Protect Your Netflix Account In These 8 Ways: They Actually Work

Protect Your Netflix Account In These 8 Ways: They Actually Work

Thanks to OTT platforms like Netflix, they made it so easy to stream that movie or series anytime, anywhere, which we couldn’t watch because of our hectic schedules. 

More than 55 million people around the globe use Netflix to entertain themselves these days, and this number is going up in the blink of an eye.

But the rapid increase in cybercrime leaves enough room for hackers to fetch the sensitive information saved on the file over the internet. Yes, you’ve understood it exactly right, your credit card or debit card details and passwords. That’s where technological advancements make people feel like their lives were better off without them. So you must have got an idea not to ignore the elephant in the room and see what you can do to protect your Netflix account.

This article will walk you through the ways using which you can securely protect your Netflix account so you can enjoy your streaming without any fear of losing your sensitive information.


So before we proceed to discuss how to protect your Netflix account, let’s see what the hints that your Netflix account has been accessed are.

  • The first thing that hints toward the confirmation that your Netflix account has been hacked is paying attention to the recommendations and watch history. If it shows unusual behaviour, be alert.
  • In case you come across purchases you didn’t make on your Netflix account, it’s high time to look into the matter seriously.
  • If you can’t access your Netflix account, someone probably logged you out of your account and changed your password. If your E-Mail alert is on, you’ll also get reported by mail if someone logs into your account without any prior information to you. In such a situation, you need to think of your next move as soon as possible.


Once you identify unknown access on your Netflix account, immediately get started on the understated ways:

1. Add A Recovery Phone Number To Your Netflix Account

Adding a recovery phone number is a basic but crucial step that backs you up if your account encounters any uncertainty or problem. It is also useful for any future course of action as Netflix will send the code on your registered or added number, and it’s super easy to do it. Take a look here:-

  • Launch Netflix on a browser.



  • Go to your Account page.
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Protect Your Netflix Account In These 8 Ways: They Actually Work
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  • Then proceed by clicking on the “Membership & Billing” section.


  • Choose the “Add Phone Number” option (or if you want to update the number, make your way to the “Change Phone Number” option.)


  • Now do as stated in the instructions so as to confirm your identity.


  • Lastly, select your country and enter your phone number, and it’s done!

2. Change Your Netflix Password From Time To Time

While we all often tend to turn a blind eye towards the one piece of advice that certainly shouldn’t be neglected, and that is- ‘Change Your Password On A Regular Interval Of Time,’ agree? But from now onwards, we must not overlook it, as altering your Netflix password with time will eliminate the chances of your Netflix account being stolen by hackers to a great extent. You saved a lot of crucial information of yours there! Scroll down a little to know how to do that….

3. Change Or Reset Your Password

  • Launch Netflix on a browser or your cell phone.


  • Log into your Netflix account.



  • Choose an option depending upon how you want to proceed. Provide the E-Mail address on which you want to receive the instructions (if you selected the “E-mail Me” option). Otherwise, provide the added or registered phone number, and you will receive the verification code via an SMS (if you selected the “Text Message” option), which expires within a time frame of 20 minutes after it is sent.
Protect Your Netflix Account In These 8 Ways: They Actually Work
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Note that if you haven’t added a phone number previously, you’ll have to go with the “E-mail Me” option only.

If you didn’t receive the mail (or if the link is not working) or verification code after a few minutes, then you can repeat the process again. Also, the link you’ll receive in your mail will be active for only 24 hours, and it’ll expire after that.

In case you’re bad at remembering passwords or your added (or registered) phone number isn’t working, you can still proceed by furnishing the required details after simply clicking on “I can’t remember my e-mail or phone number” at the bottom of the screen.

4. Sign Out Of All Devices

This is another primary but effective effort that can protect your Netflix account if it has already been hacked. To do so, follow the following steps:

  • Launch Netflix on your cell phone or open Netflix in a browser.


  • Select your user.


  • Go to the user icon and click on that.


  • Now select “Account” displayed in the menu list.
Protect Your Netflix Account In These 8 Ways: They Actually Work
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  • Then, hit the “Sign Out of All Devices” option.
Protect Your Netflix Account In These 8 Ways: They Actually Work
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  • The next step is to click on “Sign Out,” and there you go.

Now you can change your Netflix password and sign in to the platform using it. The procedure to change or reset your Netflix account password is already mentioned in this article above.

5. Report To Netflix About Any Suspicious Activities And Security Defects

If you come across any suspicious or fraudulent activities and security defects while using this crazily adored OTT platform, report it to Netflix as the company diligently handles its user’s concerns. You have to be consistent while reporting the issue and walking the official through the difficulties you come across.

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6. Keep A Check On Where You’re Signed-In

It happens a lot that people sign in to their Netflix account on devices (other than their own) while on a trip or in a hotel and forget to sign out their account there, which is just like digging a pitfall for yourself. When such things are done over a publicly accessible WiFi or network, the situation can get more vulnerable. That’s why you must make sure not to leave their account signed in when leaving. After all, you must protect your Netflix account.

7. Think Before Clicking On A Link

If you are suddenly getting constant E-Mails asking you to click on a link, watch out because the possibility is that it might be a trap for you. Just one click on such bogus links, and all your details will be shared with the hacker. These techniques are usually referred to as phishing or spoofing.

Hackers out there are in search of one single opportunity which will let them into your account by way of tricking you into visiting certain links which usually look legit. Sometimes, when you visit such a link, it’ll ask you to furnish some critical details (like your credit or debit card numbers, passwords or CCCD) or download something so as to get access to an alluring deal.

The question is what you can do to protect your Netflix account against such tricks. Here you go, simply ignore any messages or E-Mails from strange or unknown sources, plus make sure to check the domain name and URLs before visiting them. This will ensure that your account isn’t being compromised.

8. Always Share Or Purchase A Netflix Account With A Person You Consider Trustworthy

You might feel like sharing or purchasing a Netflix account with someone so as to reduce the burden of its cost. But the tables might turn totally from what you were thinking to what you didn’t even expect. Sharing accounts can develop a hub of problems for you and others as well. Regardless of how excitedly you want to stream a show or a movie on Netflix, pay a thought to whom you are sharing or purchasing the account with while it is strongly recommended to limit it or do so conservatively.

Platforms like Netflix, which are used by a broader public base, become quite an alluring source for hackers who are always up for putting their heinous plans into action. Every now and then, we come across news of people’s accounts being hacked for their crucial and sensitive credentials. Whilst you can’t totally eliminate such cyber crimes, you can still make efforts on your side to protect your Netflix account, and the methods listed in the above article will give you a helping hand in doing so.

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