites, applications, and information our children can access if they already have your mobile.

Luckily, we can find specific applications that allow us to control or spy on everything. That you can know how can I read my boyfriend’s text messages without touching his phone.It allowing us to locate it if it is lost or stolen. Next, we are going to show the best applications to track and spy on a mobile.

How can I read my boyfriends text messages without touching his phone?

When you are suspecting your boyfriend and want to spy on you boyfriend’s mobile, we will leave you a series of applications that work perfectly for what we have been talking about.


mSpy is an app capable of recording all the mobile device activity, including call history, GPS location, update calendar, text messages, emails, web history, and much more. However, the cheaper version of mSpy is more expensive than Spyzie and offers fewer features. If we want to have all its features, then we will have to spend more money.

You may already know an app that allows you to do any of these things, but the truth is that some applications allow us to have all this with a single app. Among all of them, we find Spyzie the complete tool to control a mobile from another mobile or the computer.

Besides, it is the most popular and effective, not to mention a large number of features and functions. It offers to be able to track or spy on a mobile. Such as the call, message, and email log, access to the browsing history, use, and application control.

The possibility of restricting the use of the mobile at certain times, viewing the photos and videos saved and even deleted. Also, the possibility of spying on WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, Wechat, Line, or Kik messages and geolocating the mobile, among others.

All these functions, together with the fact that it is unnecessary to root or jailbreak the device, provide a basic account for free. Its effectiveness, and that it offers several payment plans at a very affordable price. Those are undoubted all the advantages of Spyzie. And what makes its place in the top 1 of the apps to spy or control a mobile.


Using Spyzie is very simple, another of the virtues of the service. Since all we have to do is create a free Spyzie account, install the app on the mobile that we want to spy on, and then we can access all the tracking information from a single panel on the mobile or from the computer.

Another detail to highlight is the security offered by Spyzie since it is a secure tool that guarantees the protection of user data. Therefore, you can use Spyzie with the peace of mind that your data will be safe and will not be used or may fall into the hands of third parties.


There are other apps designed to control or spy on a mobile, such as Flexyspy. A tool with great features and functions, since it also allows you to track text messages, call logs, emails, or even WhatsApp messages, and have the option of tracking the mobile by GPS. However, it is a costly tool, and there is no free trial version available.

Find my friends

find my friends app. You can use this app to know where the person is at all times. Although, to keep track of your boyfriend. You need to find the right time to install the application in a hidden folder on her device.

This application developed for IOS phones has a sensor that shows us the exact location of our better half.


Thai spy appThaiSpy is a Thai application with which you can observe your partner. When he is away from home, see who he talks with on WhatsApp.And social networks, look at contacts and Skype messages, among other things.

This APP is an all-rounder of espionage, and the best of all is that it is entirely installed by itself on the person’s phone. Without manipulating the mobile previously.

Couple Tracker

Couple Tracker app if you have a relationship where “both of you” is a bit jealous, you cannot miss this app. With it, you can uniquely spy on your partner. The main feature is that you need your girlfriend to give you consent for you to look at someone else’s mobile-first.

In short, you can use the app to make your partner feel safe. For example, imagine that your boyfriend or girlfriend has to go to work far away. With Couple Tracker, you can know how you are while you are on the road or when you are at work.

Even more so when the stretch is long or the work a little dangerous.

Find my Device

Find my Device app is a spy application for Android that allows us to locate other mobile phones. It is evident that to locate them. It would help if you had the spy function active.

However, as in the previous case, it can come in handy if what you want is for your partner to feel calm wherever he or she goes. The application shows you the exact location, thanks to Google Maps.

Of course, you need the device to be linked to a Google account for it to work well.


ZapCloneappIn the last position, we have an APP for Android and IOS that will show us if you have horns or not, thanks to WhatsApp’s cloning. The operation of ZapClone is effortless, as it only makes an identical copy of this social network so that you can spy on WhatsApp without being detected.

To read all your partner’s messages, you need to install it on your mobile and put this tool to work. Once you download it on your phone, it is up to you to read the other person’s private messages or persevere in their privacy.

