2019 Honda CB300R First Ride Review 

2019 Honda CB300R First Ride Review 

The 2019 Honda CB300R is one of the hottest bikes this year. No matter if you’re new to motorcycles or have ridden your whole life, you’re sure to love the CB300R. Below is information about the bike that has quickly made a name for itself in the motorcycle industry.

Engine Features 

The Honda CB300R only uses the best motorcycle OEM parts, and its single-cylinder engine is no exception. The four-stroke engine is liquid-cooled and 286 cubic centimeters. The ignition is fully transistorized. The compression ratio is 10.7 to 1, and the fuel injection induction has a 38 millimeter body. Finally, the valve train is double overhead cam, and each cylinder has four valves. This is a reliable engine that will provide you smooth rides for years to come. 

Modern Design 

Honda calls the CB300R the “Neo-Sports Café” bike because of its trailblazing and crisp design, perfect for either a cruise through the city or an off-road adventure. The bike comes in two bold colors — a fiery red or a sleek dark gray — and you have the option to add an ABS trim. Dunlop Sportmax GPR tires, some of finest motorcycle tires for sale, are a seal of confidence and can handle any terrain. A contemporary chassis tops it all off. 

Technical Data

One of the most notable measurements of the CB300R is its weight. At only 313 pounds, it weighs 35 pounds less than the previous CB300F. This lighter weight makes for easier maneuvering, especially for newer bikers. Even with less weight, the bike still has considerable power due to its six-speed manual transmission. The seat is 31.5 inches tall, which works for riders of all heights and even gives taller riders extra leg room. It can hold a maximum of 2.7 gallons of gas, and the wheelbase comes in at 53.3 inches. 

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If you’re interested in the 2019 Honda CB300R or genuine Honda motorcycle parts, call one of the experts to place your order today. 

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