Every Google user should know 10 useful URL

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If you are a Computer or Smartphone user, then you must use the Internet. You are using the Internet but not familiar with Google that can’t happen. Some people are not well aware of Google, but if you die heart fan of Google user, then we will show you ten handy URL that will be needed in your daily life.

Here is the list of google user URL with the description:


    1. All passwords are being saved while you browse the Internet with Google Chrome book. But, You can get your username passwords quickly from Google. For that, you have to Go.


    1. Based on your visited websites a profile created, this profile and Google plus profile combine Google create a profile where your age, gender, interest etc. are being saved in that profile. You can see your face at


    1. You can export all of your information from the Google eco-system, Google provides such services. You can easily download your Google photos, contract, G-mail even you can download YouTube videos if you have videos in your account.


    1. If you see your content in other websites and believe it’s an infringement of copyright then lodge a complaint to DMCA. For submitting your complaint go there


    1. Did you know, Google collects your device location from where you browse the Internet? If you don’t believe me, then go to


    1. When you open your Gmail account Google attach Gmail after your name. But if you create your account from https://accounts.google.com/SignUpWithoutGmail, then you can create your email account without Gmail.




    1. As per Google user terms and conditions, Google will suspend these accounts which are inactive for the last nine months. This causes problem mainly G-mail account holder. If you have multiple G-mail account, then add your primary email account to your secondary emails as a trusted contract. Hence, G-mail will continuously send you a reminder that you are inactive in specific G-mail account.


    1. Are you concern that someone is trying to enter my account or any suspicious activity? You can quickly check your account activity log, from which device and which place enter in your G-mail account. Even you will get to know which IP address is used.


    1. You don’t remember how many applications you give your account permission. There is a URL which will remind your apps permission details.



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