Lusaka Times and Zambian Observer – Your Source of Information in Zamb


Nothing is as important as information. With the right information, you get empowered. This is why journalism plays a big role in shaping society. In Zambia, you can only get the right and timely information if you know the right media. Here, we will talk about the top media in Zambia from where you can get trusted information.

If you are in Zambia and you want to get the right information, you should read either Lusaka Times or Zambian Observer. The two are the leading online news providers in the country.

All You Need to Know About Lusaka Times

Lusaka Times is an electronic news platform allowing users to interact and have open discussions about what is happening in the country and globally. Lusaka Times, however, focuses on the day-to-day issues in Zambia.

Lusaka Times was launched in 1999, initially funded by Dutch IICD, which provided capital to kickstart the operations of the media outlet. However, in January 2007, the media outlet was relaunched with a new web URL after some of the pioneer members quit.

The information put on Lusaka Times is true and verifiable. It helps Zambians, both at home and abroad, to catch up on the latest developments in the country.

Today, Lusaka Times is run by different people who are spread in different global locations. As an open-source website, the journalists post breaking news instantly from wherever they are. However, the information they post must be verified as true and not speculation before it is posted. Here you can read more about Lusaka Times.


All You Need to Know About Zambian Observer

Zambian Observer is a fairly new website, which was created in 2015. However, this does not mean that the team behind the news website has little experience; the journalists here have gathered lots of journalism experience in other leading newspapers. They are aware of their journalistic role, which is to provide true, accurate, and reliable information.

The Zambian Observer works on the WordPress platform, making it focus on the news because of its minimalistic approach.

The aim of the newspaper is to provide readers with the latest information about Zambia’s state of politics and entertainment. The content shared on the website varies and attracts people of different ages.

The owners of the website have great ambitions to increase coverage beyond Zambia; but as it is now, it does so well to provide the latest information about Zambia.

Top Reasons Why You Should Trust Lusaka Times and Zambian Observer

As earlier mentioned, the best source of information in Zambia come from either Lusaka Times and Zambian Observer. Here are the top reasons why they are the best source of information in Zambia.

1. Credibility

One of the most important features for any journalistic news agency is credibility. A news website must be credible for it to be trusted. In their years of operation, both Lusaka Times and the Zambian Observer have maintained high-level credibility.

The information that they provide on their websites is verified before publication. Therefore, they do not post speculations or rumors. You can trust the information you read from these two sources.

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2. Timely news

It is one thing to get information and yet a different thing to get it at the right time. Information is only valid if it is received at the intended time. Both the Zambian Observer and Lusaka Times deliver their news articles as ‘breaking news’ as soon as they are confirmed to be true.

Therefore, you can trust that the two news agencies deliver timely news, which you can rely on to make informed decisions.

3. Independence

Another key feature that defines a good news website is independence. When a news website is deemed as independent, it provides valuable information to the readers that are non-partisan. News websites that are controlled by interested parties cannot offer credible information since they also tend to provide information that favors their funders.

4. Top journalists

Another reason why you should trust The Zambian Observer and Lusaka Times as your preferred source for news information is that they have top journalists running their media outlets. The experience the journalists have is what makes the news websites active and accurate in providing news information.

While in Zambia, you should always keep yourself updated with the latest news from either Lusaka Times or the Zambian Observer.

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