Can you spy on your partner’s mobile?

The answer is yes and no, how can you be able to do it. But you will be committing a crime, and worst of all, if your boyfriend is faithful and discovers you, you load the relationship.

Be careful with what you do when looking at someone else’s mobile to find compromised messages and evidence. Of course, I do not recommend this type of practice, although you can see that something is not going very well.

Do not think that you are a freak. The feeling of controlling your partner is very normal. The human being has hundreds of years with a certain feeling of insecurity in their relationship.

When you try to spy on a person, there are different articles and mobile spy applications that we list in this post. In this way, you will know the reality of your relationship.

First thing: don’t get things wrong ahead of time

If you have found any conversation with words of the type. Where can we meet? or every day you look more beautiful, you should do a little research before putting your hands on the matter.

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The first thing you may think is that they are cheating on you, although more than that—the message of the same sex. So don’t rush ahead of time, or you may look pretty bad, not to mention the breakup. To be clear, nobody likes to have their privacy invaded.

Even so, if with everything I have told you, you still want to observe your partner, the best time to do it is when he is in the bathroom, taking a nap, taking out the garbage, or the dog.

Suppose you are reading this post to prevent precisely this type of espionage method. The best thing you can do is include a password that only you know or, better yet. Hire one of the spy applications that we mention on this website. In this way, you can control all the activity of your device.

What do I do if I find some clear evidence?

Suppose you have found something suspicious. For example, your partner is sending each other compromising photos with another person. It is most likely that they have a sexual relationship behind your back. In this case, the first thing that I will recommend is to keep calm and think about your new life without ties or discussions. You may see this new stage with good eyes.

Clear evidence of infidelity on mobile

People are used to staying in a relationship for the simple fact of not being alone. But you can feel much better in this new stage than you think.

In the first place, you will have much more freedom when it comes to opening your heart to other people. And who knows if that person can be the love of your life. So don’t waste your time arguing. Just put your finger on the matter, collect his things and let him know that yours is over.

Of course, before putting letters in the matter. It is essential to be clear that your partner is unfaithful. So I recommend you hire one of our mobile spy apps.

The various products to spy on your partner text messages

In the beginning, we told you that spying on a person is wrong. There are many products developed to fulfill this function, which is none other than spying on someone.

Here we will leave you a series of spy products perfect for discovering infidelity without anyone detecting you. In this way, you can sleep with the peace of mind of knowing the truth in all this matter. The most popular is the famous alarm clocks and spy chargers with which you can record everything that happens live in HD video.

FAQ of how can I read my boyfriends text messages without touching his phone?

  1. What is mSpy free?

mSpy is a software and service that monitors smartphones in real-time. Its works well on iPhone, iPad, and Android devices.The mSpy records phone activities and secretly uploads the information to your account via the Internet.

  1. How to view the WhatsApp conversations of others?

How do you see other conversations? If you are suspicious or curious about someone close to you and are trying to find and what topics, you will need to install the “Whats Web Scanner” application on your cell phone available for both Android and iOS.

  1. What can be done with a mobile without a SIM card?

Without a card, you can surf the Internet. Talk to other people, access social networks, create text documents, use GPS, play games, listen to music, take photos, record videos, and much more. Think that your Android phone is a computer, the only thing that limits it is the Internet connection.

  1. What to do with an old cell phone camera?

And it does it very simply: install the Camy application on the Android that will act as a security camera. Afterward, the application is installed on the mobile with which we will access the live broadcast. And voila: a simple QR code capture gives access to remote control of the recording.

Conclusion of how can I read my boyfriends text messages without touching his phone

Finally, remember that spying on Facebook or any other social network is not legal or by law or by humanity. We think that the privacy of a person is paramount to maintain a healthy relationship without prejudice.

Many people take advantage of these weaknesses to blackmail their spouses. So we recommend that you should never spy on your partner. If they discover you, you can find yourself in a pretty big mess, both personally and legally. Please share the article “Text Messages Without Touching” with your Friend.

And with this, I say goodbye. I hope it has served you. Text Messages Without Touching 

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