Coronavirus outbreak is a real worldwide pandemic right now. Almost every country in the world is trying all the best to ensure that all the citizens remain safe. Several measures have been quarantine put by the World Health Organization, WHO, and are being enforced by almost all the countries. The virus first broke out from China in a city called Wuhan, which has later spread through interaction and with the people infected with the Coronavirus.

Some of the governments in many countries have declared a possible locked down in their countries as a result of the virus. People are supposed to self-quarantine and isolate as one way of curbing with this virus as it spreads through interactions. Self-quarantine or isolation, therefore, means that the schools are closed, no more going to job, places of worship, or any other kind of gathering. Most of these governments are aiming at a total lockdown in their countries.


To many, this is a new thing that we are not used to seeing. Going to jobs is our everyday norm, kids going out to play, meeting with friends at parties, and all of these things we are used to and then now quarantine and isolation. For sure, this is a challenge, and many of you are probably asking how I can deal with this? How will I prepare myself and my family for this? In this article, I want to break to you several ways you can prepare yourself and your family for a possible quarantine or isolation.



The first thing that you will need in your preparation for quarantine or isolation is you have to take measures of sanitizing. This is an essential part of all this because if you don’t do it, then there is no need to quarantine in the first place. You should mind your hygiene, and these viruses keep spreading because if we don’t stay clean. If you have kids at home and possibly other members, sanitizing should be the message that you should keep preaching. There are several ways that you should sanitize, and these include:

Washing hands.


Washing hands has probably been the thing that you have heard lately about a hundred million times, and I bet it won’t stop soon. This is one way of curbing the spread of the viruses while in quarantine. The virus might be in a couple of places, including the doorknobs, kitchen places, and just a lot of places that you can’t imagine. You have to insist on this mode of sanitizing to all of your family members, and you, too, should keep in mind.

Cleaning and disinfecting the house.


Viruses, as we know, can inhabit any place, and if you happen not to have a clean and disinfected place, chances are you might get into contact with them. This is the other fundamental thing about sanitizing that you should bear in mind. You can buy some disinfectant that you can use to clean your house with and thoroughly clean it. This is not like a one-day thing that you should do and forget about it, no.

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Cleaning and disinfecting your home in quarantine or isolation period should be a daily routine. The surfaces in your house are likely to transmit the viruses more quickly, and therefore you should always keep this in mind. You can also look at the several areas in your house that are easily touched and try to clean them regularly and disinfect them. Some of the areas include the TV remotes, the kitchen counters, toilet seat, tables, doorknobs, and even bathroom counters.

Disinfect package deliveries.


One thing that is easy to ignore is not sanitizing while handling packages. When packages are delivered to our doors, we don’t know how many people have handled them along the way till we get them. This ignorance is one that can result in us having contact with viruses while still in quarantine or isolation. There is a case study conducted that viruses can live on the package for about 24 hours, which can end up getting to use. So, what we need to do is ensure that the boxes are being disinfected using a wipe, and at least you can stay safe.

  Disinfecting accessories.


Do you know that your phone, laptop, tablet, computer, and all other accessories can transmit these viruses? Many people might ignore this fact, but the truth is the accessories are a way of carrying them, and we need to disinfect them always. You may not know who has handled your phone and whether it is clean.



It’s so easy to get lost during this moment of quarantine and isolation. You have all this time for some probably do nothing, and it can be a bad thing. Firstly you will have to prepare the time that you will have for entertainment. Almost everything has shifted to online these days with Netflix, YouTube, and many more entertainment venues that can be a real distraction. You might end up doing less and become less productive if you don’t plan your entertainment out. Unproductivity can also quickly end up catching with your kids if you have them. Since the schools are closed, it’s hard for them to concentrate and focus on their studies efficiently. They then will keep watching TV or playing all these games all day if they don’t have a proper guideline for their day.



The one thing about working from home compared to the office work environment is that you can easily get distracted. Distraction can come from kids, unnecessary entertainment, husband or wife, or just many other distractions. All these can significantly reduce your focus, especially if it’s the first time that you are working from home.



You might not probably know when the quarantine is perhaps going to end, so it will be better if you stock up. The items that you are stocking up should be essential, like non-perishable food and even toiletries. These are so essential because if there happens to be a total lockdown in your country, getting these goods can be a challenge. If you happen to pic non-essential thing, then the chances are that someday you will probably suffer for picking a PS joystick rather than baby diapers. Some of these things can look so simple but try to live without them, and you will feel the heat.

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Just because it’s quarantine, it doesn’t mean that you have to stay unhealthy and don’t exercise.  Also, you can prepare for quarantine by buying all this work out material like the floor mat and other stuff. All this with a dedicated time set for a workout can help keep your spirits up and get you to achieve more.


These kinds of foods can cause some health complications. You can fill your fridge with lots of foods and salad and other foods which are healthy for your body. Also, kids or other family members can quickly get into a comfort zone of eating junk foods. Therefore it’s your responsibility to lead by example and preach the benefits of healthy eating.



Just because you are on quarantine, it doesn’t mean that you don’t have to go out or any of your kids to play out. You can schedule some time to go out and just bask in the sun for a while.



The other thing that you should prepare yourself and your family is how you are going to dispose of the dustbin. After you have cleaned and disinfected your house, you should ensure that the trash is disposed of correctly. You will have to educate almost everyone in the house on how to clean and dispose of the dustbin properly.



It’s crucial to keep educating and reminding your family about the importance of staying safe. Some may take it literally as a joke, especially kids, and you should not take those kinds of chances. Education is one of the best things that can help prevent the spread of the viruses while in quarantine. Therefore, this is one way that is ideal for preparing your family for quarantine or isolation.



One other way you can prepare yourself for quarantine is to be open to seeking help or assistance from professionals. You or your family member can easily fall into a state of depression during these times.



Just because you are quarantine mode, it doesn’t mean that you have to be that isolated from everyone. You should always check on your close friends, workmates and keep hoping the best for each other. You can do all this with Whatsapp and Facebook or even FaceTime. The times have changed, and with the internet, you can easily keep up with the close people around you.




The tips offered can help you a lot.




What are quarantine and self-isolation?


Quarantine is a way of separating people who have acquired some contagious diseases like the Corona Virus. Self-isolation, as the name refers, means to the process of just isolating yourself.

I live with my family should is it safe to quarantine?


If you happen to live with family members, it is essential to take certain precautions. Some of the precautions include washing hands after handling anything. Cleaning your place regularly and disinfecting it. Also, you should be carefully monitoring your symptoms every time.

Is sharing bathrooms an issue during quarantine?


Yes. Sharing bathrooms can be one way in which the virus can quickly spread. You should ensure regular disinfecting and washing hands.

How long should I quarantine?


You should quarantine for as long as the government rules and guidelines dictate. It can probably take long or short, depending on the condition of the infectious disease.





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