Schedule Your Meet-ups With Umeand!

Meet-ups With Umeand

Umeand is a scheduling and collaboration hub for people, students, and businesspersons alike. Headquartered in the UK and Founded in 2019 by Blandine Obale, the social platform serves as a hub where scheduling is made easy. Umeand is open for all. With free registration, people can schedule meet-ups with umeand for any occasion they want. This blog will tell you everything about how you can Schedule Your Meet-ups With Umeand.

Whether it is a block party or a sophisticated business meeting, with Umeand people can create any event they like. With its simple user interface, people can create and edit meet-up requests anytime they want. People can vote on their preferred dates on the same event, letting other participants know when they will likely be arriving. One of the thoughts behind creating Umeand was the lack of proper communication when scheduling a meeting. Blandine Obale, the founder, while working as a Contracts Manager in the NHS saw the amount of time being spent on scheduling a meeting. The back and forth of emails led by business individuals made it difficult for proper communication when deciding the time and date of the event. This led to the creation of the brainchild of Obale.

Obale founded Umeand for one purpose, to create an all-in-one platform where people can plan and discuss events easily. Many features within the web-platform facilitate its users. Features such as audio and video calling allow its users to communicate easily with friends, family, and colleagues. The meet-up platform is compatible with all sorts of meetings. Whether it’s for a surprise birthday or a casual meet-up, Umeand is a social platform that serves all. People can decide the date and location of the event. By creating a poll, users can share the link to their desired participants and they can vote on which date they think the event should supposed to be.

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To create a meet-up, you can go your Umeand account and head on to your ‘Dashboard’. There, you will find a ‘Schedule a Meet-Up’ option, click on that and proceed further. Add title name relevant to your meet-up event so that when you share the link of your poll, people know what event it is for. Add further information in the notes section for your participants. Add the location of your meet-up. However, this can be changed anytime, depending upon the plan of the meet-up.

Moreover, you can create multiple meet-up groups and monitor them separately. You can share photos, videos, and documents relating to the specific event or otherwise. Umeand works on strong security and privacy structure. Your personal information, calendars, and account activities are never stored in their database, giving users a complete immunity of security.

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