couples workout You Can Do With Your Boyfriend

couples workout

It is no secret that many couples workout who exercise together remain together. Breaking a sweat with your partner is a great way to get fit and stay motivated. Going to the gym with your boyfriend has a variety of benefits that go well beyond the physical benefits of exercise.

In addition to achieving great physical results, you can have all kinds of emotional benefits with it. Exercising with your partner tends to strengthen your relationship.

Going to the gym can become a super routine. It causes you to stop going and not meet your goal of getting fit. But it is a much more refreshing and more romantic way to reach your goal.couples workout

When we have a partner, we want to spend as much time as possible with him. But sometimes we don’t share the same hobbies or hobbies, or the conversation topics are over. What to do then? A great idea to spend more time with your loved one is to exercise as a couple.couples workout

The great idea is to exercise as a couple. In addition to spending more time together, doing it as a couple will help strengthen your relationship, enjoy a pleasant time, and stay healthy. The ideal does regular exercise with your boyfriend.couples workout

These are some of the exercises that you can do with your boyfriend:

– Heating with balloon

A ball can make an exercise program very entertaining. It can help warm the body or perform some cardiovascular activity. You can stand a few meters from your partner and throw a ball, from the front, side, back. The more they move, the more exercise they will do, and the more entertaining it will be.

– Rotate the ball to the sides

You will sit back to back with your partner, bypassing a shot from your left to your right. Then, your partner returns it to you on your right. Thus, they will perform a circular movement and will be working their waist. The key to this exercise is that there is a space between the backs of both. The effort will be more considerable, and the abdominal muscles will work harder.

– ABS moving

You can do more dynamic abdominal exercises. While doing the abdominal, you throw the ball to your partner, who must return it to you to do the task again. Perform 10 to 15 repetitions and change shifts.

– To work the resistance

Stand up, turning your back on your partner. Try to lift them while your partner exerts a slight pressure on them. After a series of these exercises, change position with your partner so they can complete the entire series. You will see how his arms and his high back work.

– Push-ups with applause

It can be easy at first and of course, you can do it alone. But coordinating with the couple adds a small degree of difficulty. if it is difficult for both of you, you can do the push-ups on the knees.

– Burpee and iron

A perfect combination of challenging exercises that defies confidence in the couple jumping without being crushed while doing the ironing. You can perform burpees with your partner with or without push up depending on the level of difficulty desired.

– Push-ups on plate

An excellent way to do push-ups while your partner trains your abs. On this occasion, you can vary the push-ups to emphasize where you most want to work. You can handle the opening of the hands to focus on pectorals or put the sides together to work more on the triceps.

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– Back to back squat

It is perhaps the one with an enormous variety depending on the creativity and objectives of the couples workuot. You can do it with your partner in the simplest version. You can perform it with jumps, isometric, eccentric, etc.

– Lunges as a couple

This exercise will test the coordination you may have as a couple. Because it challenges both of your ability to keep a steady pace to be able to perform the exercise well. You have to do that without stepping on the partner’s foot or without merely falling.

– Rowing with standing partner

An excellent option to work the back muscles without having bars or anything close. The person who is standing if he wants more stability to avoid falls due to the weight of the partner can take one leg further back. The other one a little later to create a more significant base of support and, therefore, a better balance.

– Couple femoral curl

The most important thing about this exercise is to lower as slowly as possible. Because, it’s work is mostly eccentric tension, and therefore, the emphasis is on descending very slowly to work the fibers. When climbing, help yourself with your arms.

– Lifting the couple

An excellent way to work biceps in pairs without any equipment, only that particular person who accompanies you. The idea is to exercise both arms similarly, although if with one arm it complicated for one or both. You can do the exercise by pulling your partner with both hands.

Couple Exercises With Weight

– Under on

An exercise with which you can exercise legs and arms. Start simply by separating the feet from the width of the hips and stand back to back with your partner. One holds a dumbbell with both hands up while the other person extends the arms, but without a dumbbell.

Now do a squat at the same time. Make sure your buttocks remain at the same height and that your knees do not reach beyond the toes.

Now both lean forward. The first person, the one with the dumbbell, passes it through the legs to their partner. Then, both stand in a straight line again. The second person passes the dumbbell to the first over their head. It is a repetition.

– Lateral iron transition

As you know, if you made side plates, it is a demanding exercise, and it makes you feel the work immediately. For this variation, both will be put on their side with the face in the same direction. Raise your hips and support your right forearm so you can make the side plate.

Now, Both will stretch their left arm and open their palm. The one in the front will hold a dumbbell in his left hand.

The person holding the dumbbell will bring the hips slightly back so that the dumbbell can move from under the body to the other. Now, who is behind takes the weight and lifts his arm while remaining on the side table. When you do, you will see that it is not as easy as it seems.

– Double abdominal

Sit-ups and well-executed variants are an excellent way to exercise your abs. With this exercise, you and your partner can work them at the same time. Sit facing each other and entwine your legs for a better grip. Stretch both arms forward while holding a dumbbell in your hands.

Simultaneously do a sit-up. Stretch back and bring your arms to the side of your head. Gradually climb. Even if you are not holding the dumbbell, do a sit-up. Each passes the dumbbell to the other person when it goes up.

– Twist in couples workout

In this exercise, you have to focus on the obliques and the core. You and your partner will get on your knees with your back turned. One will hold a dumbbell or kettlebell (Russian bell) in their hands while the other leaves the arms hanging along the body.

Both turn slowly in the same direction and pass the weight to the other.

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– Push-ups in truck

Start with Plank position with your partner holding your ankles. With your hands under your shoulders, lower your chest in a controlled manner and end up climbing again.

One of the advantages is that the subjection of your partner from the ankles is much more unstable. It adds a bit of difficulty to have to stabilize.

Besides, your partner can easily vary the inclination of the flexion. So, it is increasing the load on your chest and shoulders. You will be able to reach a variant of the pike push up or even handstand push-ups.

– Dominated in truck

In a bar where you can do dominated or in parallel bars where you can do them with a neutral grip. You have to hold while your partner lifts your legs from the ankles. At this point, keep your body horizontal and firm and do the dominated.

Again you will have an additional challenge because of the instability that your partner’s support gives instead of an immovable object. If the exercise is not very challenging, you can ask your partner to raise your legs even more. In this way, it will be increasingly challenging.

– Firefighter charge

This time you will not train just supporting your body weight, also that of your partner. For this, a very comfortable position for both of you is on your shoulders. You will be carrying one arm between your partner’s legs and the other between his arms. You have to do it in a very similar way in which you would load a bar to do squats with weight.

In this position, you can start walking or try to stay as long as possible. For a little more difficulty, you can do squats or strides, taking advantage of your partner’s weight to take them to a new level of difficulty.

– Load sitting on shoulders

A variant of the previous exercise, when lifting the importance of our partner. You have to take it sitting on the shoulders will be a more unstable position. It will put a little more difficult if you venture to do squats.

Of course, this instability means that they could fall. So, You can do it with a bar or support in front so that you and your partner can hold on to avoid a fall backward.

Besides, the support will be of great help while you get used to the weight and manage to master the movement.

– Leg throw

An exercise we talked about earlier to exercise the psoas muscle. Lift your legs to an upright position. Then, your partner will try to send them to the floor with a push. Your goal will be not to allow them to touch the story but to go down in a controlled manner.

To increase the difficulty, and if you already control the Dragon Flag, you can look for that position by getting up on the upper part of your back and holding firmly on the ankles of your training partner.

It will make the exercise much more difficult. If, on the other hand, you want to lower the difficulty a bit, you can slightly bend your knees in any of the two variants of the exercise.

– Pistol squat in couples workout

Very similar to the Pistol squat, but this time you will stand in front of your partner. They will firmly hold in one or both hands with one leg extended forward. Lower in a controlled manner to the deepest point of the squat. Finally, get up by pulling your partner’s hand to maintain balance.

If you still try to master the squat squat this is an excellent progression. Besides, together with your partner, you can exercise at the same time and help each other by serving as a counterbalance and increasing stability. It makes the exercise more manageable for you to get a little closer to the Pistol Squat without assistance.

– Assisted shoulder stop

Here a more acrobatic movement but very good to work in balance. Put your hands on his knees and your shoulders on his hands.

Your partner who is down should keep his elbows locked, and his hands are pressing up. The goal is for you to stretch your legs vertically in a kind of assisted handstand.


Exercising with your boyfriend or partner can help you in any aspect. We already described the ways to do couples workout. There are loads of benefits of doing exercises with your partner.

So, regarding these factors, you have to try it out. You can quickly start couples workout  by following these steps and ways. So, why are you waiting? Start doing these from now and enjoy the benefits of it.


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